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This is very distrubing stuff!   Please use caution in viewing this video!

However, for those who want to know just how EVIL the Deep State Cabal really is…, here is the very beginning!

This is stuff you really have to know!


As “BAD” as this is…, there is far more EVIL going on!

If that were only the end of it…, but it’s NOT!


Q-Anon has posted these two links as you can see in this post

Q is drawing our attention to two articles which are meant to tell us about the supposedly recent (although the Elites have known about this for centuries) discoveries about the “HEALTH” benefits of drinking the blood of very young people!

There is this Company called AMBROSIA…, which actually sells YOUNG BLOOD to many Elite Clients who may want to get a “transfusion” of the blood from a very young person (in order to keep them from aging)…, but what we are NOT being told is that many of these ELITES simply “drink” the blood instead of getting the transfusion.

What we are witnessing here is the REAL TRUTH about the abject deviancy and the dispicable nature of the well connected and the ELITE!

Hollywood (apparently) if FULL of Actors and Actresses who “trade” in “young blood” almost as if it is a currency!

In certain cases…, it is just as good as CASH!

Many current songs give a WINK and a NOD to the Hollywood BLOOD DRINKIERS…


Here is an article quoting Keanu Reeves talking about certain Actors who “GET HIGH” drinking the blood of little babies who were tortured before they die and their blood is “harvested”.

And even THIS…, is really just the tip of the Iceberg!








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