In this third installment of this series, I will be diving even deeper down the rabbit hole!

I am slightly hesitant here, because I am not sure if most people are even “ready” to hear this kind of information.  Even those who follow my blog, or consider themselves to be very “open” minded, may have a difficult time wrapping their minds around this stuff.

So, if for any reason, you don’t think you are “prepared” to hear this, then I recommend waiting, taking a long walk, and mentally getting calm first, so that you can “face up to” what is really going on here!

In the physical Universe, everything “runs” on energy in one form, or another…

There are many levels to the physical universe, and just because something is “out of our range of sight”, does not necessarily mean that it is not part of the physical universe!

Visible light does not “describe” the totality of the physical universe because outside of visible light and outside of our range of sight, much remains hidden.

There are “beings” who exist on the higher side of the spectrum (just outside of our range of sight), and “beings” who exist on the lower side of the spectrum (also outside of our range of sight).

Still, they are considered to be part of the “physical universe” simply because they ingest “energy” to operate.

As I explained in the last two installments of this series, there are beings living within these unseen realms that “feed” on human energy.

At best, they are described as PARASITICAL…, and could not “live” if they did not “steal” the life energy of others.

Why they exist I can not tell you, and frankly the WHY of their “being-ness” is not the purpose of this third installment.  The purpose of this piece is to tell you that they DO EXIST, that they ARE HERE, and exactly what they are doing.

The “knowledge” of these beings is OLD!

The Ancients knew about them, as did the mystery schools, as well as the “secret societies”. 

The knowledge was occulted (hidden) from the masses so that it could be used by those who knew how to use it for their own agenda and advantage.

Partly the knowledge of “devil” worship and also of “demons”, the summoning of these entities from the lower ASTRAL PLANES is the kind of knowledge that many dark adepts still practice today.

There are also many kinds of E.T.’s which are actually PARASITICAL in nature, and they also feed on human energy.


This system, or form of law that we have today and are all operating under goes hand in glove with the LAW OF SALVAGE.

Given to our fair planet long, long, long ago, at a time when most human beings (who had been genetically altered) could barely read and write, it was installed as a MIND CONTROL PROGRAM.

You see, these parasitical beings are TIME TRAVELERS, and it is very easy for them to find a target host to feed off of, and then go very far back into that target hosts history to set up an easy kill of the target, by providing the target with a way of doing things that will give the aggressors an advantage in the future when they need it!

As I stated in part one of the series:

According to the “Law of the Sea” (Law of the Holy See) (Canon Law/Admiralty Law/Corporate Law)….

Anything that is unclaimed within a specified period of time is ABANDONED PROPERTY.

Also, according to the “Law of the Sea” (Law of the Holy See) (Canon Law/Admiralty Law/Corporate Law)…

Once ANYTHING, including personal property, things, “persons”, “children”, resources, talents, rights, freedoms, energy expended (including the work you do each and every day), has been determined to be ABANDONED, then the Laws and rights of  SALVAGE APPLY!

In Part One of the series I also said this:

According to the LAWS OF SALVAGE, anything that is ABANDONED, can be “claimed” by anyone who finds it.

Human beings, just happen to be the greatest energy generators in existence!  The range of our “emotions”, (the high’s and the low’s) make all of us extremely desirable as FOOD SOURCES for these parasites.

Normally this would not be a problem since there are probably thousands of planets with our kind of human being living on them that do NOT share the problem that we have here with the LAW OF SALVAGE.

The “crux” of our problem on THIS PLANET is:


You see, because these prerequisites are already in place, and they are commonly treated “as law” here on this planet, then not only can the CATHOLIC CHURCH engage in “SALVAGE OPERATIONS” – but any being or entity that stumbles upon the EARTH – can engage in similar operations, since this is the on-going “ACCEPTED NORM” for this planet.

This goes along with the idea of as above so below.

This means that if it is an accepted practice on this planet for those who are ruling it to STEAL and HARVEST the property and the energy of the living beings that are existing here, THEN it is also okay for much “higher” and yes even UNSEEN parasitical beings to do the exact same thing.

This was stated very clearly in a previous article that I wrote when I said:

As you sow…, that shall you reap….

You see, IF those human beings who are running this world are very busy stealing and harvesting human energy and human effort on the physical level, THEN harmonically they have opened up the door and have attracted into our timeline other beings and entities that will do the VERY SAME THING TO THEM.

It is the result of their actions we are ALL SUFFERING TODAY!

However, it is also true that we are suffering because WE did nothing to put a stop to the evil men and women who were very busy harvesting and stealing this energy/property of mankind either.

Therefore, “WE” also have to pay the penalty fee for that MISTAKE.    

– A mistake which is on-going as this is being written!

Sorry New Ager’s, YOU TOO have to pay the penalty because you have also “allowed” the evil men and women who are working with these negative entities to continue to rape, plunder, and steal the energy and effort of mankind just like everyone else!


Because TOO FEW know how reality works, then most people are unaware that they are actually aiding and abetting in THEIR OWN SUFFERING.

I’ve written many times that this knowledge of ESOTERICS is some of the most important (hidden) knowledge for all of mankind to have at this time.

Yet, our government (and our military) both cherish SECRECY so much, they appear to be willing to see the END OF THE WORLD come to pass, before they are willing to admit that TOO MUCH SECRECY was the cause of EVERY PROBLEM WE HAVE FACED.

These Ancient Secret Societies have kept hidden from mankind BOUNDLESS AMOUNTS of Esoteric knowledge which describe exactly how “frequency”, “magnetics”, “harmonics”, and “energetics” actually work, and therefore they have kept hidden from mankind HOW REALITY WORKS AS WELL.

The very highest levels of Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, and many other lesser known orders like OPUS DEI, are hiding this knowledge because they truly believe that “knowledge is power”, and that in order to maintain control over the entire planet they must keep ALL ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE hidden from everyone else.

John F. Kennedy gave a very famous speech on Secret Societies, and the EVIL of keeping secrets right before he was killed in Dallas Texas on November 22, of 1963!  He was killed by the very people who were supposed to be protecting him.

So this is what we are dealing with!  It is Ancient Secret Societies who desire AT ALL COSTS to keep the knowledge of how “reality works” a total secret from mankind! 

This includes the Catholic Church keeping secrets from us because it is the very origin of the LAW OF THE SEA/THE HOLY SEE/ADMIRALTY LAW.

PROTECTING SECRECY is why (in the here and now) MIND CONTROL has been installed into almost every part of our daily lives!

There is a trap however, that these elites now find themselves in!  By allowing those who are considered to be BELOW them (the innocent masses) to be used and fed upon, they have “opened up the door” for those who are ABOVE them to do the very same thing to them!


So now that I’ve had my commentary, let’s dive deeply into how this really works!

The men and women at the very top of the structure (and those who are hidden behind the scenes) ARE VAMPIRES!

The level of understanding of Dark Esoteric Knowledge that would be necessary to achieve this was known within the Ancient Mystery Schools.  It was a “gift” of the Draco, and was not practiced by everyone. It was part of the “MAGIC” that was taught to those who were ready to learn the nature of the Universe, but only to the elite few.

Dark Magic is never really encouraged, and is another part of the of the Universe that is known to be possible.  Thus not only are those at the top of the “food chain” (appropriate metaphor huh?) Vampires, but they are Black Magicians as well!

Insider sources have said that the leaders of the 13 Illuminati Covens, which go all the way back beyond Ancient Rome, and even beyond Ancient Babylon to a time 26,000 years ago when the “Draco” first showed up are called:


These original Parents (both men and women) who were once human, were given the knowledge of how to extend their lives indefinitely (in a very young looking body) by stealing the life energy of other human beings around them!

In other words, they were taught how to act like Parasites by the Draco.

Almost ALL of our Earthly systems (ways of doing things) at this point in time are actually “geared” to STEAL OUR LIFE ENERGY…, and harvest that energy for the benefit of others.


As the reader you have no idea how deeply this goes and how deeply intertwined every aspect of our daily lives has been set up to support what I, and others like MARK PASSIO) have called the SLAVERY SYSTEM!

Every aspect of our governments, our money system, our educational system, our Courts and Judicial Systems, the Religious Institutions, and every other system has been SET UP to support the parasitical slavery system we now find ourselves in!


Every human being walking around on the planet is working for, and supporting THEIR OWN ENSLAVEMENT, in order to “get paid”, so they can buy food, so they can survive!

I’ve said this many, many times, and no matter how many times that I say it few can actually see the depth of it! 

Few can see how deeply the “rabbit hole goes”!


Every thought, every act, every deed that is created by YOU on a moment by moment basis  IS YOUR PROPERTY!

Because you are walking around on the planet Earth in a dumbed down hypnotic stupor, you are not aware of the very important sciences of:

  1. Energetics
  2. Harmonics
  3. Magnetics
  4. Dynamics

YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF HOW REALITY WORKS, because this knowledge has been hidden from you by others.

Because of the LAW OF THE SEA and it’s evil twin the LAW OF SALVAGE being accepted and operational here on planet Earth, then:

Every thought, every act, and every deed, that has been created by YOU, and which is your personal PROPERTY,    IF NOT CLAIMED BY YOU AS YOUR PROPERTY, can be considered Abandoned Property!


According to the “Law of the Sea” (Law of the Holy See) (Canon Law/Admiralty Law/Corporate Law)….

Anything that is “unclaimed” within a specified period of time is ABANDONED PROPERTY.

Also, according to the “Law of the Sea” (Law of the Holy See) (Canon Law/Admiralty Law/Corporate Law)…

Once ANYTHING…, including personal property, things, “persons”, “children”, resources, talents, rights, freedoms, energy expended (including the work you do each and every day)…, has been determined to be ABANDONED…, then the Laws and “rights” of  SALVAGE APPLY!

So this means that things which are not even necessarily “tangible” are also things which have been “determined” by the LAW OF THE SEA to have a specified “value”.

This is why under Corporate Law, there is such a thing as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

If you’ve had a valuable idea once upon a time…, and you don’t “claim” that idea as YOUR PROPERTY, then it is considered to be:  Abandoned Property, and under the Law of Salvage, anyone who finds that idea (which has been determined to be abandoned) can take that idea and then claim it as THEIRS!

[Yes this is EVIL but this is exactly the way it is]

However, what the corporate talking heads don’t realize is that because this is the current system that we are using here on the Earth, THEN, many other very parasitical entities CAN DO THE SAME THING from a higher level to all of humanity, including them!

What almost ALL of these parasitical entities want is our “energy”!  So, any expended energy that we happen to give off or any life experiences we have or any serious trauma that we might go through, THAT WE DON’T CLAIM AS OUR PROPERTY, they will consider abandoned property and then according to the LAW OF SALVAGE, they will claim it as theirs just to feed on.

Remember this is NOT happening on all other planets, PRIMARILY this one, because the current slavery system that we are living under called:

THE LAW OF THE SEA/THE HOLY SEE/ADMIRALTY LAW, which includes the LAW OF SALVAGE, allows for this to occur.

As below, then so above!

Not only do these parasitical beings want our energy to feed upon, but it gets FAR DEEPER than that!

What they really want desperately is our DNA!

This is ultimately where the RABBIT HOLE leads us…, AND…, gets into the “Special Edition” article that ZAP wrote, and which I quoted in Part One of this series.


Getting back to ZAPS “Special Edition” article, let’s revisit once again what he said there.

With that being said, here is the next level up from this baseline. The commonality and correlation is self evident, and easy to understand.

The ALIEN RACES and ASTRAL TYPE CRITTERS that feed on emotions can “manipulate” time, and do so with precision.

They can freeze time, work within the freeze, and then release the freeze, when they finish doing whatever “work” they set out to do.

When they find a particularly strong emotional content [In Real Time], they proceed to “freeze time”, duplicate that event (take a snapshot of it) and “transfer” this copy into another timeline that they have created for this purpose.

They now have a “cloned” copy [of actual time] to work with.  They can make as many of these “copies” as they want, complete with “you” and “me” inside their copies, right down to the gravel in your driveway!

So, [now that they have made] a copy of the emotional circumstance, they can take that copy (or many copies) and “time share” these out to OTHER CRITTERS, or SPECIES just like a time share condominium.  They FEED inside these timelines, and LOOP them in order to continue the HIGH EMOTIONAL PEAKS in each circumstance.  They [continuously] recycle the EVENT so as to keep the feed fest going.

Have you sometimes felt out of sorts?  Kinda drab and lifeless?  Like getting out of bed on the wrong foot, and it is a chore to get through the day, and you just wish it would end so that you could go back home and plop down on the couch?

Everything seems more difficult, and you do not have the energy to get through the day…, and once you are done, you come back home exhausted?

This usually happens a day or two after either a terrible emotional event happens in your life, or a really cool joyful event.

What happens is that A COPY is made of the event, and a new timeline created for the event.  And, since the “copies” of “you” in the other timelines are still “energetically”
tied to you…., THAT is where the “drain” is coming from.

The “Astral Critters” place you (your copy) into a loop, and there your copy is going around and around while they SUCK away at you…, FEEDING on your energy.  Over here…, in REAL TIME, you suffer from the blahs, or worse…, and you have no idea why!

In order to get a direct conduit back to your SOURCE ENERGY, a sample or copy of your DNA is required!

They are not able to clone bodies without it.  There is a very important reason WHY they like to take cloned bodies (and specific moments in history) and then recreate them.

Like ZAP said, they want the peak energy moments because that peak moment can be bought and sold and shared for profit to others if there is enough of it.


By taking YOUR DNA (which is your personal property) and creating a cloned body of YOU and then putting it inside of another “time-line” so as to replay the PEAK TRAUMA that you went through…

What they are effectively doing is STEALING energy from your real body that still exists here in THIS timeline!

Your DNA, is the blue-print of your being which goes all the way up to the SOUL LEVEL!

So by having (stealing) YOUR DNA and creating a virtual copy of you – they are able to TAP INTO your very own SOUL ENERGIES and then suck from that energy source just like tapping into a battery!


By looping your traumatic experiences over and over again, in another timeline, they can actually SUCK OUT your vital energies so much, that you will feel totally drained in this timeline, and feel as if the life has been sucked out of you.  You will not know why, and you will have NO ENERGY HERE, to do the work you need to be doing to survive!

The reason this is possible, and what our IDIOT MILITARY & IDIOT GOVERNMENTS don’t understand, is that this is part of the science of:


Each “copy” of a particular DNA pattern is HARMONICALLY ATTACHED to every other copy, even if it is placed into another TIME-LINE!

This is also why Identical Twins can always “know” exactly what is happening to each other, even if one “twin” is living all the way on the other side of the planet from the other.

DNA actually goes beyond space and time, which is why these very nasty and negative Parasitical beings want our DNA so badly!

The worlds government leaders, being the absolute buffoons that they are, and simply being the useless puppets of the much MORE educated elites behind the scenes, have NO CLUE about what they are really doing when they “sign” treaties with ET’s, allowing them to “take” DNA samples from humans for “genetic” experiments!

Now here is the real RUB!

We know for a “fact” that human beings used to live far longer than they do now!

They used to live (and many ET races do for 1000 years or more).

How do we know that the very LIFE SUCKING AGENDA of all of these negative parasites which are making copies of all of us humans and placing those copies of us into TIME LOOPS and other timelines is not ACTUALLY shortening our lives by from 1000 years down to 100 years just because they are sucking down the battery energy that WE COULD HAVE USED to live that long?

All my love!

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