As strange as it may seem, all weapons systems are assumed to be created in order to “protect” the national boundaries and the sovereignty of the human populations within those countries that are creating them.

At least this is what the people running these countries say to their own people…

However as time passes, and the more TRUTH gets exposed world wide about what is going on behind the scenes, the more clear it becomes that most of the hidden weapons systems that have been developed over the last 70 to 90 years (since World War II supposedly ended) have been created to KILL OFF and to GET RID OF the very civilian populations that are paying for these weapons to be developed in the first place.

In other words, the people “running” the worlds militaries have been planning (all along it seems) to secretly create massive hidden weapons systems, and then to deploy them against the very people that they had sworn to protect.

Some of the best scientists here in America were enlisted to create mind hacking and mind altering weapons platforms / systems to supposedly defend (innocent American Civilians) from the militaries of other countries, but once these weapons platforms were developed, they were immediately deployed against large numbers of innocent Americans in order to test them.

These tests included every manner of torment and torture that the human mind can imagine, with the end goal of KILLING the innocent test victim as the final data point! 

In other words, the test victim had to be “walked right to their death” in order for the test on that individual to be considered a resounding success!

Dr. Robert Duncan has apparently been speaking about this for 20 years now…, but few people around the world (to this day) even know who he is.

Here is another video from Duncan talking about how the U.S. Government and the Military lied to him…

Americans are only now starting to comprehend the fact that the very people they elect and send to Washington D.C. are about as evil and corrupt as they come and most of whom (due to weapons like this) are GUILTY of crimes against their own countrymen as well as crimes against humanity!


In other words, innocent people world wide are being tormented in every way that the human mind can possibly imagine just to see which lies, tricks, deceptions, cons, torments (and yes even tortures) will get the TEST TARGET to do things that are irrational (if not downright criminal)…

What are some examples of the irrational behaviors that the Government / Military might want to get people to do by using this mind hacking weapon on them:

  • Get them to turn on their families and their friends or abandon their own children
  • Get them to change political / social opinions
  • Get them to change gender identities or change sexual preferences
  • Get them to isolate themselves in fear
  • Get them to stop going to work or engaging productively in society
  • Get them to stop paying bills, mortgages, etc
  • Get hetro-sexual men to become gay
  • Get hetro-sexual women to become lesbian
  • Get normal adults to want to have sex with children (by flooding their minds day and night with these types of thoughts)
  • Disturb the subjects enough in their minds so that that they eventually want to kill other people
  • Create Manchurian Candidates who could kill others and then have their memories erased (using these same technologies) so that the test subjects would never remember what they had done.
  • Constantly read the thoughts of the test subjects and create a “response” to each thought such that the target has no privacy inside their own mind
  • Replace the targets thoughts with new ones on a daily basis
  • Block any and all thoughts they do not want the test subjects to have (usually good thoughts) and to replace them with criminal thoughts, violent thoughts, subversive thoughts or destructive thoughts.


The “test” ends when those using the mind hacking weapon feel that they have used up the subject and have gotten all they can which is when they then use the FINAL months of the test to try to get the subject to commit suicide or “self kill”. 

If the innocent victim does not kill themselves – then the test is considered to be a failure. 

After all, what good is a mind hacking “weapon” in reality if those using it can’t simply just push a button and get anyone they are targeting to SELF KILL ON COMMAND…

Also – “THE OPERATOR” – which is the man or woman (usually military / military contractor / private contractor) who has been torturing the innocent subject (possibly for years) – does not get BONUS PAY for successfully walking the man or woman to their death if the victim does not end up dead.

This eventuality brings up a whole host of problems for those who have developed the weapon – aka – (D.A.R.P.A.)

The weapon must be kept secret at all costs – and so now the innocent victim who may have been tortured and tormented anywhere from a single year to four full decades (as in my case) – must be NEUTRALIZED so that the truth of the weapon and what happened to them for years can not come out and so the next step for those running the salvage operation after the test is to use a “clean up crew” to attempt to destroy the test subjects credibility in every way and then to use FALSE CHARGES and EVEN FALSE DOCUMENTS to get the innocent victim either into JAIL or into an INSANE ASYLUM.

In this way – the diabolical people using the weapon feel they have “cleaned up their mess”.

By the way – for your information – this is not the RUSSIANS doing this to their own people, nor is it the CHINESE doing this to their people – but it is the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT that is doing this to American people!



Yuval Noah Harari tells the whole world in NO uncertain terms what it was really meant to be used for…



Luckily for you “God” did not want that and thus sent very loving Volunteer Souls and Emissaries to the Earth in order to save you from your own willingness to just believe everything that the News Media said and from your own laziness in not wanting to be responsible for watching the men and women that get elected into the local, state, and federal Governments (because THEY wanted you under total mind control)


All my love





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