Sources: Maine Republic and InfoWars



In this hard-hitting video, Robert David Steele claims that President Trump is our best chance to take down the deep state since President Kennedy.

He also claims that:
* The “White hat” intelligence community was able to stop Hillary from rigging the vote electronically like she did to Bernie
* Former CIA head John Brennan committed treason by telling lies intended to overturn the Electoral College
* John Brennan, highest paid agent of Saudi Arabia, should be under FBI investigation
* Reince Priebus is an enabler and cover-upper of pedophilia — Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is the tip of the iceberg
* WikiLeaks is going to take down Priebus?
* Pedophilia is an “elite privilege” — For the Democrats, it’s an “acquired taste” — Podesta is a “pedo-light”
* The Republicans and the elite in banking are the ones who have made pedophilia a “big league thing”
* There are Saudi Arabian and Washington DC restaurants with basements where you can order children off of the menu
* DC pedophilia is the Achilles heel, and Trump has figured that out
* Flynn didn’t get fired because he called the Russians
* Flynn got fired because he “had the arrogance to think” (sarcasm) that he could tell Mattis and Tillerson what to do
* Flynn pissed off VP Pence
* Flynn’s call that got him in trouble included a conversation about a list of high-level pedophiles inside the US, one of whom happens to be VP Mike Pence’s best friend
* Flynn did not tell Pence about the list, or that his “best friend” was on it. Pence found out about this from the deep state (probably NSA taps)
* The NSA has been spying on all of our politicians with impunity!
* The CIA is leaking HIGHLY classified information as part of a political coup against Trump



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