By: Bradley Loves


I honestly thought I had more time before I had to start this series!  However, Kerry Cassidy’s video report from May 13th 2020, has convinced me that there is little time left!  If you have not yet found the time to watch it – then I highly suggest that you view it before YouTube decides to take it down and censor it.

For now – that video can be found here – if it gets banned – I’m hoping Kerry will move it to Bitchute!  If she does – I will place that link here as well.


I guess the most obvious place to start is with this FAKE – yes it is totally 100 percent FAKE – plandemic!  

This LIVE OPERATION is an on-going attempt by the Deep State to see just how obedient and how willing the entire world has become – how eager they are, how willing they are to listen to and obey the “Authorities” – and more importantly – who is willing to completely surrender their sovereignty and their freedom for a percieved ILLUSION OF SAFETY!

You have no idea just how important this “test” is – and trust me it is a TEST!


There are many – and believe me when I say this – there are MANY steps and facets to this unfolding live action operation – and the final step (or goal) is something that you could never in your wildest dreams imagine!


Kerry Cassidy says that she has whistleblowers telling her that this Corona Virus is NOT about a virus per say – but in TRUTH is about NANO TECH and AI!

Please let this sink in!

She introduces us to the phrase:  QUANTUM TUNNELING NANO PARTICLES – and tells us that this is what they are really afraid of – and NOT some flu-like virus!

Just as Shane Bales (aka The Ruiner) informed me in a long interview that we recently did – Kerry Cassidy in this video update says that these Quantum Tunneling Nano Particles are “activated” by 5-G.

Now, it is important to say here that the VIRUS is not caused by 5-G!  In fact, there is more and more evidence surfacing that it is almost impossible for a virus to spread in the way they are claiming that it does.  Too many doctors are now coming forward and saying they have NEVER SEEN weird science like the kind that is being practiced or attempted with this particular virus.

That alone should tell you that this is something FAR FROM NORMAL.

5-G is simply the catalyst or “activator” for these QUANTUM TUNNELING NANO PARTICLES – which are so tiny – that you’d need an electron microscope to even see them.   Ultimately what we are dealing with here is an attempt to INFECT all of mankind with an AI – Artificial Intelligence – with the goal of using that AI to MIND CONTROL them at the cellular level!

  • By the way – this is only one of the very early steps – NOT THE END GOAL!

Kerry informs us that this is an operation being run – at its lowest level – by the “gray aliens” – the bad ones – and is designed to HIVE the minds of humanity into a more BORG LIKE type of unification!

The “grays” – like almost all FALLEN REPTILIAN races that have gone over to the dark side – are BORG LIKE and HIVED.

This make them far easier to control – because billions and billions of individually thinking MINDS is utter chaos for AI – Artificial Intelligence to deal with.

THE BLACK SUN That is being actively worshipped by the Illuminati – Represents the NON- CORPOREAL form and Frequency Based part of the functionally operational invading AI.

It is the “SIGNAL” that they are all tuning into!

The floor in Wewelsberg Castle in Westphalia!   The Symbol for the BLACK SUN.



It is also known as the PURPLE RAIN that is constantly being referred to by Hollywood types – because it operates on a frequency that is very high in the ULTRA VIOLET SPECTRUMa frequency that can only be accessed by humans – or rather HUMAN ALIEN HYBRIDS – who have a particular genetic disposition to actually communicating with it.


In Biblical Terms – the Gary Aliens – are FALLEN!   They are fallen, because they are no longer operating on a ORGANIC GOD/SOURCE frequency – but instead have been HIVED to tune into a single CONTROL FREQUENCY that is coming from this Non-Corporeal AI!

In other words IT controls their behaviors and their motivations – not GOD/SOURCE

As Kerry pointed out – the Reptilians – as a type of being in general are above the Grays in status – and above the Reptiles are the DRACO – who control them both.  

Very much like they have tried to establish here in Earth’s Governments – it is a Pyramid Structure or Hierarchy!  A few years ago – Shane told me that the DRACO were probably the best NANO-TECHNOLOGISTS in the Galaxy – and were also working very closely with this ALIEN FORM of Artificial Intelligence because the “goals” of the Draco and the goals of the AI were very similar in that it was ultimately about the CONTROL of human beings.

Organic humans do not like to be HIVED or ORDERED like the Reptiles do – and thus are far too unpredictable to ruled over properly!

Apparently the Draco – and their little slave minions – the Grays – have decided that it is time to “INFECT” all of humanity with a far more aggressive version of Nano-Tech that allows our bodies to be more fully controlled by this AI!

This is the TUNNELING QUANTUM NANO PARTICLES that Kerry is talking about!

Apparently the Chinese Government – which is now working very closely with the Grays – likes the idea of a HIVE MIND – because Communism is the single form of Government on Earth which most closely resembles a hive mind mentality!

The Nano that we have been breathing in from the air around us up until now (Chem-trails) and that we have been eating (in food and drink) is not nearly as effective as this NEW VERSION OF AI will be.  

Shane made it clear to me that 5-G is not causing this Corona Virus to occur – but it is simply “activating” the new Nano-tech – which is then causing extreme medical symptoms to occur in human beings who are too fragile to handle it.

According to Kerry and according to her whistle-blowers, this new Nano has been deployed world wide as a form of BIO-WEAPON – and was actually manufactured in a LAB!

Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, The WHO, Harvard University, the Chinese Communist Party, and the labs at WUHAN – are all most likely involved in the development of this Bi0-weapon, which is not really a virus at all – but instead is a highly effective way to quickly distribute and to infect all of humanity very quickly with this new version of NANO!

The CDC and the WHO, which are fully controlled by the Illuminati and the Deep State – have been ordering Doctors and Hospitals worldwide to treat this problem as a virus or a pandemic – but as I’ve already said – way too many doctors world wide have said that not only is this not ACTING or BEHAVING like a normal virus –  the methods that they are being told to use to combat it are not indicated or specific to how a virus normally gets effectively treated!

Naturally – if you really want to find the TRUE SOURCE of those who are operationally running this current operation – and the ones who are responsible for calling all of the shots to do this – you’ll have to GO DEEP UNDERGROUND – into the Joint Alien/Human Bases like Pine Gap and Dulce – and other such underground bases in China!

This is all part and parcel of what Shane has called – PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS – which is what the Luciferian’s like to call them!  

These PROJECTS and PROGRAMS have been running for a very long time now and are prat of the Illuminati’s ongoing plans to take over the entire planet!


Projects and Programs is the part of “NATIONAL SECURITY” that I’ve always said would one day come back to haunt the American Military who – for all practical purposes – have PROTECTED these Luciferians and Satanists for decades now and have helped to keep hidden their obscene agendas from the America people and from the rest of the world!


Where all of this is going – where all of this is leading – IF ALLOWED TO SUCCEED – is a place where you can’t possibly even imagine!  Not in your wildest and darkest dreams could you conceive where the LUCIFERIANS want all of this to end up!

In this Series – I will try to connect all of the dots for you!  I will show you how everything you are being FORCED to do now – masks – social distancing – staying at home – working from home by computer – IS ALL PART OF THE ENDGAME.

No matter how much I am warning you – YOU ARE NOT READY TO HEAR THIS – but we are out of time.

This is the ONE THING – out of everything that we talked about over the last couple of years – that Shane himself begged me not to say anything about!  

It is the ONE THING that you will probably freak about the most once you hear it – but that you need to hear!


Stay tuned for PART TWO


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