When you make a change in the present moment – for good or for evil – you automatically not only change your future – but you also change your PAST as well.

Gene Decode has said this many times – and I have seen it with my own eyes.

Ripples in the pond (in time) go in every direction, not just one way.

When I started choosing differently in my life – many things – like entire houses started appearing out of nowhere.  In Gene’s case – they vanished – along with his best friend.

When the American’s signed treaties with Dark E.T.s – they changed not only the course of our World’s Future toward evil – but they also changed the worlds ENTIRE HISTORY toward evil as well.

This is why – no matter how far back you go – you’ve got evil and death cults.  That did NOT happen in the original organic Time-Line that GOD gave to us.

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