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For all of those men and women who REFUSE to get up out of bed (just like little children) and open their “damn eyes”…, I guess a little bit of DADDY coming into the bedroom and pulling the covers off of them and throwing them on the floor is needed!

Time to wake up!

Kat Von D and Rafeal Reyes wedding flaunts Demonic Themes and Satanic Symbolism

Kat Von D’s Wedding Was an Occult Elite Ritual



Let’s face it, there is NO WAY that Hollywood or the Music Industry would be behaving so OPENLY about their dedication to LUCIFER if they did not think they had already WON the battle for the Earth!

They honestly believe that their VICTORY over Christ is in the bag, and that there is no one left in the world who is willing to stand up to them!

While most of America, and the rest of the world soundly slept, the SATANIC agenda was moving forward at FULL SPEED!



The “fake ass Christians” as Mark Passio calls them – were hiding and cowering inside of their churches – begging Jesus to come and save them from the big bad world, when in fact it was THEY (as the arms and legs of CHRIST on Earth) who should have been speaking out AGAINST all of this Satanism for decades in the first place!

As “Christians” it was THEIR JOB to speak out against all forms of EVIL and to see that goodness and justice over-came the darkness.

Instead, they either joined up with the darkness (501 C-3 Corporate Status) , or said NOTHING about it!

The “new agers” also “embraced” Satanism as merely an eccentric “alternative” to traditional religions and didn’t want to be bothered in JUDGING IT – because they thought it was merely a bunch of troubled adults playing “dress up” games, none of whom would ever cause any real harm, nor have any impact upon the Earth.

NO ONE believed – even though countless teachers of the past TOLD THEM – that there really was a battle of GOOD and EVIL taking place on the Earth.

Thus, humanity “kicked back”…, went to the beach, and had a Coke – while Satanism was gathering it’s full strength – and adding millions and millions of followers to it’s numbers!




Let’s put it another way…, let me paint you a picture!

You are all parents!  So let me ask you this very simple question…

Let’s say that you’ve gone away on a vacation, and you’ve placed your 16 year old son in charge of watching your home and your other 3 children who are 12, 10 and 8 years old.

But instead of doing what YOU ASKED him to do…, which was to guard the house and to take care of his younger brothers and sisters…, the 16 year old throws a HUGE PARTY and invites in drug dealers, thieves, and rapists to grand event.  He did not care who came into the house because he did not want to “JUDGE THEM”.

The 16 year old boy wants to be “popular” and to have lots of “friends”!

During the course of the party…, the home is accidentally set on fire, the 8 year old sister is raped by one of the party goers, and the other two siblings are given drugs and get so sick – they end up in the hospital!



What is your “reaction”?

What are YOU going to say to your 16 year old son having been called back from your vacation on “emergency” status??

You left HIM in charge while you went away!  And he completely DIS-OBEYED you!

In this analogy…, GOD is the parent…, and the CHRISTIANS and the NEW AGERS (the Spiritual people of the world) are the 16 year old son who has been left “in charge” and has been given the task of watching the younger children! (The rest of humanity).

But instead of “protecting them”…, the Christians and the New Agers threw a party and “invited” pure evil into GOD’s very own home!   (The Earth)

They did NOTHING to put a stop to what they KNEW was harmful, and when it did show up…, they did not kick it out, but instead invited it in.


Thus, the younger children, (also belonging to the same parent) have now suffered terribly due to the NEGLIGENCE of the older child!

GOD – who is a loving parent – MUST PUNISH the older son!


Because the older son has got to realize (LEARN) that it was due to HIS GROSS NEGLIGENCE that the younger siblings suffered horribly.

It does not matter if you say that a “LOVING GOD” would never punish anyone…, because even YOU as a parent…, (yes you as a parent) realize that the rules must be obeyed for the good of the family!

So who is GOD punishing in this very important analogy?

HE is punishing the “older child” who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER…, or, for the purposes of this analogy that I wrote…, he is going to punish

the “Christians and the New Agers”!


They were the ones that HE left “in charge”…, they were the ones who were supposed to “protect the house”…, but instead they allowed PURE EVIL to come into the very home they had been left to protect, and what’s worse, they DID NOTHING!

Does this surprise you?

Would YOU (as a parent) not do the very same thing – if this happened to YOU in real life??

You are a parent…, and your oldest son just allowed your sacred home to be almost destroyed (the fire department barely saved it) – plus your younger children are in the hospital – and the most defenseless one was RAPED!

You dang right that 16 year old is going to get some REAL PUNISHMENT!  

You could never call yourself a “loving parent” if you did not deal some real consequences to this child of yours who had acted so NEGLIGENTLY!



I don’t care what the channelers say!   They are 100% WRONG!

And don’t think for a second that GOD does not have a real interest in what is happening here on Earth, because as we speak there are many souls who have come here ONLY to take notes!  There are many “witnesses” who will be called specifically to TESTIFY as to what happened here, who did what, and how, and when!

GOD (as the parent) is not going to take the word of the 16 year old…, but instead he will take the word of the one or two people he “sent to the party” just to watch what was happening!   And they, my friends are going to TELL IT ALL!



Let’s take a good look at what the CHRISTIANS and NEW AGERS are saying NOTHING about!

Kat Von D’s Wedding Was an Occult Elite Ritual


Here is the “invitation” to Kat Von D’s wedding!

The invitation itself is written on the back of a skull with an inverted cross on the forehead. The cross is right on the pineal gland – esoterically known as the third eye. Contrarily to what they have you believe, the entire event was deeply spiritual.


Kat von D is seen here posing in her Wedding dress, complete with HORNS!


You see, here is the “gist” of the PROBLEM with what she is openly doing!

This “person” is a famous tattoo artist, musician, actor, television personality, etc…

She is spreading her satanic disease all over the planet…, and it is the JOB of every single CHRISTIAN and NEW AGER out there to call attention to what she really is for the sake of the children!

If they did this, she would not be able to do this openly.

If you remain silent…, YOU ARE COMPLICIT!


Here is the wedding complete with performers dressed in RED LATEX which even completely covers the “non important” performer (slaves) face! – Breathing not necessary!


This entire event was so SATANIC that it screamed into the ethers!

But somehow…, all of this stuff has now gone “mainstream”, and young kids who become aware of this on the internet and social media…, are wondering when THEY will get to have a “Satanic Wedding” just like this one.

Why again is this important?

Because those who have been left to “watch” over the rest of humanity have become so complacent…, so LAZY…, so DISTRACTED, that they no longer are paying attention to anything happening around them.



Back to Sweet Jesus Ice Cream…

The sigil of Anton Lavey (the founder of the Church of Satan) features a lightning bolt inside an inverted pentagram. A sigil is a symbol used in ceremonial magic to represent the magician’s outcome (and to summon demons).

Sweet Jesus Logo on Ice Cream Store

They also place the Satanic Logo on all of their cups!

Come on people…, THIS is not rocket Science either!   Aren’t we back to THIS??


Logo of the SS

Or, even THIS…

Satanic Church

Which is really THIS…

Which is ALSO really THIS…

Are you starting to see how it is ALL CONNECTED??

NO…, do you need MORE??

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Ad

These advertisements are made to be directed at VERY YOUNG CHILDREN!

This kid is dressed like a sailor and he’s doing all kinds of adult things: Smoking, wearing tattoos, drinking coffee from a cup with a satanic logo. But, more importantly, why does the kid have a bruised eye? Child abuse? The sailor suit is a reference to Piracy, which is exactly what Satanists really are: Parasites-Vampires-Pirates!


This picture is very creepy. First, the entire thing is reminiscent of the horribly exploitative world of child pageants. This blond girl looks eerily similar to JonBenet Ramsey – the child pageant star who got savagely murdered in bizarre circumstances. Also, the girl has pink stuff around her mouth reminiscent of blood. To make things even more disturbing, the girl has bunny ears – not unlike Playboy bunnies.


People from Sweet Jesus donating to “Sick Kids” … Not before they teach the kids how to throw up the devil horns, though. These men and women who have taken to SATANISM are so bold, they are acting as if the entire WORLD has already GONE Satanic!

Where are the Christians?   Where are all the Spiritual People?





WHAT is God’s punishment going to look like for all of the Christians and the New Agers who refused to act – who refused to take care of the HOME that he gave them??

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Are you people ready to PAY THE CONSEQUENCES for what you FAILED TO DO?



More will be coming……





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