SG ANON – or Q News Patriot has seven informational audios up on his Rumble Channel that are numbered One to Seven!  Each of these Audios talks about a different aspect of  “THE PLAN” and if you are willing to spend about 3 and a half hours (each audio is about 30 minutes long) then as far as I am concerned you about as UP TO DATE as you can be.

It is well worth your time (in my opinion) to listen to these audios and because of that I am giving you links to all seven here on Love Truth Site.

If you are impatient and want to know where we are in THE PLAN and get fully up to date, then here is your chance!

Here is the channel on Rumble where you can find these audios if you’d prefer to listen there (these are only audio’s (not videos) so listening here is probably just as good.

Audio One:

Audio Two:

Audio Three:

Audio Four:

Audio Five:

Audio Six:

Audio Seven:

Happy Listening!

All my love





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