By: Bradley


I am pleased with the level of magical understanding that appears to be taking place within the establishment.

You’ve all got a ways to go…, but certainly…, there is far more recognition of just how all encompassing MAGIC really is in this world, how much it is being used…, and how deeply the Dark Forces and their DEEP STATE minions have entrenched themselves into our reality by high-jacking an ANCIENT SCIENCE that was deliberately kept secret from the masses to create a power differential!!

IF Serial Brain 2 is correct, and the “comms” are good…, then FINALLY…, we’ve got an administration that is really starting to realize just how DEEP the rabbit holes goes!

When the Illuminati Movie “HARRY POTTER”…, first came out and told us this:

“There is no such thing as magic”

Then due to the mirror effect (all magicians use mirrors)  – what you should have learned and heard is this:

”There is nothing that happens in this world that does NOT involve some kind of magic!”


Here is the latest Serial Brain 2 and video done by AND WE KNOW.


I would only add this for the benefit of the Code-Breakers:


Transmutation of darkness into light is the process by which the least harm and damage occurs.

FOCUS ALL YOUR EFFORTS ON TRANSMUTATION…, by rendering what is harmful and dangerous…, into something that is harmless and inert!

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