By: Bradley Loves


The “Astral Entities” that are and have been plaguing the Earth are the natural result of a Society that has gone deeply into the abyss of darkness!

Let’s look at it this way…,

Every “living system” (and that includes the Earth) seeks balance and harmony within itself.  It ALSO, very much so, lives symbiotically with other life forms for mutual advantage!

Just like the “dung beetle” feeds on the waste dropped by roaming herds of Wildebeast on the African Plains…, the Astral Entities do actually “provide” a service to the Earth.


And this (however) is for the “idiot” New Agers who will immediately take this idea and say “I told you so…., we are ALL ONE…, and nothing bad is happening” – (It is basically a “zip your lip” to the New Agers)



Consider the human digestive system and how in our stomach we have what is called “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria”.

Our digestive systems NEED “some” bacteria’s called: Pro-biotics

These help us in countless ways…, but ONLY if they are in “control” and have not gone haywire.

There is a condition called: CANDIDA where the bacteria inside a humans digestive system is over run by BAD BACTERIA…, and the horror and havoc that these tiny bacteria reek upon the hosts digestive system are countless.

The pain and the suffering to the human host is endless and includes pain, cramping, headaches,  inability to pay attention, exhaustion, poor digestion, and many other symptoms.

These formerly necessary “bacteria” are OUT OF CONTROL and are now actually harming…, if not KILLING the host!


The ASTRAL DEMONS who “eat” the lower vibrational energy are like bottom feeders.  They are the dung beetle of the Astral Levels and because of the ILLUMINATI (their love of EVIL and CHEATING) and because of the DARK MAGICIANS here on Earth…, they are totally out of control.

The Dark Magicians (who learned about BLACK MAGIC) found that these beings exist…, and also learned that they FEED on certain things.

LONG AGO…, these useless human beings who only wanted POWER and an EASY LIFE and were filled with GREED for themselves started to FEED these Astral Entities the low vibrational energy that they loved the most…, IF THEY WOULD THEN SERVE THEM.


SATANISM is the creation of evil human beings who wanted to use MAGIC to control other people!

Not happy with living and getting along with their brothers and sisters…, they found a cheap and easy way to CHEAT and game the system.

[Think of it this way…, a young kid gets a video game and instead of following the rules of the game and putting in lots of time and effort…, he downloads a huge CHEAT CODE…, and gives himself every advantage he can get over the rules of the game]

I can’t tell you how I loath human beings like this.  Because they cause FAR MORE PROBLEMS than most people realize.

Honestly they are everywhere…, and the one thing they NEVER got (that they deserved) from their parents is the biggest spanking of their lives.

Sadly…, we are dealing with young souls…, who come into the Earth with very little in the way of “gifts” and “talents” and find that they are ill equipped to succeed.

When they SEE OTHERS who have succeeded…, they COVET that type of success – and look for a quick and easy way to CHEAT in order to get it.

This is why many young people turn to MAGIC in the first place.

They are looking for a short cut to success in an Earthly life…, WITHOUT doing any real work to get it.

This is also why SATANISM (which always, always, always leads to BLACK MAGIC) is such a draw to young people who have no understanding of GOD.

It is a quick and easy way to “succeed”.  It offers riches, wealth, power over others and a good life!

The problem here is that:


Satanists STEAL the energy they use FROM OTHERS!

It’s as simple as that!



Please re-read this portion of BIGGER FISH TO FRY…, it speaks directly to this issue.

Most Bankers at the very highest levels turn to SATANISM, because there is nowhere else to go.

Back to the ASTRAL DEMONS…

These ASTRAL DEMONS – after thousands of years of being fed by BLACK MAGICIANS – have become LEGION around the Earth.

They are huge, fat, and lazy!

They (who are supposed to be in support of a healthy Earth System) are instead RUNNING IT AS IF THEY OWNED IT.

There are so many…, it is like a run away case of Candida inside of a human beings stomach…, and what was once good…, is now KILLING the host.



How do we do that when half the world (mostly Liberals and Democrats) who have thrown away GOD and taken to SATANISM and BLACK MAGIC are literally feeding these demons huge feasts every single day?

The LIBERALS and the GLOBALISTS (who have embraced Satanism) have become the ASTRAL DEMONS protectors and feeders.

NOW…, the “prognosis” for EARTH IS CLEAR.

Just like a human body WILL DIE if the Candida takes over completely…, all of HUMANITY WILL DIE if these ASTRAL DEMONS are not put in check and those who are FEEDING THEM are stopped.

The fat, lazy, and far too many ASTRAL ENTITIES will continue to try to FEED until mankind destroys itself.

Just like any other “system” that lives and breaths…, once harmony and balance are lost…, SICKNESS and DIS-HARMONY are the result.

So what do we do?

We do NOT go after the Astral Entites…, some of which should be there…, WE GO AFTER THE SATANISTS who are using BLACK MAGIC to feed them.

We go after the “idiots” who can’t get along with their brothers and sisters and who are using “cheat codes” to play the Earth game…, and by doing so…, are DESTROYING the Earth and mankind in the process.

We go after the two year old cry baby souls…, (in the bodies of adults) and spank the “ever loving crap out of them” for throwing their endless tantrums, and for doing evil things which will ultimately destroy the Earth.

We put ALL of the Satanists – and the Black Magicians – IN JAIL where they belong…, so they can no longer do BLACK MAGIC and feed these Astral Entities!

We “get rid of Hollywood” which is exceedingly FAT and LAZY…, and filled with base men and women who FEED the DEMONS.

Thus will the Earth be saved…, because once these Astral Demons have no m0re food to eat…, they will thin out…, die off…, and the Earth once again will come into balance.



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