I am in the process of watching this right now.  I have not yet seen Jay Parker speak, however he, himself recommends this interview…, so I’m hoping it will be good.  Sasha Stone seems to be a very eloquent speaker…, and quite intelligent.


The very first few minutes of his show has a very racy girl doing a “lap dance” style performance for a group of men who are very obviously inside a large FREEMASON TEMPLE, and having some sort of meeting!

After that ends…, Sasha says he put it there for a reason…, and will talk about it in the interview.

I’m hoping this will be a very enlightening 2 hour video.


Okay…, now that I’ve watched almost an hour…, I can see that Jay and Sasha are basically “answering” the very questions that my Articles put forth yesterday!

Wow…, how’s that for Divine help and Synchronicity?  This video therefore is a good follow up to what I wrote!   Two Thumbs Up!

All my love….

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