By: Bradley Loves




What’s happening here in America was a long time in coming.   It is the logical and direct result – a manifestation if you will – of certain behaviors that were never in line with TRUTH and were never in line with love.

We all lived here while this time in our history was brewing, and we all saw what was happening.  Yes, much of it was hidden from our eyes, but when things did not make sense, then it was our responsiblity as adults to “get to the bottom” of the problem!

  • We were too busy!
  • We made choices not to get involved!
  • We ignored the warning signs!
  • We ignored the symbols!

Out and out deception is certainly a problem at this time here in America! But to be more precise, what we failed to see, what we failed to take into account, and what we still do not even see as one of the biggest contributors to the problem is the far larger issue of: SECRECY!

It is the elephant in the room!

Secrecy lives in the same family as deception lives, it is merely of a different stripe and color.  Instead of looking like a normal pig – the secrecy pig is put into a pink party dress and has lipstick put on it so that it “appears” to be something other than a deception pig!


Secrecy, regardless of any and all the “good intentions” people have to protect those who appear not to be able to handle the TRUTH – it simply delays the inevitable destruction that may occur if people find out to a time that is a few years or few decades down the road.

However, due to the great amount of deceit that had to go hand in hand with secrecy – they are part of the same family – even if it was done for good intentions, the destruction that was being held back and looking to be spared will be FAR WORSE in the end.

You see, in the end, the problems that are attempting to be avoided by secrecy are not actually being stopped, they are merely being DELAYED!

Secrecy is the first hallmark of DIVISION!

Secrecy is the very beginning of the Division between men!

How many otherwise decent Americans are working to build, supply, guard, and find employment inside of Deep Underground Military Bases?

  • Would it surprise you to find out the number is in the millions and millions of people worldwide?
  • Would it surprise you to learn that there are over 200 of these in America alone?
  • Would it surprise you to find out that some of them are your neighbors?
  • Would it surprise you to find out that some of the most evil inventions being used against mankind are being developed and worked on inside of these bases?

Before our world can heal – SECRECY – and it’s evil sister DECEPTION have got to go!

What are you willing to do?

All my love,




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