By: Bradley Loves


Right Action leads to peace and happiness, Collective right action leads to collective peace and collective happiness…

Definition of ACTION

Any movement of frequency within your control.  It can be in THOUGHT, WORD, or DEED.    All of these are actions!

All “actions” under your control…, because they “emanate” from you…, are your property!  They are your creations!

All “waves” that move out into the endless pond of consciousness WILL create ripples that will bounce back to you!  These waves are your harmonies, and they are your discords.  They are either perfect and lovely…, or they are imperfect and distortions.

The “Magnetic Field” around us, or the Magnetic Hologram (take your pick) is the “farmers field” into which you “plant” your seeds of ACTION/INTENT.

I have now “told” you that you are living inside of a “magnetic field” of manifestation….


You are inside of a frequency “construct”…, built specifically to challenge your imagination, and to “test” your WILL.

Now that you know WHERE you are…, it becomes far easier to know WHO you are!

YOU are the AUTHOR, the WRITER, and the CREATOR of everything happening around you!


Every single affect that you see, hear, and experience was either directly caused, or indirectly “allowed” to occur by “your” ACTIONS.

Definition of ACTION

Any movement of frequency within your control.  It can be in THOUGHT, WORD, or DEED.    All of these are actions!

INACTION…, is also “an action”!   As long as you are “standing” on the FIELD of play…, even standing still, is a choice that holds a consequence.

Reality is CREATED moment by moment through CHOICE and ACTION.

“Reality” is therefore never static…, but can be changed.

Many, many choices…, all lined up in a sequence can “seem” to create what some would call FATE.

Fate however…, is also never set in stone!  The forces and the pulls of all of the planets in the Universe can always be overcome in the final moment!

GRACE is the unseen force which can change “fate” instantly, and thus remake any circumstance into something completely different.

Outside of time and space…, the “unseen” HAND is forever willing to assist YOU with any or ALL of your “creations”.

You see…, the “field” is not meant to “hurt you”…, but it can seem like it does.

If you put your hand on a hot stove…, you WILL LEARN not to do that again…

No one…, and I will repeat this, so that it is perfectly clear….

NO ONE escapes the consequences of their ACTIONS within the field of manifestation.

Those who are the Illuminati…, are “planting seeds” the likes of which they can’t possibly imagine…, and the “harvest” that they will get…, will surprise even those who thought they “knew” every secret there was to know!


Harmonically…, this is a mathematical certainty…, and what you put out…, will always come back to you!  Since you are the “Creator” of every “wave” you send out.

Everything else that you’ve ever been “taught” or “told” to believe about the “WORLD” you live in…, if it does not line up with this TRUTH…, then it is simply an INSANE FICTION.

Give it up!


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