By: Bradley Loves




Everything is on the “fast-track” as the world speeds up, and the “energies” from above, come flooding in.

There is no denying it, there IS a separation taking place.

Instead of observing this “oh so obvious separation” in terms of GOOD vs. EVIL, maybe it is better to view it in terms of Selfishness vs. Selflessness!

In this regard, there is nothing, and I really do mean NOTHING that is more SELFISH, more self centered, and more “all about me”…, than the personal pronoun movement we have seen working it’s way across the western world.

Universities and Governments alike are treating this idea as if it’s one of the most important issues of our time, and in truth it is one of the most SELFISH THINGS that has ever been thought of.

If you support this movement, you may as well hang a hat on your head that says:



The very definition of SELFISH means that you care far more for what YOU WANT…, than for what OTHERS WANT.

That IS the definition of the word, and it can’t be argued with!

The definition of SELFLESS means that most of your actions and behaviors (and even your thinking) are directed toward helping and “SERVING” others.  You care deeply about how “they” are feeling and experiencing life and stop worrying about “your” issues.

Ultimately this means that you care MORE for what THEY want, and work toward helping them achieve their goals, and LESS about what you want!

This IS the definition of the word selfless, and it can’t be argued with!

Thus, FORCING others to use words and phrases that make them completely uncomfortable, simply to address you…, is the pinnacle of the most selfish thing that has ever been thought up by man!

KINGS and QUEENS regularly “demand” to be addressed in very particular ways as well, but then there is no one on Earth that can honestly claim that Kings and Queens are not completely selfish human beings!

Just look at their life-styles honestly and you will find that there is no one on the planet MORE selfish and more self centered than Royalty!

So back to the personal pronoun “thing”…, I guess all I can say is:

where else could the world go when SEX, and what is happening between peoples legs, has become the ENTIRE FOCUS of western society!

The GENDER movements happening around the world are indicative of a world falling apart!

They are simply dependable indicators, that much of mankind has stopped worrying about helping his neighbors in times of trouble, and has taken instead to worrying ONLY about himself.

This is not everyone mind you, but a good portion of western society!

This is WHY a separation is most indeed occuring!

And, for those who do not like the ideas of GOOD and EVIL, think then along the lines of SELFISHNESS and SELFLESSNESS.

It is the “young” generation, (sadly) which has been raised without a desire to serve others, and because it has way too much time on its hands, it has decided to SERVE ONLY ITSELF!

Here is a video of a group of young people, who are admittedly VERY TALENTED, but everything about them (even the words of the songs they sing) suggests lives of SELF CENTEREDNESS and SELF ABSORPTION!

This song is a perfect example because it talks about the fantasy of being “ROYAL” and driving Cadillacs!  If you look at the jewelry they are wearing, it is as if they are trying to look like Egyptian Royals.

Not only that…, they flaunt it as if it’s a good thing, but FAIL to see that “they” are most certainly moving closer to that “Sodom and Gomorrah” type of thinking, than to a Christ-like type of thinking.

I just wonder how many other young people out there dream of being ROYAL!


Aside from the personal pronoun movement, the movement to get “rid” of gender all together is also an ISSUE that is all about SELF!

Once again, how you describe society, and the”words” that you use to do so, are NON -IMPORTANT SOCIAL ISSUES “unless” you are focusing only on how these things directly affect YOU!

SELFLESSNESS means that you are more concerned with others, and that means ALL OTHERS, not just your preferred SOCIAL GROUP!


They are SODOM and GOMORRAH thinking!

It is a clever way of DIVIDING people into small and manageable groups by those who want to control the entire world!

Trans-gender, Gender Neutral, Gender this and Gender that is 100 percent  about what is going on SEXUALLY within a human beings mind, and has nothing to do with what is going on within them SPIRITUALLY!

Here is Justin Trudeau, the PRIME MINISTER of CANADA (no less) fully supporting exactly this type of SELFISH- SODOM and GOMORRAH type of thinking!

Once again, it had to come out of the mouth of a representative of the much younger generation, because NO ONE in their right mind from the older generation would have said such a ridiculous thing, and thought it would pass as sane!


So what is really going on here?

My feeling, is that there is a SEPARATION going on!

This separation is MORE than just a separation between those who are the most GOOD, and those who are the most EVIL.

I think the lines are being drawn so completely, so comprehensively that EVEN those who are simply self absorbed and selfish are going to end up on TEAM DARK!

The UNIVERSE is not going to be toyed with or fooled!

Those who really want to serve others and who are working HARD toward making LIFE more wonderful for EVERYONE…, not just their own select “group”…, are the ones who are moving toward a CHRIST LIKE life and are embodying that type of thinking.

Those who think that FORCING others to take up their ideas and ideals (mostly liberals) is what makes for a better world may well want to take a good look at HISTORY. A world enmeshed in SELFISH BEHAVIOR, never ends well!

It’s TIME to make a choice!

The separation has begun!

All my love….










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