Forgive me if I take the opportunity to answer your last comment on the main page (for the second time).  There is so much here…, it is worth unpacking!

I’ve thought about this myself as well!  

This is taking way too long…, and could it all be just a huge stall tactic or just another CON!

Yes, it does seem to be going around in circles!  So, any logical man or woman HAS to consider that this too…, the “Trump” thing could be a HUGE CON.

Yet…, if you are going to go down that road…, you ALSO have to ask yourself…, WHY THE RUSE ?

One can not POSE the question without honestly looking at ALL of the facets of what is happening here in the world!

If you even “ask” the question – you have to be prepared for ALL of the research and ALL of the potential answers!



IF YOUR “DOUBTS” are the “TRUTH” then WHY “pretend” at all?   

Why not have let Hillary Clinton do us all in? 

Why run for President in the first place??



Remember it was she and her staff who asked why they just could not do a DRONE STRIKE on Julian Assange and be done with him!

Long story short…, she hates “normal people”!

First, she really is a WITCH…, and is also a follower of the tenets of LUCIFER! 

Next she’s a Lesbian, and therefore can not really stand “men”…,  Just ask Bill Clinton about that!

Furthermore, everyone who has ever worked for her says she will explode in anger at the smallest things and eat you alive if you cross her!

Finally, as LESBIAN…, she loves having sex with both women and young girls…

So if TRUMP is there to continue with the status quo…, (continue the evil) then WHY the “fight” between he and Clinton?

Something is NOT RIGHT here.

Let’s go out on a side TANGENT HERE for a few moments to gain some clarity for the purposes of argument and discussion….

As an aside…, I’ve spent a good amount of time around lots of “gay people”…, and have made some of them my really good friends…, so I KNOW what I’m talking about.

When they think they can “trust you” and they think you are “sympathetic to their cause”…, you will find that GAY people do NOT LIKE people that are not gay.

The deepest and most UNSPOKEN truth (which you will never hear from gays or lesbians unless they really trust you) is that they wish the WHOLE WORLD was like them.

They think and feel (secretly) that people who are NOT GAY are just stupid, ignorant and EVIL! 


Now do you get why Hillary Clinton said that?   

It wasn’t her superior “intelligence” coming out from a political viewpoint that was saying that…, it was her LESBIAN SIDE…, that accidentally came to the front and stated something that ALL GAY PEOPLE THINK.

Before you argue with me on this…, hang out with and make some really deep friendships with GAY PEOPLE for a few decades…, and THEN come back and argue with me on this one because I KNOW what I am talking about.  This is 100 percent psychological and a deep part of the homo-sexual mind set!

Now, remember this as well…,

Barack Obama IS (not was) ALSO GAY!

So are people like:  

RACHEAL MADDOW, ANDERSON COOPER as well as “countless” people in the Main Stream Media – countless people in Hollywood – and in the Music Industry!

You know.., the “DEMOCRATIC POWER BASE”…..

Are you starting to “get it” ?   

They ALL HATE DONALD TRUMP…, not because he is stupid or incapable of the Office of President…, but they hate him most of all because he is NOT GAY!

They were going to have the SECOND GAY/LESBIAN PRESIDENT here in America…, and as far as “THEY” were all concerned…, it was going to continue for the rest of time!


For the deepest understanding of how “things” were really happening in Washington DC “before TRUMP”…, you seriously  have to revisit people like:

John and Tony Podesta…, and look deeply into PIZZA GATE and Comet Ping Pong!





You have to understand WHERE they were going to “take” this country…, and what their VISION of our FUTURE looked like!

Do you remember the comment that came out of Europe shortly after Trump came into the White House…, where a certain European leader said DONALD TRUMP should just try to be “more gay” and maybe people would “like him better”.

Do you realize that “most” of the European leaders are actually GAY, or lean toward that side?  Don’t you wonder WHY???

Once again.., “THEY” (and I can speak intelligently about this) DO NOT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE!

This is historical…, and goes back to the NAZI’s and WW II where very high level German Nazi’s were GAY and deeply into DARK MAGIC.

Secondly…, (if you’ve ever hung out with them for a long time) you will find that MOST GAYS and LESBIANS do not like taking care of little children!

They see little kids as a huge bother – and as a burden to their free sort of lifestyles!

Now…, they DO however like having SEX with little kids…, they like it a lot…, BUT…, they don’t like caring for them!

Secondly…, for those who are into “MAGIC”…, and a huge number of WITCHES (who have issues with men) have turned to using MAGIC and WITCHCRAFT against them…,

…children are the best “power source” for DARK MAGIC!



Which is WHY…, they TRAFFIK in CHILDREN……


Children…, have become an IMPORTANT commodity world wide for DARK MAGIC SPELLS and for WITCHCRAFT….

What does this tell you about their level of compassion?

Now…, this is a darker side of gay people that no one who does not spend a lot of time with GAYS will ever see or hear of, because it is very hidden and kept very close to the vest!

And honestly, not everyone who is GAY or LESBIAN even knows of LUCIFER or of WITCHCRAFT!   Only those at the very TOP who are leading them!

Just like the pied piper…, there are many innocent gays and lesbians who are being LED (at the top of the ladder) by other GAYS and LESBIANS who follow LUCIFER and who do DARK MAGIC…, and have taken over the ENTIRE GAY AGENDA from top to bottom!


BUT…., you’d better be “thought of” as one of their most trusted friends before any gay will open up to you about their DISDAIN for “normal people”!

If you are like me, and not a gay…, then you’d better be so damn friendly and so dang wonderful to them…, that you are considered to be an HONORARY GAY long before they even start confiding to you on THIS LEVEL.

Now…, this goes way back in History…, do you think the NAZI’s knew this…??


Were the NAZI’s using children for DARK MAGIC SPELLS????

And…, has their form of ASTRAL MAGIC infiltrated our own MILITARY ???


What are we really “FIGHTING AGAINST” John ??

How deep does the Rabbit Hole go…, and how far has Satanism and the longing for Lucifer infiltrated every single one of our SYSTEMS?

Can this simply be “fixed” by arresting and putting a few hundred people in JAIL??

Or…, is the problem SO INCREDIBLY HUGE…, that it could take a LIFETIME to clean it up properly….

Are there hundreds of people to arrest?


Or are there now MILLIONS of people who think like this???

Now…, it’s YOUR TURN to comment!


All my love…..




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