By: Bradley Loves


The “Head in the Sand” thing really isn’t working any longer!  And just to be clear…, I am not an advocate of violence in any way!

I am however an advocate of “RIGHTEOUS SELF DEFENSE”!

And there are ways to do that…, most of which include the spreading of knowledge and information. Two video’s “NEED” to be viewed today…, and this all concerns.., the  nature and the scale of the “ISLAMIC” problem the wold is facing!

The first video is of Milo Yiannopoulos giving an informational lecture/stand up comedian expose’ of what is going on in the world.  He is the young man from Brietbart News that had to be evacuated from Berkeley a few days ago because protestors WENT CRAZY and started destroying things in order to prevent ANYONE who wanted to listen to him from doing so.

In other words…, NO FREE SPEECH!

Here is Milo…, dressed up for his “act”…, and dealing with a “Muslim” heckler who won’t let him speak…, or others hear what he has to say!  In other words…., try to “gag” him.

Here is Milo talking to Tucker Carlson the day after the Berkeley “crazies” went total “communist” on Campus.


Now…, here is a video from…, with Alex Jones…, explaining this article linked below…, where a private contractor inside Iraq tells Americans what would happen to him if he were to walk alone in IRAQ!

Here is the video:

Here’s my commentary:

Look…, I get it.  A lot of people think TRUMP is not trying to save or help the country.

However…, that being said…, and you are entitled to that opinion…, STOP STICKING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND!

The “snowflakes” and the “new ager’s” think that everyone out there is just sooooo wonderful!

We’ve got serious problems…, and the New Agers…., yes…, YOU NEW AGERS are aiding and abetting THIS VIOLENCE…, by NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!

Please…, start to report what is really happening…, and STOP POSTING ONLY CHANNELED MESSAGES!








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