By: Bradley Loves


Now that you (my readers at least) have been brought up to speed having (studiously and assiduously) read the very important LINKS that I have provided for you…., mainly this one here:

You may (just may) be starting to understand that the Luciferian/Satanists actually INTEND to see if they can destroy the world and mankind with it!

You see…, they believe that GOD is the “bad guy”…, and if not a bad guy…, at least an IMPOSTER.

All of their Satanic Rituals over the last many centuries have been designed to bring about the surface of the Earth’s DESTRUCTION!

(Just as they did to Atlantis and Babylon)

They do not believe in joy or heaven…, but in DEATH, BLOOD and SACRIFICE!

They (and their demonic masters) feed on death, pain and suffering!

Yet…, you may ask…, HOW IS IT, that these people have gotten to hold the reins of POWER IN AMERICA?

They were offered the bribe of bribes…, the LIE OF LIES…, IMMORTALITY AS GODS…, equal to GOD himself!

The only ENTITY capable of offering such a bribe is LUCIFER/SATAN himself…, and he does so over and over and over again!

The surface of the entire Earth has been (cleansed) of many civilizations in the past whose “leaders” succumbed to the trickery, bribery and seduction of SATAN!

They fall for it every single time!

The offer is INFINATE POWER (You can be just like GOD) …, and the promise of living like that FOREVER… (as Gods rival and equal).

This is happening NOW…, as we speak!

The process of getting men to leave their senses and worship false idols and gods is:  MAGIC!

It has always been MAGIC!

And yet…, would it surprise you if I revealed that ALL of our agencies here in America…, (and our Militaries) were deeply involved in MAGIC?

The CIA, NSA, ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE and all others study MAGIC deeply!

All of the cutting edge scientific stuff (CERN) has been based upon ANCIENT TEXTS which invoked demon gods & godesses in order to harness their “powers” to do mystical and other worldly things!

Opening up PORTALS to other worlds is only the beginning!

What they really want to do is open up PORTALS to other DIMENSIONS and OTHER REALMS where super powerful – magical and monstrous creatures have been locked away by GOD HIMSELF!

MAD SCIENTISTS is not even close to describing how lost and how “gone” these people are!

FROTHING and FOAMING at the mouth is a better image to describe these unfortunate men and women.

If you have the stomach for it…, please watch this hour long video which is a Demonic Ceremony (by YOUR WORLD LEADERS) given at the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel near CERN.

These people…, who are so DRUNK on Satan’s Promise of  ETERNAL GODHOOD…, have given up all reason and sanity…, and are (as we speak) in the process of once again…, following in the footsteps of Atlantis and Babylon!


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