By: Bradley Loves

To all my brothers and sisters who live their lives in LOVE…, you will KNOW what I am talking about.

LOVE and TRUTH are synonymous!  You can’t truly be LOVING or CARING and not “feel” in every bone in your body how IMPORTANT the TRUTH is!

Those  who say TRUTH is in the eye of the beholder and is “only” a perspective…, does not and can not truly know what LOVE IS!


Lies, deception, distortion, propaganda, mis-direction, and all of the super secret formats of Secret Societies and Dark Magic are TOTALLY part of the DARKNESS.

NO ONE who joins these secret and occult societies are working in the “LIGHT” as they claim…, because SECRECY= DARKNESS, and SECRECY = DECEPTION.

Too many, who are working inside the NEW AGE…, accepted the propaganda and bullshit that TRUTH is an individual perspective…, and that there is/was NO REAL TRUTH.

This is part of the foundation upon which so “many” CHANNELED MESSAGES rest!

This is why certain totally OUTLANDISH thoughts and teachings get through these men and women’s discernment FILTERS.

They have thrown away the knowledge that LOVE = TRUTH…, and that ANYONE who uses deception can NOT BE WORKING FOR LOVE OR THE TRUTH!

Obama…, has been given pass after pass from the NEW AGE!   And yet…, nothing…, nothing…, nothing…, he has EVER SAID PUBLICALLY is the TRUTH!

He lied about Osama bin Laden…, he has lied about 911…, he lied about Sandy Hook…, etc…., etc…, etc…., etc…., etc…, etc…., etc…, etc…, etc…, etc……


PERIOD.., end of story!


All other attempts either from this world…, OR THE OTHER SIDE, to justify LIES…, are nothing but Satanic/Luciferean Hot Air.

I don’t care WHO CHANNELED IT!



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