By: Bradley Loves


In a uncharacteristic turn from their constant DENIAL that they are trying to control everything and everyone…, the Freemasons bragged LONG AND LOUD during an annaul meeting in London that this is EXACTLY what they do!

When will people finally learn once and for all that when they say:

“We are not doing that”…, what they really mean is… We don’t want you to KNOW we are doing that” 

See this:


Here is some of the article:

Attended by thousands of Freemasons from across the world (including 136 Grand Masters), the ceremony featured “sketches” bragging about the influence of Masonry on modern society, including its important role in the creation of the United States. It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing eye is prominently featured on American bank notes.

After singing “God Save the Queen”, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington (two prominent Freemasons) come out to explain how America was founded on Masonic principles.

– I hold to be self-evident, brother Franklin, all men are created equal.
– Indeed, brother Washington, all Freemasons meet as equals as we have the opportunity to create a nation in the very essence of Masonic morality. It would be wonderfully symbolic, don’t you think?
– You’ll be wanting to put the all-seeing eye on our banknotes next.

They go on to brag about the Masonic symbolism in Washington, DC.

– The plans for our new capital city already have a very Masonic feel to them, yeah.

They then talk about the great number of Masonic presidents, about how “Freemasonry will be embedded in American culture” and how the Statue of Liberty is a giant Masonic gift from French Freemasons. They also add: “Do not forget about the musicians”. Because there are lots of musicians who are Freemasons.

Now…, setting all of the self congratulating pomposity aside…, these people are NOT ANYTHING like what they just said!

Even within their own ranks.., they have to hold to a public image and private image!

As they tell us publicly they are all about TRUTH and FREEDOM…, the books written privately by their very highest initiates – tell us a totally different story!

In fact…, Albert Pike tells us that at the very top of the Freemasons…, all they do is LIE – DECIEVE – CHEAT – and MANIPULATE in order to gain their control…, and there is NOTHING free or truthful about it!

And then we have Ben Fulford…, a former Forbes Magazine Editor saying this about Freemasons in his very latest Blog Post:

The trail of the Fukushima attack also leads into the twilight zone, because top P2 Freemasons like Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights (and Vatican assassin) Vincenzo Mazzara claim they ultimately take their orders from an entity called the “black sun,” that “communicates via gamma waves.”

Pentagon sources insist there is an esoteric or extraterrestrial dimension to the battle for the planet Earth and say that, on this front, “with more quakes, the last of the cabal underwater and underground bases are being systematically destroyed.”

From there the trail leads to the satanic P2 Freemason lodge, Switzerland, and the BIS. That is why it is interesting to note that Jesuit Pope Francis is now under unprecedented attack for covering up pedophilia.

Francis, for all his talk of reform, has failed to disclose the Vatican’s involvement in events like the Fukushima crime against humanity.


So you get the picture.

The “FREEMASONS” are not as squeaky clean as they are trying to get us to believe with their “class plays” and their “fictional stage acting”.

At the very top…, they are something very different…, and no matter what they may say in public…, IN PRIVATE…, they are PURE EVIL!










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