By: Bradley Loves




1) a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness

2) an effigy, an image, or a representation


Simulacrum is a false or unreal image.  It is a superficial likeness which imates or “mimmiks” something real…, but itself is wholly UNREAL!

Simulacrum comes from the Latin root simulare’  or  “simulation”.

It has to do with the idea that what is being “seen” as an “image” is NOT the real thing…, but instead a “simulated image” of something that looks real…, but is NOT!


They are “simulations” of situations which could happen…, but in fact are NOT happening,  or…, at least NOT happening for the reasons we are being told.

THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING/PYRAMID SACRIFICE.., (even though many people died) in the strictest sense of the word is SIMULACRUM.

It is an “image” of something that we are supposed to think of as ONE THING…, when it is in fact something VERY DIFFERENT!

The entire job of the Main Stream News Media is to engage the viewing public in pure SIMULACRUM!

They (the media) “simulate” conditions…, events…, and even moral outrage, in order to achieve REAL GOALS by using simulacrum or “simulations”.

If we go to an online Thesaurus…, and look for words that are “synonyms” of the word simulate…, we come up with a whole bunch of nasty words like:

  • Mimmic
  • cheat
  • concoct
  • Counterfeit
  • decieve
  • disguise
  • Exaggerate
  • Fabricate
  • Fake

That last one really encapsulates the MAIN STREAM MEDIA to a tee…, and is something of a phrase that Donald Trump has now made famous…, “FAKE NEWS”

To “simulate” anything…, is to “fake it”!


There is just no nice way to talk about “simulations” or about SIMULACRUM!

According to some very well respected researchers…, and I’m talking about the ones who have been around and been doing it for many, many years…, (Jordan Maxwell) for instance…, our entire “LEGAL SYSTEM” is nothing more than SIMULACRUM!

It is a “cheat”…, or a “lie” that is masquerading as the real thing!

It is a “simulation” of something that was at one time REAL…, but is a cheat, a copy, or counterfeit!

In addition to our world wide “LEGAL SYSTEM” being SIMULACRUM…,  our “money system” or “currency” is also SIMULACRUM!

The United States Dollar has NO REAL VALUE!

It is a piece of paper, with ink poured on it!


It is a squished part of a tree, with food coloring spilled all over it!


It is a simulation of “value”…, which has been placed there as a representation…, and is a “copy” of something that at one time actually HAD VALUE!


However, what the United States Dollar does have, is countless “MAGICAL SYMBOLS” written all over it…., and one of the very first things a person who is learning “magic” is taught right at the very beginning, is that the basis for every kind of magic…, (both dark and light) is GEOMETRY!

Here is a recent post where I talked briefly about magic and geometry!!

Now…, even though not very much is said in the above linked post about the connection between magic and geometry (besides the obvious statement that magic is based on geometry) suffice it to say that geometry is the ENTIRE BASIS of all magic period!

Magic is extremely “mathematical”…, because it uses “electro-magnetics”  or “magnetism” as the POWER behind it!

You see, if we are finally going to “disclose” what needs to be “disclosed”…, from this point of view alone…, “electro-gravitics”…, and “anti-gravity drives” would be considered to be wholly MAGICAL!


These types of exotic drives that appear to make ships “float” in defiance of gravity…, and in defiance of all normal physical laws…, use electro-gravitics…, and so to the “numbskull”.., it all appears very “magical”.

I usually don’t say more than this…, because I really do NOT want to be teaching anyone MAGIC, which is a heavy mix of electro-magnetics, geometry, and harmonics.

Magic has been used and abused for thousands of years…, and almost everyone who learns magic eventually uses it to DESTROY others and DESTROY MANKIND!

Just look what the secret space program has managed to do in a very short period of time while totally IGNORING ALL OF HUMANITY…, and FIXING NOTHING here on the Earth!!

Even “if” their very first intention was to use MAGIC to help mankind…, they…., like all others before them have been taken in by the DARK SIDE and are now using magic to SERVE ONLY THEMSELVES and are in fact as we speak, destroying others and destroying the Earth.


Getting back to SIMULACRUM…, would it interest you to know that the HUMAN MIND itself…, is an “electro-magnetic” computer system!


Shall I repeat myself?

Did this just go over the top of everyones head??

Just like the “magic” of electro-gravitics will create an “anti-gravity” or floating affect upon real things…, the “magic” of electro-magnetics will create an “anti-thinking” or floating affect upon the human mind!

Both “magics” are highly mathematical, and use tons of geometry!!

By placing countless magical SYMBOLS upon printed paper, and through the secret USE of geometry…, ALL CURRENCIES can and HAVE become a “form” of MIND CONTROL!

Most people have no idea that the money, or currency that they hold in their wallets are actually nothing more than forms of printed “magic spells”!

YES…., and now you know the rest of the story!

Can you tell me why any human being would actually KILL another human being in trade for the squished part of a tree with ink spilled on it??

……Unless their MINDS were totally GONE??

In exchange for these squished paper parts of a tree with ink spilled on them…, people are willing to:

  • Keep Secrets
  • Sign non disclosure agreements
  • Go to war and kill others
  • destroy the planet
  • destroy their own race
  • destroy their species

There is nothing most people won’t do to “GET” the currency…, and as I’ve said…, the actual “paper” that you hold in your wallet is CURSED by geometry.


Once again…, think “electro-gravitics”!

How does a space ship defy gravity??  How is it even possible to “have an effect” which defies all normal laws of nature??

How does a ship the size of an “air craft carrier” simply float in mid air??

To the those lacking in knowledge…, it’s pure MAGIC!

To those who know what “magic” is…, it’s…

  • eletro-magnetics
  • geometry
  • harmonics

Now…, what would happen if you simply applied the very same three things to currency??


What if the paper money in your wallet was literally covered with geometry??

What if your brain was being “effected” by the electro-magnetics in the air…, in cell phones, lap tops, televisions, computers, game boxes and all of the rest??

Could YOUR OWN MIND be “activated magically” to defy gravity??

Could YOUR OWN MIND be cursed to perform in a way that it normally would NOT through a mix of

  • electro-magnetics?
  • geometry?
  • harmonics?

Am I just making too much sense here??    You might call me crazy…, but WHO is the crazy one??

The ONE who calls electro-gravitics “magic” when they see a ship floating in mid air…, or the one who actually knows the science behind how it is done??


All currencies in the WORLD have been CURSED!

Your MIND no longer thinks correctly…, and you are willing to do wholly EVIL THINGS in order to get that money!



We are suddenly faced with the idea that paper currency is outdated!

We are faced with the idea that all governments should get “rid” of paper money and simply go to electronic money!!


Because the “paper curse” is a very visible sign of what is/was being done to you!  It is actual and tangible proof of what was going on…, and the MAGICIANS do NOT want you to be able to see what was actually printed on the money that you were using…, they want to get RID OF THE EVIDENCE!

Therefore…, the “cell phone towers”…, the GWEN towers…, the cell phones in your pocket, your lap top, and your television will now be the “substitutes” for the MIND CONTROL MESSAGE that you once carried in your wallet.

However…, make NO MISTAKE HERE…, the very 3 elements of the “magical” technology are STILL the same.

  • electro-magnetics
  • geometry
  • harmonics

All of which are inter-facing with YOUR MIND!


Once again we can bring up the word SIMULACRUM

A “magic spell” is in fact a mixture of geometrical shapes, images, and representations that when placed in a proper order… SAY SOMETHING TO YOUR SUB-CONSIOUS MIND.

It “activates” you on a level that you normally do NOT have control over!

You do not normally have to think about BREATHING.

You do not normally have to think about DIGESTING FOOD.

Those things just happen as if “by magic”.

However…, these body functions are also

  • electro-magnetic
  • geometric
  • harmonic

And once you know the “mathematical formula”…, you can easily change ANY of these functions!

So…, now that we have a much better idea of what SIMULACRUM IS…, the very least we can do is to apply it to the MAIN STREAM MEDIA…, and admit that what they are engaged in every single day is a form of MAGIC…, which is meant to establish MIND CONTROL over the populations.

This is known!

And when you see “signs”…, “symbols”…, certain color combinations…, or even sounds being “flashed” very quickly across your TV Screen…, then you can be a “witness” to the active MIND CONTROL that is being used on YOU through the television medium.


It is SIMULACRUM…, and it is NOT REAL…, but it’s effects are still there and YOU are still being effected!

Some things for you to think about…..

All my love….





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