By: Bradley Loves



I’ve seen countless examples in the last several months where videos at [Youtube] are being EDITED.   I watch a lot of videos and it has NEVER been like this.  Every time it seems as if there is a HUGE point to be made in the video that I’m viewing…, anywhere from a few seconds to a minute of the video simply disappears – and the speaker continues on with the MISSING DATA just gone…, and it is oh so OBVIOUS to someone who watches videos very carefully this has taken place.

Always seemingly done to conservative or christian speakers or those that are telling the TRUTH!

Secondly…, I’ve NEVER seen the Internet acting so funny as it does in the last 6 to 9 months.

Especially with BANDWIDTH connections.

Example:  Connections to certain sites – music – satanic – hollywood etc…, you get lots and lots of bandwidth with an easy connection without interruptions so I (or any child of five) can watch “transgender” sh*t to my hearts content…,


Watching videos or even reading articles at “certain sites” – again conservative – christian – Trump Positive – you get the spinning wheel of “F-U”…, over and over again as the video (or site) simply just won’t load up…, and this phenomenon is getting worse and worse!

I’ve noticed that if I “connect” with these sites at public places like a STARBUCKS…, there is much LESS PROBLEMS and probably has to do with Corporate Money being paid to IT providers.

However…, private connections AND…, worst of all personal connections through VERIZON and phone carries seem to be “CUSTOM TAILERED” to the customer now…, and almost as if the provider is a grade school teacher looking over your shoulder (just to see WHAT you are watching)…, conservative and christian videos and sites DO NOT LOAD VERY WELL!

  • I can only guess that “INTERNET CONNECTIONS” have now been personalized and have been WEAPONIZED!

In other words…,

“We’ve got your PERSONAL PROFILE of what you watch…, WE DONT WANT YOU WATCHING…, X, Y, Z…, because that is supportive of populism, chrisitian, or conservative VIEWPOINTS…, and so (behind the federal governments back) WE (the masters of the universe) are simply going to THROTTLE YOUR CONNECTION down to a very slow crawl…, (we would NEVER call it censoring)…, so that you may be able to connect with these sites or videos… BUT GOOD LUCK WATCHING THEM or READING from these sites in a productive way.


In other words…, they are CAUSING HUGE TIME DELAYS in various (TARGETS) ability to connect with certain sites and videos…, and hoping that  they will just GIVE UP OUT OF FRUSTRATION.

Although there are countless examples of video editing being done, and videos that are almost impossible to connect to using my own personal connection…, the content that I notice it the most on is:

Populist – Christian – Conservative….


The most frustrating part is becuase I have a VERIZON provider…, it has become CLEAR that some faction or part of the provider is COMPLICIT IN THROTTLING MY CONNECTIONS TO CERTAIN (NOT ALL) CONTENT.

(Talk about a “directed weapon”…)


These arrogant SOB’s need to be wearing ORANGE…, and eating slop…, WHY hasn’t this happened yet??

Most especially…, the wet behind the ears – 20 and 30 something brats who write computer code for BIG TECH!

They are code writing CRIMINALS who are stomping on my RIGHTS to see and view News and related Content in the way I freely choose…, and I want them in HANDCUFFS!

No one (especially their parents) ever taught them right from wrong…, and these kids working at (Google, Twitter, Facebook, You-tube) needs a GROUP SLAP…, not a  group hug!




If there is not a “return” to law and order (across the board – soon)…, then ALL LAWS BECOME MOOT and can be dismissed as useless…, because the DIAPER KIDS are doing whatever they damn well please…., and NO ADULTS are saying anything about it.



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