By: Bradley Loves

Everything happening upon our planet…, at this point, is nothing more than a “salvage” operation.


According to the “Law of the Sea” (Law of the Holy See) (Canon Law/Admiralty Law/Corporate Law)….

Anything that is “unclaimed” within a specified period of time is ABANDONED PROPERTY.

Also, according to the “Law of the Sea” (Law of the Holy See) (Canon Law/Admiralty Law/Corporate Law)…

Once ANYTHING…, including personal property, things, “persons”, “children”, resources, talents, rights, freedoms, energy expended (including the work you do each and every day)…, has been determined to be ABANDONED…, then the Laws and “rights” of  SALVAGE APPLY!

According to the LAWS OF SALVAGE…, anything that is ABANDONED…, can be “claimed” by anyone who finds it.

My dearest brothers and sisters…, this article is going to be the FINAL EYE OPENER!  It is going to be the entire culmination of where I have been going…, and trying to get for the last 2 years of writing!


Like the character Morpheus said to Neo…, in the movie called:  THE MATRIX…, I am only promising you the TRUTH, and nothing more.  So please don’t be “expecting” to hear wonderful things!

YOU ARE A “SLAVE“…, having been “SOLD”  long ago…, primarily to dark beings, or entities that you have no clue even exist because you can not even see them!   How this actually happened is the nature of this article, and hopefully after you are done reading…, you will finally “get” the hows and the whys of what is going on here upon this PLANET.

Anything that is “unclaimed” within a specified period of time is considered to be:  ABANDONED PROPERTY.

In “ancient times”…, when ever a new baby child was born…, the “father” of the child would get down on one knee…, hold the child up in front of the entire community and CLAIM THE CHILD AS HIS!

He would do this so that everyone (publicly) would know for certain…, that he indeed was the father!  This usually happened within hours of the child’s birth…, but most certainly within a few days!

Once the “father” made this public claim…, then EVERYONE KNEW it was his…, and no one anywhere…, could make a counter claim to this child.

This was written into the records of the town, village, or what ever, so that the child’s parentage could be clearly known.


Once ANYTHING…, including personal property, things, “persons”, “children”, resources, talents, rights, freedoms, energy expended (including the work you do each and every day)…, has been determined to be ABANDONED…, then the Laws and “rights” of  SALVAGE APPLY!

Unless, and until you PUBLICLY CLAIM OWNERSHIP RIGHTS over all that you believe to be yours…, it can be (under the Law of the Sea/Holy See/Current-Sea) determined to be ABANDONED PROPERTY…, and then put up for SALVAGE.


Everything happening upon our planet…, at this point, is nothing more than a “salvage” operation.

This ridiculous idea was written into “LAW” a long time ago…, long before you…, or your parents, or grandparents…, or even your great grandparents were born…, The Law of the SEA/ Law of the Holy SEE, had already been “declared” and accepted upon the Earth.

FREE WILL…, which is a singularly special gift that is given to every living being created by PRIME CREATOR…, was suddenly placed on “NOTICE” by these deceitful and ridiculous Satanic/Luciferian connected agents who seek to hi-jack this reality away from GOD!

  • Once the LAWS OF SALVAGE went into effect – FREEWILL…, would now ONLY be for those who actually CLAIMED IT as their right and as their property.

Arduous and complicated sets of rules and “rituals” were subsequently established (by false Law) where by a FREE MAN could and must PUBLICLY CLAIM his FREEWILL and have it placed on the public record in order to keep it.

It was unscrupulously designed this way so that if a man or woman did not CLAIM his or her FREEWILL…, then it could be legally “ASSUMED” under the Law of the Sea/Holy See/Current-Sea…, that he or she DID NOT ACTUALLY WANT their Freewill because as a result of not claiming it – it had been ABANDONED by them and so was up for grabs.

Anything that is “unclaimed” within a specified period of time is ABANDONED PROPERTY.

Yes my dear readers – even the most basic “intangibles”  such as “rights”…, and “freedoms” and “FREEWILL”…., if and when they GO UNCLAIMED…, are considered to be ABANDONED  PROPERTY by evil people working in the banks and the courts, and can be claimed by unscrupulous people as fair game to take from you.

Let me stop for a moment here at the very beginning of this article and say this…

Step One:

Absolutely EVERYTHING that you see happening around you as we speak…, is a CON…, constructed very specifically at this point in time in order to get you…, to force you…, to ABANDON your rights, and your FREEWILL forever!


This includes every WAR, every BANKING DISASTER, every FALSE FLAG…, every FAKE VIRUS SCARE – every man made flood and earthquake, (done by weather modification)….everything…, everything…, everything that is happening….



Step Two:

Once ANYTHING…, including personal property, things, “persons”, “children”, resources, talents, rights, freedoms, energy expended (including the work you do each and every day)…, has been determined to be ABANDONED…, then the Laws and “rights” of  SALVAGE APPLY!


The very first “corporation” on Earth…, as well the very origin of the Law of the Sea/Holy See/Current Sea…, the Catholic Church is in the business of “claiming” all property that is ABANDONED.

This is done…, so that they can (through their Satanic Arm) – the other side of the Church…, SELL OFF the “unclaimed property” for a profit!

Much of this “unclaimed” property is sold to “off worlders” …, and even “other dimensional beings” because the men and women hiding in and running the VATICAN have access to (and can operate on) higher dimensional levels (UNSEEN).

Under the Law of the Sea/Holy See/Current Sea…, once a thing (after a period of time) has gone unclaimed…, then that thing can be SALVAGED by any “legitimate” business that has the “corporate right” (franchise) to engage in SALVAGE.

All “Corporations” being “franchisees” of the first and original CORPORATION on the Earth, are therefore ALSO “licensed” to engage in SALVAGE OPERATIONS for the church.

Stated CLEARLY in every doctrine, and every charter of the Catholic Church,  the Church offers one thing…, and ONE THING ONLY, to the entire world…


Salvation…, is the RESULT or condition of a “thing” having been SALVAGED!

Everything happening upon our planet…, at this point, is nothing more than a “salvage” operation.


The day of your “birth/berth”…, the day you came into the world…, many things happened…, but one very important thing did NOT HAPPEN.

Your father…, did NOT publicly (and on the record) CLAIM YOU as his child.  In his defense…, no one told him that he was supposed to…, and he ASSUMED that the Law of the Sea/Holy See/Current Sea was operating in his interest when it is NOT!

Your DNA…, which is the very “matrix” of who you are…, and were eternally created to be even BEFORE YOU INCARNATED…, has been put up for SALVAGE by the Church!

It is has been SOLD to off worlders – who consider themselves to be GENETIC FARMERS and who realize that the TRUE VALUE in the entire Universe is Genetic Material.

Not only has it been “salvaged” after being declared abandoned property…, that DNA…, YOUR DNA – was then “SOLD” to off world entities/demonic entities who could then use it to create virtual reality SLAVE BODIES – made in YOUR IMAGEthat they could use and abuse – but due to the exact match of DNA – those virtual bodies still have a connection to your ETERNAL SOUL! (Eternal Energy Source)


Whether you believe me or not – this is how they are HARVESTING your “energy”!   It’s all being done on an “unseen” level – and you are being “sold” by men here on the Earth who have made an unlawful CLAIM on you – because you have been determined – under their Draconian Law – to be ABANDONED PROPERTY.

For the very first time EVER…, this man who I have quoted below…, (his name is ZAP) has actually written an article that contains at least 50 percent of the TRUTH!

No one was more amazed than me…, and I almost FELL out of my chair…, when I first saw and read what he had written in this one Article.

“HOLY CRAP….,  THE TRUTH…, nobody in the New Age ever tells the TRUTH anymore..,”  

This was my reaction!   I could not believe he wrote this article, and then posted it, because normally…, “a good portion” of what he writes is BS!

Not “all” of this article is TRUE by the way.., but enough of it is, so that it is worth my pointing it out to you!  Here is the site where I found the post!

In order to help you out…, I am going to “highlight” the parts of the article that contain the MOST TRUTH, because there are even “parts” of this article that are (in my opinion) bull s**t,  so you’ve got to be CAREFUL! 

Since he writes in all capital letters (which is very difficult to read) I have changed the capitalization down to MOSTLY lower case. Anything in brackets [ ] is mine.  What ZAP has stated is in blue ink.



…..the majority of the entities speaking were FAKE spiritual ones from the Astral Realms. These people [channelers] with the Astral Ones communicating [through them] allowed ego to flourish, and built up a small enclave of followers and believers that more often than not, turn into zealots and vigorously defend their “mouthpiece” or channel. 

Why does this happen?  Here I try to shed a bit of light.

The issue in not clearly evident at first, and this is the reason for this message.  If it shakes you in whatever belief system you have chosen to adopt, good.  Belief systems should be shaken up a bit as stirring the pot has a way of getting things to float to the top, and are visible in the light. You have seen me do this once or twice in the past, right?

So here we go.

We have two sides of the “coin” upstairs, but it is not really a duality, but rather aspects of the same thing. 

ONE is the Astral Realm, and the other is the Spiritual Realm!

Both co-exist, but differ in methodology and factors of existence.

The Spiritual side leans towards the “good side” of life, and does not “eat” humans, and the Astral side, is comprised of the “darker critters” of the realms.

To get into your “acceptance”, they “mimic” the Spiritual side in order to feed on you.  They “eat” humans.  By eating, I mean feeding on your emotions, the incredible energy generator of humans.

That is as complicated as it gets.

[Comment by Bradley:  That is NOT as complicated as it gets…, but so far…, I’ll cut him some slack because there is some really important truths that are being exposed here]

Back to ZAP

The Astral Realms impersonate the “Spiritual Side” like Sananda, or St. Germain, or “whatever” is wanted, or expected to be heard (they are quite flexible).

But there is always something off when they do this, and at times they are easily found out!

[Comment from Bradley – This is very true ZAP…, while at other times, they are NOT easily found out and really do work very hard to deceive those who are listening to them for a very LONG TIME]

Back to ZAP

You can bet your bippy that if you encounter any “channeler” that has some really devout followers, they will rip you to shreds if you say anything negative, or if you question their “mouthpiece”.  If you do, then you have found somebody who has tapped into the astral.

[Comment by Bradley:  Boy is this EVER the truth ZAP…, and I can think of about 2 dozen very popular channelers, which includes all of their followers, right off the bat!]

Back to ZAP

The ones on the Spiritual Side will not rip you to shreds if you “question” them.  They will nod, smile, and allow you free passage amongst them without any judgement.

[Comment by Bradley:  At this point ZAP goes into who he thinks are the good channelers…, people who I do not agree are accurate…, so here he gets into his own personal preferences…, so I’ve omitted the names.]

Back to ZAP

The Astral Realms are “dangerous” in several ways. They need an outlet and amplifier, because the energies they use (just as in the spiritual realms) are in fact SOURCE ENERGIES.  Human beings make great outlets and great amplifiers.

[Comment by Bradley: In other words…, any human being willing to “plug into” the Astral Realms ARE BEING USED to “outlet” unwanted energy – and to consume needed energy! – Simple and direct. – The next statement is the big payoff!]

Back to ZAP

Source Energy is Neutral.  This is the stuff of GOD if you will.  It is you and me, and the rock and the table, the tomato and green onions, and everything there is.

The Universe is composed of SOURCE ENERGY.

The raw form can be brought down and manifested into anything. So when Channelers come a knockin on the door, and they just happen to knock on the ASTRAL DOOR (99 percent of the time it seems), then they get a FAKE something or other that PRETENDS to be the spiritual side that is sought after.

Unless your “gifts” are very highly evolved, you would NOT know the difference between the two energies.

[Comment by Bradley:  This is why I have maintained that 99 percent of the channeled messages are in fact FAKE and BOGUS!   They can be PROVEN to be quite flawed after logical examination! Next…, he writes about how these lies get started, after some seeming “truth” is given out to gain the Channelers initial trust. This, by the way…, is how Barack Obama got to be labeled a veritable SAINT…, by Fake Channeled Entities…, who even acknowledged eventually that he had lied a lot to the people]

Back to ZAP

It all starts in the “Astral Relationship”.  That side sends down “messages” that seem absolutely uplifting and fulfilling, and make perfect sense. Then, after a while, they throw in a curve here and there, that is not noticed.  They “build” on it until they manage to “steer” the direction to the one [outcome] they want.  They have you [already] anyways, and “time” does not matter to them.  So they put in the “programming” they want…(installed into you quietly and without notice)…, and when the time is right, or the circumstance suits them, they nudge it out and get you into a very emotional state of strife.

STRIFE, or a high “emotional” response, is what they want, [from you] and is why they do this.  They FEED on the emotional energies.  The HIGHER the energy, whether LOVE or HATE [they eat both] the better they feed. 

They do not make a distinction between right or wrong…, just the intensity of your emotions.

[Comment by Bradley:  They consider you to be their “property” by your consent ZAP…, or as I’ve said in the article above, because you and your DNA were SALVAGED, and sold to them – and therefore they think they have the “right” to feed off of you!]

Back to ZAP

“Strife” is very easy to create…, since a “word” here…, or a “gesture” there will elicit HIGH EMOTION from you…, (whether a type of rapture or vitriol). If they can “foment” an internet WAR, between believers, and have thousands looking at it like a “wrestling” match (each side shooting for it’s own champion) then they can feed well.

[Comment by Bradley:  This is where the Channeled Message Community gets confused so often ZAP.  One Channeler will Channel important sounding information for the whole entire planet.  Saying that some Earth shattering “event” is imminent, while not one other channeler out there will be saying a peep about it, or “seconding” the opinion.

Most normal and logical people are smart enough to know that if the “news” was indeed this vitally important…, then every single channeler world wide would be on the same page about that news…, and saying the same thing…, but this rarely ever happens. This is why you get the Internet Wars between Channelers and so called New Age teachers]

Back to ZAP

This is where the “duality comes in and causes the very fertile ground for strife.  And, with all the time in the world to “steer” things, they are happily doing what they do, and none of us are the wiser.

[Comment by Bradley:   Not exactly ZAP…, Many of us ARE the wiser…, and have been saying this for years now!  It is just that too few people out there are listening to those of who know enough not to be conned…, that’s all]

Back to ZAP

And so, the “feeding” frenzy goes on.

This “Feed Fest Frenzy” is peculiar to this planet because of the “freewill choice” thing.  Our free will is fertile ground for strife (the rules are too strict “upstairs”, with no choice allowed) and this is why our planet is the focus of their attentions.  WE ARE FOOD TO THEM.


With that being said, here is the next level up from this baseline of understanding.

The commonality and correlation is self evident, and easy to understand.

The ALIEN RACES and ASTRAL TYPE CRITTERS that feed on emotions can “manipulate” time [and space]and do so with great precision.

They can freeze time, work within the freeze, and then release the freeze when they finish doing whatever “work” they set out to do before they froze it.

It goes like this – When they find a particularly strong emotional content [In Real Time], they proceed to “freeze time”, duplicate that event (take a snapshot of it) and “transfer” this copy into another timeline or realm that they have created for this purpose.

They now have a “cloned” copy [of actual time] to work with.  They can make as many of these “copies” as they want, complete with “you” and “me” inside of each of their copies, right down to the gravel in your driveway!

So, [now that they have made] a copy of a very emotional circumstance, they can take that copy (or many copies) and “time share” these out to OTHER CRITTERS, or SPECIES just like a time share condominium. 

They all come to the trough and FEED inside these timelines, and LOOP them round and round in order to continue the HIGH EMOTIONAL PEAKS in each circumstance.  They [continuously] recycle the EVENT so as to keep the feed fest going.

[Comment by Bradley: This could never have happened if “treaties” had not been signed by our planets Leaders – which gave and promised ACCESS to human beings IN TRADE for technology!  

This SIN – this MORTAL CRIME – was committed by Earth’s degenerate Illuminati leaders who already felt as if they OWNED each human being already and could SELL/RENT the rights of their claim to these off world alien beings!]

Back to ZAP

Have you sometimes felt out of sorts?  Kinda drab and lifeless?  Like getting out of bed on the wrong foot, and it is a chore to get through the day, and you just wish it would end so that you could go back home and plop down on the couch?

Everything seems more difficult, and you do not have the energy to even get through the day…, and once you are done, you come back home exhausted?

This usually happens a day or two after either a terrible emotional event happens in your life, or a really cool joyful event.

What is happening is that A COPY is made of the event, and a new timeline created for that event.  And, since the “copies” of “you” in the other timelines are still “energetically” tied to you…., that is where the “energy drain” is coming from.

The “Astral Critters” place you (your copy) into a loop, and there your copy is going around and around while they SUCK away at you like a battery…, FEEDING on your energy, sucking you down.  Meantime -over here…, in REAL TIME, you suffer from the blahs, or worse…, and you have no idea why you can barely do anything!

[Comment by Bradley:  Once again – this is deeply tied into Satanism – the creation of Alternate Personalities…, MK ULTRA, and the New World Order – Something which ZAP has avoided saying so far in his 50 percent TRUE article.  I can only add here that Rothschilds and all who worship Lucifer need to be punished for what they have done to the rest of us.]

If they manage to get a “WAR” going then oh boy, then that is a feast beyond their wildest dreams!

Afterwards (here is the horrendous part), soldiers come back and go through bouts of depression and syndromes and other stuff that the medical profession makes up great names for, but in reality, their “virtual copies” are still stuck in other TIMELINES, going through the same horrible experiences and motions, which basically SUCKS the LIFE OUT OF THEM to the point of suicide in the real time-line.

Our bodies have become “time share” food condos for the feeding critters in other timelines.  They buy and sell our “copies” to other species and critters that are hungry for good “strong” energy.  Don’t ask me the currency they use…, as I did not get that far.



There is an actual SOLUTION TO THIS…, and I stumbled on it by accident.  It involves (of all things)  “reclaiming your expended energy”…, as well as everything you ever created in thought, word, and deed…, AS YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY…, and denying ALL living entities any SALVAGE RIGHTS.

You must also – in the strongest terms possible – CONDEMN THE VATICAN– and every part of the LAW OF THE SEA/HOLY SEE – and the Laws of Salvage – which is how they claim to be able to buy/trade and sell you in the first place.

I will share it with you…, but you will have to read, and study, and follow every single part of what I write for the next few days in order to really understand why this SOLUTION works.

All my love,



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