By: Bradley Loves


It has been brought to my attention by a reader that there are disruptive ads running on my blog.

There should be NO ADS PERIOD!

When I open my blog…, I see nothing like that!

Can people please send me screen shots of what they are seeing so that I can contact wordpress and ask them what the heck is going on!

When I open my Blog Page…, all I see on my computer screen is a perfectly clean, clear page, and MY POSTS ONLY.

If there are ads running…, then SOMEONE ELSE is running them…, and taking the money!

I want to know who….

Thanks for your help!!

All my love

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  1. Linda Torgrimson

    The ads are gone now. Directly under your last sentence, “all my love”, there is, written in very tiny letters, the word “advertisements”.

  2. Emm Jay

    Ads for Amazon appearing now at the end of this most recent post from you Bradley … never used to do that. I’m in the UK. Best wishes.

  3. Linda Torgrimson

    I have to amend my comment to agree with what Jerry says. I do see two side by side ads above the comments. Right now one is “optionshouse by E TRADE”, and the other is a revolving ad, “5 must see things in Paris,, Google, Lowes”, and other things. I believe I’ve seen ads there before, but just didn’t pay attention. Sorry about that.

  4. surfer internet

    I don’t see any ads.

    Me from Bangalore India : a regular reader of your Blog!

  5. herb4brad

    Hi Bradley. No ads appearing where I am. South Africa. Your wisdom is a lifeline.

  6. Jerry

    Hi bradley ,just to let you know,i do see an advertisement ,it appears when you click on the comments section,it ‘s right above Where it says share this twitter facebook google.I do not know how to send a screen shot,sorry

  7. purplegrip1

    When I look at your website on a laptop I don’t see any ads but when I see it on my iPhone there are always ads. Sometimes they seem to come from Google searches that I have done and other times they have been from Att, Samsung, Asics and others. Another reader mentioned they were from shoes he bought. I think Google is behind it. I can’t put a screenshot in this comment box.
    Good luck with this.
    I really appreciate your work!

  8. berniieduggangmailcom

    Hi Bradley !!

    NO Adds have appeared on my screen here in South Australia !!!

    Love and Harmony !!!!

  9. Jeff

    I always see one ad at the ending of every article after “All my love”. Earlier today it was Teva – a shoe company I purchased flip flops from recently. At this time it is WWF (world wildlife fund).

  10. Linda Torgrimson

    No ads on my screen.

  11. Hi Bradley I started to see ads on your site many months ago! ( here in Europe)
    Actually it started after you told that your blog was not on a list of some sort of” harmful sites”. And you told us that the reasons for that is that you havent monetized your site ( there is no ads–)
    yes, I found it quite odd that there have been ads on your site, but no disruptive ads, just casual clothing store ads etc.

  12. DET

    Yes, there had been ads but now it is OK again.

  13. diamaha

    No ads on my screen – everything as normal.

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