By: Bradley Loves

In it’s on going attempt to scare, steer, and control the “human herd”…, the Psychopathic Gangsters who seem to be running things on the planet have come up with a new reason to take even MORE of our freedoms away!

The newest handful of Spaghetti to be thrown at the proverbial wall of our sensibilities (in order to see if it will “stick”), is KILLER ROBOTS…, and the terrorists who are actively seeking to acquire them.

Needless to say…, if there were such things as killer robots…, and there might be…, they would ALREADY be in the hands of the global gangsters…, precisely because it it the psychopathic ELITE who have built them and…, and there is NO separation between governments, the mob, and the church!

In this headline:

UN Report Claims Terrorists “Actively Seeking” to Build Deadly Army of Intelligent Killer Robots

As you can see…, the “report” in question came from the UN.  Here is a link to an article which describes the meeting of “blow hards” held in Geneva over two years ago.

Many of these so called “robots” come from Boston Dynamics…, which is one of the Corporate Contractors which works closely with DARPA.

However…, it is my opinion that the available technology FAR EXCEEDS what we are able to see in the videos placed into this article from the Activist Post.

All in all…, what “WE” as people need to be concerned about (AGAIN) is more lies…, more deception, more distraction, more secrecy…, and less information.

Treating all of humanity like a herd of cattle…, those who are at the “head” of all things decided…, once again have pulled out their “SCARE THE PANTS OFF OF THEM” tool…, in order to secure MORE CONTROL over all things possible.

If you really want my opinion…, STOP SUPPORTING this madness…, and stop listening to AUTHORITY FIGURES!

Make up your own damn mind…, and become the Human you were born to be!

All my love…


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