By: Bradley Loves

My brother, who follows Q-anon just like I do, today came up with an entirely other possibility for the meaning of:   RIG FOR RED!

RED is a movie that came out in 2010 and was all about “RETIRED” military people and former Intel Agents who were considered to be…


Thus the name RED for:


With the arrest of Field McConnell today (who is former military)…, it came to my brothers mind that just maybe “RIG FOR RED” meant that all “former” Military personnel who are still patriots and would most likely protect and save American Citizens are quickly going to be “arrested” and imprisoned by the DARK CABAL!

Perhaps the arrest of Field McConnell was part of a larger plan by the CABAL to get “RED” people out of the way!

Perhaps Q-Anon knew about this…, and sent out a WARNING to all former Intel Agents and retired military personnel to be very careful!

The PLOT of the Hollywood movie RED – was that current CIA Intel Agents were going all around the country and ASSASSINATING all of the former, retired officers and agents that they considered to be too “dangerous” to be left alive.

So I am just wondering if the CIA is now going around “collecting” former Intel Agents who are considered dangerous to the DEEP STATE GOVERNMENT?

Are Deep State Police and Assassins going around and arresting former Military/Agents (like Field McConnell) because they are RED – Retired and Extremely Dangerous!

I’m not sure!

Just another possibility to consider!

Maybe Q-Anon can shed MORE LIGHT on it when they return!

All my love….


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