This will probably be one of the most provocative and controversial podcasts that you’ve ever heard.  This is a “Highly Speculative” rendition of what appears to be happening in our world.  What you are about to hear has a very solid foundation of evidence to back it all up.  None of what I’ve said is a flight of fancy, and all of it can be supported and backed up by indisputable facts!


IF what you are about to hear in this podcast is not the ultimate goal – then it probably WAS the ultimate goal not very long ago.

No one who is standing on the outside and looking in can know for certain because we are currently living through a massive technological war that is being fought behind our backs and is being kept very well HIDDEN.

All we are allowed to know about this war is what they are willing to tell us – and what they are willing to say is very little.  To make matters worse – HALF of what they do tell us is deliberate disinformation supposedly to keep the dark side guessing – but that also keeps those of us who are on the good side guessing as well.

It took several days to put this podcast together (complete with images and support videos) – it is about an hour and a half long and will probably be the most honest and informative 90 minutes of your life. 

Your time will be well spent.

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This podcast is dedicated to the memory of John F. Kennedy who was the first to fall in the fight against the darkness and the despotic secrecy which seeks to enslave humanity.

Thank you to everyone for watching, and all my love


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