By: Bradley Loves


I find it amusing and almost crazy to read the article that is linked below, because I’m wondering if those men and women “at the bottom” of the cesspool of Satanism have even the slightest CLUE what is happening at the top?

I’m starting to think we’ve got the ditzi and clueless school girl here who does not know the difference between a door knob and a coat hook.

All one has to do is watch a few video’s from Jay Parker, who was actually born into a generational SATANIC FAMILY…, to know that they analy rape their children, and do RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICES as a common practice.

And yet…, in THIS article from Russia Today…, you’d think they were the squeaky clean version of a “harmless fairy tale”.

Please read the article at the link posted below.


You can also watch some of the videos…, where they whitewash every dark side of what they are trying to portray, and make it seem “fun” and “enlightening” instead.

I ALSO find it totally interesting that the NEW AGE TEACHING…., yes you heard that correctly…, the NEW AGE TEACHING of “non judgment” is brought in, and shamelessly wagged in our faces!

If you click on the very first video…, it says clearly at the bottom they are asking for both TOLERANCE AND NON-JUDGEMENT!

Let me say just one little thing about that…..


This is exactly the way SATANISM was always going to be brought in and made known to the masses.

It was going to be done under the NEW AGE  “banner” of:

Please don’t JUDGE us…, and don’t be so “NEGATIVE” about what we do…..!

  • Don’t get upset because we analy rape children!
  • Don’t get upset because we sacrifice children and eat them, because that is Judgmental!
  • Don’t get out of sorts…,  because we have a RIGHT to practice our religion and kill innocent children.

In my mind…, this is EXACTLY why the “NEW AGE”…., Dr. Evil “air quotes” added for emphasis…., was created in the first place…, and was very intentionally “seeded” with these profound ideas of NEVER JUDGING ANYTHING.

It was so that at the proper time in history…, when “they” wanted to come out of the closet so to speak…, that humanity could somehow accept that they actually have some sort of right to have sex with little children and…., to torture them (in order to fill their blood with adrenaline) so that when they finally kill them (the adrenaline filled blood will taste far better and give them MORE of a high than it would without it!)

But hey…, “WE” should just not “JUDGE” that!

You think I’m kidding…, well here’s a Youtube video that says this EXACTLY.

Albeit…., a  “crazy” …, “crazy”…, “crazy”…., video to watch.

Interviewed by Miles Johnston of the Bases Conference fame…, James Casbolt gives some very interesting ideas about why WE SHOULD NOT BE “JUDING” child rape and child killing!




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