By: Bradley Loves


New Agers told us for 8 long and tedious years that Barack Obama was “here” to save the world!

They told us that (while he was president) he was going to expose all the technolgoy that was hidden!

  • He exposed NOTHING!

They told us that he was going to help our world by initiating mass arrests of dark players!

  • He arrested NO ONE!

They told us that he was going to expose the Secret Space Program and the world would soon be better off because of him.

  • He did NO SUCH THING!

Now, come to find out that instead of HELPING AMERICA, he was involved in plotting against a political opponent of an opposition party, in secretive and clandestined ways!


Maybe it’s time to STOP listening to fake channeled messages??



Here is Dustin Nemo’s latest Q – Update!


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