By: Bradley Loves


Right on Cue…., and as if it was purposely created as an anwer to my own article…, this FOX NEWS debate about “leaking”…, and the “horror” of handing out TOP SECRET INFORMATION has been circulated into the public as a form of MIND CONTROL!

See this video:

The extreme “danger” to NATIONAL SECURITY has also been mentioned…, and be assured that FOX NEWS can be just as used by the NEW WORLD ORDER as CNN!

You see…, whether from the “left”… (the Democans)…, or the “right”…,  (the republicrats)…, we are constantly being “told” and “programmed” about how important SECRECY IS!

How very INTERESTING that this video came out just as I was writing the article I posted yesterday.

Now…, this is a very complicated issue because at this point and time…, the Lib-tards are using the “idea” of not keeping any secrets ONLY TO THEIR ADVANTAGE!

They are doing this by leaking information to the press…, but they are ONLY leaking information that is damaging to Donald Trump…, while at the very same time they are HIDING, COVERING UP, and even MURDERING people who would leak or bring out information that is damaging to the Democrats…, the Progressive Agenda, or the NWO!

This is NOT the type of honesty that I talked about in my last article which is linked here:

What I want people to realize is that the very “idea” of National Security…is the CLOAK that has hidden from public view ALL OF THE SATANIC and LUCIFERIAN activities in our country and throughout our world.


There are VERY REAL and IMPORTANT THINGS that we as a species need to know about…, and National Security is the prison within which all information is conveniently kept!

Only by insisting that the TRUTH be told about ALL THINGS…, and very literally being willing to fight against the programmed idea that any type of SECRECY is massively important…, and that things like NATIONAL SECURITY are so very important to our country (the word has almost become like a GOD to some people) that anyone who leaks, spreads, or gives out important information must be imprisoned.

Watch the linked video and see if you can “SEE THROUGH” all of the hype and the programming and “get” the real reason this topic was even covered.

Once you slice through the POLARIZATION of Republican vs. Democrat…, the only thing this video does is to vilifiy anyone who would CHALLANGE the governments right to KEEP SECRETS from the people!


All my love…..


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