By: Bradley Loves


In light of Donald Trump’s decision to release over 3,000 documents which at this moment are STILL classified, and which concern the JFK assination…, I am going to write (one MORE time) about secrecy!

For the post concerning Trump’s decision, see this link:

Trump To Allow Release Of 3,000 Never Before Seen Documents On JFK Assassination


I have to be very honest with my readers here.  I doubt very much that we will see any REAL documents concerning the JFK assination coming out of the Administration.

If this were the case…, then we’d actually get to see that it was a rogue CIA operation that actually had him killed.

The reason that I am so certain of this, is that I had a retired CIA assest tell me this face to face years ago!  Not only did he tell me that the CIA in fact planned it and DID it…, he told me WHY they did it…, ending with these words…,

“That guy HAD to be killed…, there was no way around it…, he HAD to die.”


So you can understand my feelings when I say that it is very doubtful that we will ever see anything like THAT coming out in any form of documentation.

So…, the only OTHER possible reason for doing this release then, is to give humanity 3,000 new documents of absolutely nothing…, and then to TELL US that everything has finally released, and to “shut up” about it already!

Given the cumulative history of total lying and massive deception coming from likes of the NSA and the CIA…, doesn’t this seem MORE reasonable to you than the other??

I guess we will just have to wait and see…

But if NOTHING of consequence comes out of this information being released…, then remember, you heard it HERE first!!



We have lived for the last 80 years under an almost TOTAL blanket of secrecy.

This was the result of our Nation entering into WW II, and the patriotic images that were being shown in terms of SIMULACRUM inside of movie theatres and in other forms of moving images that were meant to “Mimmic” real life…, but were anything but…

Remember what “Simulacrum” is?

If not…, see this post:

Through manufactured “imagery” which was meant to MIND CONTROL and PROGRAM almost all Americans at the time…, those living in those days were made to believe that it was their DUTY to keep secrets!

Upon pain of being called a “TRAITOR” or committing some heinous act of  “TREASON”…,  men and women were told (trained like dogs) that in no uncertain terms, it was their job and responsibility to “keep quiet” and “say nothing” about anything…, in order to help “WIN THE WAR”.

Here is what “EVERY GOOD AMERICAN” was taught to act like…, because it was IMPERATIVE TO THE WAR EFFORT.


So, when asked what is really going on in this country…, (even today) you can STILL find countless old men and women who at one time worked in secret government projects, and who are acting EXACTLY like Sgt. Shultz does the very moment that you start to ask them any REAL questions about what they did.

Even when it became OBVIOUS  to these people that something they were seeing was NOT RIGHT…, was NOT part of “Winning the War”…, nor was it even moral or ethical…, they all turn into a strage kind of COWARDLY – STUPID (just like Shultz) and go into an extreme FEAR and DENILE mode…

As we see in this video:


Such is the Nature of their MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING…, and older men and women follow it still today.

I do NOT pity these people however…, I see them as sick and dying!

Why, you might ask, am I so willing to call these people out and really be “so strict” with them about what they are doing?

The answer is simple…


This is not just imagined by me…, but is very real…, and if something is not done to put a stop to it soon…, it will eventually DESTROY EVERYTHING!

So we as a culture really don’t have time to be “nice” about this one issue.


When a patient is in an operating room, and the heart stops, it is commonly known as “flat line”…

The last thing the “doctor” on duty does is to think about how they are going to be “sensitive”…, “nice”…, or “kind” to the patient laying on the table in front of them.

The patient is a breath away from being DEAD!

From the doctor’s point of view…, it is time to get serious!

The Doctor rudely rips any garments covering up the patients chest…, (nothing nice about it) and grabs a “defibrillator”, greases it up, and then sends a “direct current” of “very” high voltage directly into the patient’s chest.

Maybe repeatedly!


It is radical, and it is meant to save the patient’s life…, PERIOD.

So, if you are looking for me to be “nice”…, or give  “sympathy”…, or even talk “forgiveness”…, when I see countless men and women (in the millions and millions) who are KILLING our Nation…, and KILLING our very Planet with their diabolical secrecy…, then please look elsewhere for those things.

I’m the doctor who is trying to SAVE THE PATIENT, they are the ones who are KILLING it.

It’s time to be RUDE!


The real problem with SECRECY inside of deep governmental programs and projects is the way that they are set up outside of any real over-sight.

We have things called: SAP’s…, or “Special Access Programs” that very few people (IF ANY) even know about.

Oh…, there might be one or two congress people who “get briefings”…, but ONLY because they have top secret clearance, and are on a closed door committee, cut off from the rest of Congress.

But they are NEVER (EVER) told the whole story.

The entire rest of the Congress is “left out” of any and ALL knowledge of such things.

Now…, this is for the programs that are actually ACKNOWLEDGED TO EXIST!

There are “Other” programs out there however.

Special Access Programs can be either “acknowledged” or “unacknowledged” which means that there are super secret programs that people will admit to…, and other super secret programs which are SO EVIL and SO VILE…, that people will NOT even admit (to anyone) that they exist.


This happens through a process called COMPARTMENTALIZATION.

Each project exists within its own tiny compartment…, and anyone who does not work directly with the project or the program in question has NO NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT (according to rules of secrecy).

Therefore…, if anyone NOT in the program were to ask someone “directly” if such a program existed (if that person were in the program) they would be told NO!

(Which of course is a bald faced and total LIE).

[And you wonder how psycho-paths like Hillary Clinton can sit there and LIE every single second of her life…, with the only truthful words ever coming from her mouth being “and” and “the”]

She works with (and knows about) many Special Access Programs…, and as a result of this work…, has LEARNED to deny anything and everything she is asked…, no matter how true or real it is…, considering that she is just DOING HER DUTY to keep SECRETS!

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it Democrats!

Your “choice” for President does nothing but tell LIES…, and does it as easily as breathing air!

However, even a Military General who is in charge of a certain military base may know absolutely nothing about several “unacknowledged programs” happening on his base if he is not deemed “NEED TO KNOW”.

If he were to stumble upon a Program…, he would be “told” that he has NO NEED TO KNOW about them.

These words might come from a mere Corporal or Captain.

Now…, if you can finally get your mind around what I am really talking about here…, due to Special Access Programs…, you will see that SECRECY and telling LIES, has become ENDEMIC to our culture.

Just like eating and breathing!

This is NOT a good thing.


What my readers need to know additionally is that even though 90 percent of the world’s population may be loving, kind, or what we would call “a normal human beings”…

There is a full 10 percent or more of humanity that are walking and talking socio-paths and even worse…, absolute psycho-paths!

They do not “feel” any kind of sadness or remorse…, nor guilt about torturing people…, tormenting them…, experimenting on them…, or many things that are even WORSE than this.

What my readers really NEED TO KNOW…, is that when certain programs (deemed necessary to the powers that be) are seen to be exceedingly immoral or unehtical…, then the very people that I am talking about (the 10 percent of humanity that are psycho-paths) are recruited for these “jobs”…, placed in charge, and given control over the SUPER EVIL SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM…, which then remains “unacknowledged” by everyone.


You’ve heard the saying…

“Putting the fox in charge of the hen house”


Well this is like putting Torturous Demons in charge of watching Heaven.


You see…, it is the “VERY RULES” regarding secrecy inside of the SAP’s…, and within the Military itself, that have become the “TOOLS” which allow these terrible, horrible, heanious, and unspeakable things to be done on Earth, where NO ONE is even able to find out about these things.

The people “in charge” of such programs are the worst human beings that man kind has to offer, and by all rights should be LOCKED UP, not running around the world free.

They are the “VOLDEMORTS” of our world, and are the ones who, if left to themselves are just “possessed”  of enough real evil to do unspeakable harm to the NATION and to the PLANET.

And yet…, our Government and our Military actively “seeks these people out” when they have a project that is both heneious and unspeakably evil.

Now…, I have argued with what appear to be good men and women (till I am blue in the face) and who are so MIND CONTROLLED and so “ignorant” about the way things work in the world…, that they will blast me for daring to suggest that secrecy is a BAD thing.

They claim that our country, or our nation, NEEDS SECRETS TO STAY SAFE!!

And to that I always respond…, stay “safe” from whom??

And once again, showing their total ignorance of what is really going on…, (and their brain washing), will say something like:

From the RUSSIANS!

As if the “Russians” are the one and only threat that our poor world, which is dealing with advanced technololgy and actual races from OFF WORLD, and even from OTHER DIMENSIONS…, has to worry about!

You just can’t even properly describe what it feels like to be talking to this KIND OF STUPID!

I’ve seen gleaming looks in the eyes of people I’ve spoken with, (usually men) who want to beat their chest and flex their muscles in “pride” about how loyal they are to “authorities” when they are ordered to do things…, and what’s WORSE…, take “real pride” in how little they actually know about everything.

They seem to take it is a “badge of honor” to be in the dark, ignorant, and uninformed about almost everything…, (because our NATION NEEDS THAT).

But not in their wildest dreams could they imagine what I know about “Secret Projects” and “Secret Programs” that are taking place upon our Earth.

You want a real example??

I happen to know that “our secret military” (at one time), was involved with the “feeding” of certain reptilian allies who just happened to like to eat “human meat”.

Instead of being horrified by what they were doing…, these (obvious psycho-paths) who were wearing uniforms…, were willing to feed real live children to these “beings”…, who were most likely trading “technology” with our governments.

The problem for 90 percent of our Miliary…, is that even TOP GENERALS…, if not directly involved with an SAP…, could ever find out that this kind of thing is happening.




Let’s take a look at the post at this link:

A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out

The following is a list of questions that were directed to former Dulce Base Security officer THOMAN EDWIN CASTELLO approximately a year before his death [or his disappearance].  The man writing this piece is named BRANTON.  There will also be a few inserts from me (Bradley Loves) as comments as well…


QUESTION – When exactly was the [upper human-occupied level of the] Archuleta installation constructed?

ANSWER – I heard that Dulce was started in 1937-38 by the Army engineers, enlarged over the years, and the most recent work was completed 1965-66 to connect tunnels to the Page [Arizona] Base, site of one of the older underground facilities.

The four corners base is called PERICA. Most of the Native Americans [the Indians] living in that area are aware of that base, and could tell us about the underground life forms that frequently are spotted near those communities, Bigfoot, etc.

(Note: The references to the Dulce base here deal mainly with the upper levels, not the extreme lower levels which include vast natural caverns and, some believe, very ancient tunnel systems as well.

This would include the tunnels illuminated by phosphorus pentoxide which the alien grays avoid, and the origin of which is unknown. In fact, sources have informed us that some of the underground NORAD facilities of Colorado were constructed within already-existing cavern systems, suggesting that Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver were correct when as early as the mid-1940’s they wrote about the government’s search for ancient underground cave and tunnel systems to be converted for their own use. – Branton)

Q – By what means were the [upper] installations constructed?

Are you familiar with the alleged developments made by the Rand Corporation of a highly-efficient bore or mole machine capable of melting rock using nuclear powered wolfram-graphite tipped ’drill-cones’?

A – According to several senior maintenance workers, part of it was blasted out by nuclear devices in the sixties. There are sections, like the shuttle tunnels, that were formed by an advanced tunneling machine that leaves the tunnel walls totally smooth. The finished walls in those tubes resemble polished black glass.

Q – By WHOM was the Dulce installation originally constructed?

A – Nature started the caverns. The Draco [reptilian humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries.

Later, through RAND Corporation plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulfur springs that the ’aliens’ found perfect for their needs. The Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad caverns in size.

(Note: Carlsbad caverns and especially the adjacent Lecheguilla caves are ’officially’ among the largest and deepest in the world, with several ’leads’ that remain to be explored by professional speleonauts – Branton)

Q – What exactly are the cattle [and human] organs such as blood, anal tissue, eyes, reproductive organs, tongues, etc. used for – i.e. the organs obtained via cattle and human mutilations?

A – Read the so-called Dulce papers [for more information].


Q – Are the various electromagnetically-controlled air or space craft – [that have been seen] leaving from and arriving at Mt. Archuleta – manned by humans, the ’alien entities’, or both?

A — Archuleta Mesa is a minor area… the craft leave [and are stored] in five areas.

One is SE of DULCE, one near Durango Co., one at Taos, N. M., and the main fleet is stored at LOS ALAMOS [under].

(Note: I believe that Thomas Castello is referring to the ’joint-operational’ fleet.   From combined sources however it appears as if Dulce is absolutely SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES by ’alien’ bases, and that Archuleta peak – although apparently the central NEXUS of the entire underground network – is nevertheless just one part of an overall complex that some claim is nearly the size of Manhattan Island!

One source has indicated that there are chambers a few hundred feet below the very town of Dulce itself that are part of level one of the facility. This close proximity may explain why it has usually been described as the ’Dulce Base’.    Apparently even with his high-security clearance, Thomas Castello was only familiar with one part of the overall mega-complex which underlies the area. Whatever amount of activity is taking place there, different sources seem to indicate that the town of Dulce nevertheless lies over a major crossroads, convergence or ’intersection’ area of alien activity even though the ’core’ of most alien activity has been extended into Los Alamos.

Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest seem to be the MAJOR ’nest’ of Reptiloid/Gray forces in North America, although there is also a large number of ’dens’ scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51.

Dulce seems to be a major ’through’ point for exterran and subterran reptilian activity, a central ’infiltration’ zone for surface operatives, as well as an operational base for abduction-implantation-mutilation agendas and also a major convergence for sub-shuttle terminals, UFO ports, and so on. – Branton)

Q – Others have suggested that some of the entities below Dulce are not of ’extraterrestrial’ ORIGIN, and that they are actually descended from certain saurian or reptiloid beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus – a ’serpentine’ race or races similar to that hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis?

A – Yes, apparently some ’reptoids’ seem to be native to this planet. The ruling caste of ’aliens’ ARE reptilian. The “beige or white beings” are called The Draco.   Other reptilian beings are green, and some are even brown. They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground. It may have been one of the Draconian beings that ’tempted’ Eve in the Garden of Eden. Reptoids rightly consider themselves “native Terrans.” Perhaps they are the ones we call the Fallen Angels. Maybe not, either way, we are [considered] the ’squatters’ here on Earth, not them.

[Note from Bradley:  READ THE TERRA PAPERS…, these Reptoids could simply be the SHETI LIZARDS who took control of Earth from the Sirians.  My experience with these beings is that they are incapable of telling the TRUTH.]

Q – Some have suggested that the so-called underground ’E.T.’ bases and tunnels may, for a large part, be literally thousands of years old… constructions of an antediluvian race which attained to a considerable level of scientific complexity, and who were destroyed by a Divinely-initiated cataclysm which took place after they attempted to merge their science with occult/supernatural forces.

For instance some have suggested that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena may be the result of an out-of-control Atlantean experiment that led to a space-time disaster which produced “electromagnetic fallout” in the Triangle area and elsewhere after they had accidentally loosed powerful forces and energies into the world that they knew very little about. Do your observations tend to confirm or refute such a possibility?

A – I’m not sure about the Divine part, but these ’aliens’ consider themselves ’NATIVE TERRANS.’

A – Where do the little gray Aliens fit in?

Q – They work for, and are controlled by the Draco. There are other gray skinned beings that are not in league with the Draco.

Q – Did you ever talk to any of the ’Aliens’ at the Base?

A – Since I was the Senior Security Technician at that base, I had to communicate with them on a daily basis. If there were any problems that involved security, or video camera’s, I was the one they called. It was the reptilian “working caste” that usually did the physical labor in the lower levels at Dulce.

Decisions involving that caste were usually made by the white Draco. When human workers caused problems for the working caste, the reptoids went to the white Draconian ’boss’, and the Draco called me. At times, it felt like it was a never ending problem. Several human workers resented the “no nonsense” or “get back to work” attitude the working caste lives by.

When needed, intervention became a vital tool. The biggest problem were human workers who foolishly wandered around near the “OFF LIMITS” areas of the “Alien Section.” I guess it’s human nature to be curious and to wonder what is past the barriers. Too often someone found a way to bypass the barriers and nosed around. The camera’s near the entrance usually stopped them before they got themselves in serious trouble. A few times I had to formerly request the Return of a human worker.

Q – Are there other sites tied-in to the ’shuttle network’ other than those which you mentioned, and if so, where are those entrances?



The subterranean highway in America is like a real freeway except it’s underground. That highway depends on electric motors [for trucks, cars and buses] for the paved roads, and it is for limited travel.

There is another style of transit for freight and for passengers that is for rapid travel.

That world wide network is called the “Sub-Global System.” It has “check points” at each country entry. There ARE shuttle tubes that ’shoot’ the trains at incredible speeds using a mag-lev and vacuum method. They travel at a speed that excels the speed of sound. Part of your question involves the location of entrances to that base. The easiest way to answer is to say every state in the U.S.A. has them.

[Note from Bradley:  Shane Bales…, aka The Ruiner…, who was born into the Illuminati…, has told me that he actually rode this “system” and has actually seen it with his own eyes. HE  could  go from Canada directly to Mexico…, right under the USA without stopping!]

Frequently, the entrances are camouflaged as sand quarries, or mining operations. Other complex portals are found on military bases. New Mexico and Arizona have the largest amounts of entrances followed by California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Of all the state’s in the US, Florida and North Dakota have the least amount of entrances. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the subterranean freeway. That road is no longer in use, but could be reactivated if they decide to do so, with minimal cost. It’s located near Brooks Lake.

Q – Are there any ’bases’ in the state of Utah?

(Note: Thomas mentioned several areas surrounding Utah – Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, where there are ’connections’, but little on Utah which according to some sources lies directly over one of the largest NATURAL cavern systems in North America, one that is said to reach deep beneath the Western Rockies as well as beneath the Bonneville basin. – Branton)

Have you heard anything about an alleged underground installation within the Wasatch Mountains…?

A – Salt Lake, Lake Powell Area, Dark Canyon, Dougway Grounds, Modena, Vernal. All have exits there. Others too.

(Note: There have been many rumors of these ancient ’tunnel’ systems being intersected during the excavations of sub-basement levels below major industrial and mall areas in downtown Salt Lake City.

Various stories surrounding these tunnels in Salt Lake include:

  • explorers who have entered the tunnels and never Returned;
  • reports of ’lizard people’ down in the labyrinths;
  • reports of grays working with humans on electronic equipment and massive building projects going on in huge caverns beneath the mountains to the east;
  • reports of humans who are part of an Asian-based ’Agharti’ kingdom who maintain colonies within the tunnels and caverns below – and who are in conflict with the reptiloids, grays, and a group collaborating human “fascists” (former Nazi’s)  from a network of massive underground facilities beneath the Neu Shwabenland region of Antarctica;
  • reports of men in suits having been seen pacing back and forth through large underground chambers carrying uzi machine guns;
  • reports of seemingly bottomless shafts;
  • large tunnels strung with lights that are “big enough to drive a semi-truck through”;
  • sections of tunnel walls that looked solid yet which one could put their hands through;
  • rooms which emanate a strange greenish phosphorescent glow;
  • abductees who are taken below and encounter all types of aliens;
  • discs that have been seen emerging from the mountains to the east and attacking incoming UFOs over the valley;
  • Dungeons & Dragons fanatics who have been down in the tunnels and tell wild stories of hundreds of miles of maze-like passages;
  • reports of connections to the tunnel systems via the sewer-drainage network especially underneath the downtown “Crossroads” area;
  • reports of alien activity similar to that which has been described in connection to Dulce New Mexico;

There are reports of a huge cavern network that reaches beyond the border of the state in all directions – a huge network that connects the underground systems of Nevada with those of New Mexico.

There is a famous story which is not openly talked about – there are two versions… both may be true. In one version a “Mormon Temple” worker penetrated an underground tunnel below the ’square’ in downtown Salt Lake City and traveled for some distance through a series of underground catacombs until running into a ’lizard’ like man.

The creature attempted to attack him but the man escaped and managed to find his way back to the surface. He began telling other people what had happened and soon afterwards the ’government’ arrived in the area and went in and closed off many of the tunnels leading to the sub-basements of the Temple.

Presumably there was some heated debates over how much of the underground system this religious denomination was allowed to control.

A similar dispute apparently occurred to the southwest where the LDS church maintained a large storage facility under Granite Mountain in Little Cottonwood canyon, within the upper levels of a vast network of caverns. Fascist CIA elements and the Grays came in and took control of the larger caverns deeper within the mountain and ordered the ’vault’ workers to stay out of the ’forbidden’ areas – and stated that the “U.S. Government” was now using them for “National Security” purposes and that it was their “patriotic duty” to maintain the secret.

The other version concerned a custodian who entered a tunnel near the cinemas area below the Crossroads Mall across the street and to the south from the temple square, while excavation was being carried out in a that part of the Mall. The worker entered the tunnel and before long encountered a ’serpent’ type man, beat a hasty retreat, and told his fellow workers what he had seen. The FBI and/or the local police soon arrived and sealed the tunnel.

[Note from Bradley:  NOTICE in the last line above that the FBI…, and or local police soon arrived as SEALED the tunnel. This tells us that (as I’ve always said) the POLICE-CIA-FBI-are up to their eyeballs in protecting the ALIEN SECRET from mankind…, and are VISCIOUS human beings who take money and dollars to BETRAY their own species!]

Another story involved a young man who, along with a friend, had used a chain tied to his pickup truck to rip-up a manhole cover in the area near the ’Mall’ and the ’Square’. They navigated through a maze of sewer passages underneath and came to a shaft that descended in a series of 5 small ’rooms’ one below the other, and from the bottom room a tunnel led south into a large chamber wherein they saw a seemingly bottomless shaft, a large southwest tunnel strung with lights and ’large enough to drive a semi through’, and the footprints of some type of three-toed bi-pedal creature.

Other sources imply that early pioneers and settlers of the area who explored these tunnels came in contact with and in some cases even joined with some of the Telosian-Agharti-Melchizedek-Mayan underground colonies below the Salt Lake Flats, the Salt Lake Valley and the Western Rockies.

These subterraneans had formerly established territorial agreements with the Reptiloids and Grays before the aliens begun invading their subterranean lands below the intermountain west en-masse in the early 1900’s. The treaties were part of an attempt to stave off a possible inter-species conflict, as skirmishes between the humanoids [Teros] and reptiloids [Deros] within the cavern networks of North America had been increasing since the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Because of a somewhat non-exclusive collective-mind with which these humans interacted, it was decided that one possible way to ’convert’ the reptilians into becoming beings of emotion and compassion was to allow them access to the group consciousness. The reptiloids however, once given access, immediately began taking advantage of the collective and used it to CONTROL the humans on a subliminal basis.

The ease with which this occurred may have been enhanced by the fact that the Reptiloids and Grays were already operating as part of a collective or group mind, one which was far more complex than the Ashtar or Astarte collective itself which many of the ’Aghartians’ depended on.

This suggests that the reptilian ’collective’ or HIVE itself is absolutely void of any and all care, concern or compassion for human beings.

Individual reptiloids operating distinct from the draconian collective might however be ’tamed’ by other collective-free humanoids in some cases – as some have reportedly been ’tamed’ by the Andro-Pleiadean worlds.

If the non-humans could be severed from the ’collective’ they might be deprogrammed and reprogrammed so-to-speak and even attain individual awareness and a degree of emotionalism. In such cases it would not be advisable to give these creatures equal standing among humans, and absolute subservience and monitoring should be enforced even if means were found to sever them from the collective mind network.

When dealing with the reptilian forces, unconditional surrender should be first offered, and if this is not accepted than direct military action would be justified especially in light of the many permanent ’abductees’ whom the Greys and Reptiloids have taken captive [those who are still alive] to their underground systems.

Most of the treaties that the humanoids had made with the reptiloids ’down under’ have since been broken… especially following the Groom Wars of 1975 and the Dulce Wars of 1979, during which time much of the underground U.S. base networks [which were funded by American tax dollars by the way] and were then totally taken over by the Grays.

Some sources have implied that the aliens took advantage of the chaos especially during the Dulce wars and commenced to invade and conquer several of the older underground colonies. This apparently led to a rift in the ’Ashtar’ collective, with many humanoids and hybrids splitting off and joining with the Andro-Pleiadean Federation non-interventionists, and many reptiloids and heartless humanoid agents splitting off and joining with the interventionists of the Draco-Orion Empire.

The Sirius-B system which – aside from Arcturus and Sol – has been the major center of ’Ashtar’ activity, has since been shaken by this split between the two opposing Ashtarian factions and war had reportedly raged through the Sirius system for several years, according to some ’contactees’… an apparent reflection of the division within the underground networks of North America between the Pleiadean-backed Sirian humanoids…, and Orion-backed Sirian reptiloids which both had maintained operations within the underground levels before the “Dulce Wars” broke out.

These “Dulce wars” were just the mere tip of the proverbial iceberg when we consider that the overall events which happened at Dulce had a chain reaction effect throughout this whole sector of  the galaxy.

Before the division occurred, the reptiloids were invited to take part in ’peace talks’ in Telos and elsewhere as an act of good faith, but the reptiloid-grey collectivists were more interested in expanding their empire and feeding their insatiable appetite for conquest than they were in making peace with anyone, although they did in fact agree to peace treaties that they never intended to keep, for ’Trojan horse’ manipulation purposes.

There is a remnant collaboration such as that taking place in the underground facilities near Paradox Nevada where collectivist humanoids and reptiloids from Sirius and Sol still maintain a collaboration out of necessity – in order to establish a global control system on the Earth, however a large number of humanoids within the underground systems are at DIRECT WAR with the collectivist-interventionist Reptilian infiltrators who would otherwise ’assimilate’ these humanoids into their collective through deception, espionage and mind control.

Now several contactees like Alex Collier, Ray Keller, Stan Johnson and others are claiming that the conflicts in Sirius between the Andro-Pleiadean backed Ashtar forces, and the Draco-Orion backed Ashtar forces – which were both infiltrated and commandeered by Draco-Orion agents – have now spread into the Sol system, as both stellar superpowers have focused on this single strategic Solar system, intent on protecting their respective ’interests’ here from being subverted by the other side. – Branton)

Q – Does the Mt. Archuleta “shuttle system” connect with a shuttle system which allegedly radiates from Mt. Shasta in northern California?

A – Yes. Mt. Shasta is a major site of Alien – Elder Race – Reptilian Race – Human meetings.

Beginning with Grover Cleveland, every president in U.S. history has visited Telos City.  Truman was supposed to have visited the Lower Realms as a High Archon living on Earth. He was supposed to have met the King of the World there, and gave him the “Keys to the U.S.A.”

(Note: Whether or not the reigning ’King’ of the Agharti realms at the time had benevolent, or other less than kind motives, subjecting America to an outside super-power without Congressional consent would be considered high treason, and was committed by TRUMAN.

Although unelected/appointed ’individuals’ working within the Executive-Military-Industrial branch of ’government’ might choose to do so of their own volition without Congressional or Senatorial consent, such an act cannot apply to the ’America’ which is based on the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

There are apparently two ’nations’ occupying the United States at the same time.

One is the traditional grass-roots ’America’ established by the founding fathers and led by the ’Electorate’ government, and the fascist Bavarian-lodge-backed ’underground nation’ which is led by the ’Corporate’ government and which is contesting the original ’America’ on its own soil.

Some predict there will be an inevitable civil [?] war between the Electorate/Constitutional/Surface government of the U.S…, and the joint humanoid-reptiloid Corporate/National-Global Socialist/Underground New World Order government, which incidentally was bought and paid for by American taxpayers and other unsavory money-making projects.

This war (if it happens) will apparently provoke an armed United Nations / New World Order invasion of the U.S.A. which, according to George Washington’s famous ’vision’ at valley forge in 1777, will ultimately end with an American victory as a result of Divine Intervention.

Something like this may be actually inevitable if REAL FREEDOM is to be preserved on this world, and beyond.

We should never forget however that the NWO corporate elite and their draconian masters intend to ’depopulate’ the surface of this planet AND to depopulate the underground systems as well.

According to one Navy intelligence source the 33 degree-plus Masons [there are allegedly several degrees above the 33rd degree which interact DIRECTLY with the draconians and are part of the interplanetary initiatory lodges] intend to set the left-wing caverns and the right-wing caverns against each other in order to depopulate the underground realms so that they can impose absolute Bavarian-Draconian global control of ’both’ worlds.

The 33+ and higher degrees according to this source intend to ride out the inferno in super-secret fortified caverns while the 33rd degree and lower degree masons and their respective left-wing and right-wing armies will be left to die (thrown under the BUS) in the ensuing surface and subsurface wars.

It may be that some of the 33+ Masons intend to ride-out the holocaust in their Alternative-3 bases on the Moon and Mars, IF those bases are still active.

Remember, the roots of BOTH the ’right-wing’ National Socialist AND the ’left-wing’ Global socialist agendas trace back to Bavaria.

Isn’t it interesting that the legendary ’dragon’ has TWO ’wings’ – a right wing and a left wing – both of which are controlled by a single ’beast’?.

In essence, when it comes right down to it, the war is between the Judeo-Christian based Constitutional Republic of America and the Luciferian-cult-based Socialist empire of Bavaria.

Both the right and left wing movements are Machiavellian extremes created by the Bavarian Black Nobility [’Black’ here being a reference to something hidden that cannot be seen, and NOT skin color] in order to foment global chaos for their own purposes.

There are several claims that the collaboration with the Reptilians began with the Luciferian cults of Bavaria, and was later brought into America via the infiltration of the Scottish Rite and the fascist core of the NSA-CIA.

There may have nevertheless been a reptilian presence below North America within the caverns that dates back several centuries, however a MASSIVE reptilian infestation of these underground systems seems to have begun near the beginning of the 20th century. ’Mt. Archuleta’ might be considered the ’capital’ of the ALIEN segment of the ’secret’ [Bavarian-Draconian] New World Order government in AmericA – with the deep underground systems beneath the Denver International Airport being the ’capital’ of the HUMAN segment of the secret government. – Branton).

Truman received assurance to new high tech knowledge, and victory over all enemies on Earth.   He then was introduced to Samaza and Khoach, aliens from Bootes and Tiphon [Draco], both reptilian ’kings’ or Ambassadors. Truman updated the ’100 Treaty’ [that began IN 1933, Roosevelt] and requested magnetic advance, space knowledge and experiments.   Khoach agreed, Samaza partially agreed.

He exchanged hostages for genetic experiments and magnetic advance, but vetoed space and beam weaponry.

Q – Did you notice any involvement of high-level Freemasons, Rosicrucians or Jesuits within the underground installation and/or with the aliens?

(Note: This question is based on the assumption made by some researchers that many of the Masonic lodges were, beginning about 1776, infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati. Much of the Masonic world is ultimately controlled by the Bavarian-lodge-backed 33+ degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry, a ’Rite’ which according to early Masonic authority Rebold can be traced back to the JESUIT college at Clermont in Paris – a Rite which advocates the destruction of national sovereignties in exchange for world government, the destruction of religious and especially Judeo-Christian movements, and the destruction of the family-structure to be replaced by ’State’ control of children, etc., as opposed to the more traditional Protestant-Christianized YORK RITE of Masonry which the SCOTTISH RITE has attempted to subvert since its inception into Masonry.

This question was also based on claims from a former 33rd degree Mason, James Shaw, that the Scottish Rite headquarters in the “House of the Temple” (click image right)– which lies at the northern apex of the pentagram-like street layout of Washington D.C. – is filled with all kinds of indications of serpent worship in the form of murals, carvings, statues, etc., depicting serpentine figures.

Actually, from what my sources tell me, not only are there degrees beyond the 33rd degree, but the 33rd degree itself is made up of two cores, an inner and outer core, the 33rd degree and the 33+ degree. In the past when the 33rd degree initiation was reached a potential initiate might have been given a Bible or a Cross and asked to spit on it or desecrate it in some manner.

If they refused to do this they were told that they had made the “right decision” and remained in the outer core of the 33rd degree, thinking that they had finally ’arrived’. If they did or do commit this form of blasphemy then they are told that they have made the “right decision”, and they are sent on to the inner core of the 33+ degree, which is the springboard to the higher levels which interact with the joint humanoid-reptiloid Ashtarian lodges or branches of the ’Serpent Cult’ on other planets, within underground cities, and possibly even other dimensions.

One source informs me that former president George Herbert Walker Bush – who was at one time the HEAD of MJ-12 – had attained to the 42nd degree, however he may have attained to even higher levels since that time. I would guess that the one who holds the highest level of initiation would be the ’dragon-king’ of Draconis himself, or whatever appellation the leader or the leaders of the Draconian Empire may go by. – Branton)

A – Yes I did, but that is a loaded question, and I won’t comment further. I’m not a Mason, or member of any other secret fraternal group. There is one organization I am a member of [in the U.S.A.]. That group is commonly called the “Central Unit.” It is a pleasure to tell you that I AM a member of the “Sub-Galactic League” of Costa Rica.

Q – Is there any truth to the allegations that the CIA/’Aliens’ have established ’bases’ on the moon, and also Mars?

A – I’ve HEARD that too, but I haven’t seen proof with my own eyes. The ’aliens’ do allegedly have bases on several moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The CIA operates in other COUNTRIES, but I’ve never heard they operate on other PLANETS

(Note: Perhaps we should have referred to the CIA’s superior agency, the NSA, whose personnel reportedly pilot the “black-budget UFOs” between the LUNA and DREAMLAND bases. – Branton).

Q – Have you heard any hints or rumors suggesting that there may be lower levels beneath the ULTRA-7 level of the Dulce base, and also, where these might lead to and what they might consist of?

A – YES. Your guess is as good as mine… Sure, there was lots of TALK but that doesn’t mean it’s there. However, I will tell you I saw elevators that were “off limits” unless you had an UMBRA or higher security clearance. At that base, information is supplied to me at a “need to know” basis ONLY! [My clearance was ULTRA-7]

Q – Some insist that the U.S./Secret government has developed it’s own disk-craft based largely upon top secret antigravity experiments carried out by the Nazi-German scientists during World War II. Have you heard anything referring to this?

A – When I was working in Photo-security, heard a lot of talk, never saw the proof, but once in the Air Force I developed a roll of film that showed a craft LIKE ADAMSKI’S, WITH A SWASTIKA ON THE SIDE.

(Note: A letter from ’R.J.M.’ of Pennsylvania dated 1-31-91 stated: “…I have a lot of UFO videos. I also have ’THE SECRET LAND’ [1947]. It shows Bunger’s Oasis and says they discovered warm land at the South Pole. One German author claims the Nazi’s had a photo-finish FIGHT with Byrd. At the end of the movie, it says: ’Byrd’s Intrepid 4,000 met and defeated ANTARCTICA’S TOUGHEST BATTALIONS.’ I don’t think they were talking about the weather…”

Another source has stated that there were loses on BOTH sides, and the Battle for Antarctica against the Nazi’s “Last Battalion” – which had fortified themselves in underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, AntarcticA – ended in a stalemate.

Question: Why would Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after Hitler had spent so much energy executing over 5000 Nazi officials whom he ’suspected’ were behind his assassination attempt at the ’Wolf’ bunker, especially if he had a way out via a secret Nazi South Polar base? The March 18, 1994 issue of THE PLAIN DEALER [Cleveland, Ohio] carried an AP story titled “DOCTORS FIND BURNT BODY COULD NOT BE HITLER’S”.

Excerpts include:

“…French forensic experts say the charred corpse said to be Hitler’s is not his body… experts FALSIFIED verification reports ordered by Josef Stalin to APPEASE the Soviet dictator…. the body is actually that of an unknown German male. [The forensic experts] spent more than two years analyzing the autopsy reports prepared by Soviet coroners in the days following [the] surrender of the Third Reich in 1945… the body [said to be Hitler’s] had an extra tooth and only one testicle… no German doctor who had examined Hitler before his death ever mentioned either anomaly.”

This is also interesting when we consider that the well-known ’abductee’, Barney Hill, remembered the following experience under regressive hypnosis as recorded in the paranormal encyclopedia, “MYSTERIES OF MIND, SPACE & TIME”. Barney and his wife Betty were abducted by gray-skinned humanoids “from Zeta Reticuli”.

HOWEVER, one of the ’beings’ on the craft was described by Barney Hill under regressive hypnosis in the following words which are taken from p.1379 of the encyclopedia: “…another figure has an EVIL face… HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI. HE’S A NAZI… HIS EYES! HIS EYES. I’VE NEVER SEEN EYES LIKE THAT BEFORE!”

Remember that this occurred nearly 15 years after Europe had supposedly been “de-Nazified”. There seems to be an Antarctic connection with the Dulce scenario as well as other possible ’Nazi’ connections:

German ’tourists’ scouring New Mexico, exploring mines and caves and buying up land and mineral rights just before the outbreak of WWII;  the Nazi-connected CIA’s involvement and their placement of several Nazi S.S. agents – who had been brought into the U.S. via Project Paperclip – within the Dulce and other underground facilities;
the involvement of secret ’Bavarian’ lodges at Dulce; and the possible Antarctican-Dulce connection to ’Alternative 003’.

Another interesting connection is the fact that the secret Nazi teams involved in the construction and operation of the underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland and elsewhere in Antarctica were called ULTRA teams. ULTRA is also the code-name for the DULCE base!

Also there seems to be a direct connection between the Dulce base and the Montauk base in Long Island – which was/is[?] reputedly jointly operated by the Draconian Reptiloids, Orion Greys and the Bavarian Thule Society which had backed the Nazi agenda. – Branton)



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