By: Bradley Loves

Well…, once again, it’s almost upon us.  September 11th!   And…, without fail…, YOUR…, (yes…, I did say “YOUR”) news media will LIE to you as if you were nothing more than an abject FOOL!

They will  do this openly…, blatantly…, and yes…, KNOWINGLY (for it is quite certain that many of them do “know” the truth).

These “news presenters” will get up in front of the camera…, and tell the world fictional and “made up” stories about what happened on that day, stories that they KNOW for a fact are untrue…, and feel NO remorse…, NO shame…, and NO guilt for having done it.

And you…, (yes you) will DO NOTHING!

It happens every September 11th!

The entire NEWS MEDIA continues to propagate a horrendous LIE…, and not one person calls out those “PEOPLE” sitting behind the camera as CRIMINALS.

Sure…., they call out some great or grand “idea” such as the Illuminati…., but who calls out the guy reading the “sh*t” on the screen?

Who are these EVIL…, USELESS human beings?

They are totally soulless creatures…, who…, (for a paycheck) have SOLD YOU OUT! (And don’t care one tiny bit)

They are parasites upon the Earth…, and deserve nothing more but than to be treated AS A PARASITE!

These are the already (demented ones) [Harry Potter reference]…., wraith like in their souls…, who have no morals…, no compass…, no ethics, no feelings, and really no ability to CARE.

They do not LOVE…, and thus are totally willing to SUCK YOU DRY of all of your innocent vital energy just like Dementors!

They are the “order followers” that Mark Passio talks about.  The ones who (by their own actions) keep the system of human SLAVERY alive.

Less than human…, they are a scourge upon the fair world we call home.

Do you want to know WHO did NOT sell us out?  I will tell you.

His name is EDWARD SNOWDEN!    A single, real HERO…, who for the rest of eternity…, (yes life does go on AFTER you leave the Earth) this man will be able to look back upon his life here on this planet and KNOW that he “acted” out of concern for mankind.

SNOWDEN (The Movie)…, made by Oliver Stone comes out in theatres on either September 15 or 16th.  I HIGHLY recommend that everyone go see it.

However…, do not go see it just to see it.

Every single moment of our lives is an opportunity to VOTE!  Once you see clearly what has been done behind your back…, then you MUST VOTE…, by telling the entire Universe out loud that you DO NOT CONSENT…, that you REMOVE ALL CONSENT for this type of massive surveillance.

If you do not…, then it can be considered by the “dark ones” that you have now been informed…, and you’ve said and done nothing about it!

Therefore…, by default…, you must AGREE with it.

And this is my little “rant” for this morning concerning 9/11.

I invite you to read an article done by Paul Craig Roberts about the turning tide of of this battle against the TRUTH as concerns September the 11th.



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