By: Bradley Loves

This is an on-going and never ending problem.   However…, it only seems to be affecting the devices that I use…, and not devices “owned” by anyone else!

This is “clear” because I’ve found that if I use anyone else’s computer to access my blog…, the “blog” functions perfectly!

Thus, the MALWARE can not be on my blog “unless” it is designed specifically to hunt out and seek MY OWN EQUIPMENT.

This would make the “viruses”/”malware”/”worms”  highly intelligent and deliberately placed…, which means that they are not random…, nor done by amateurs!

Most likely then…, it is AGENCIES…, ROGUE POLICE…, ROUGE MILITARY GROUPS, or ILLUMINATI PRIVATE CONTRACTORS with access to super advanced systems that continue to do this to me.


Sort of like a Cruise Missile…, it could be that certain malware/viruses are TARGET LOCKED onto the actual “serial number” or the “identification number” of a particular computer/lap-top/I-Pad or Smart Phone.

This would make these hack attacks VERY PRECISE!


This would also be VERY, VERY, VERY CRIMINAL!

These attacks.., (if happening the way I think they are happening) are specifically formulated to ATTACK a specific device…, by using that devices “identification or serial number” and thus goes FAR BEYOND anything that can be claimed to be accidental…, but is now DELIBERATE!

This means that:

  • I now have a legitimate CLAIM for damages from the attacking human being/entities/Corporations…, AND…, can also claim PUNITIVE DAMAGES for being singled out and targeted specifically!
  • I can claim punitive damages for:
  1. Lost work
  2. Lost time
  3. Mental anguish
  4. Disruption of my normal life flow
  5. Frustration
  6. Stress
  7. Loss of ability to earn income
  8. Repeated Destruction of similar property over long periods of time (which is a form of “gang stalking”)

A “CLAIM” such as this one could go into the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars!

I call upon the MILITARY…, which is sworn to protect all Americans…, to look into this…, and to put a stop to these ATTACKS!

I call upon the MILITARY…, to seek out and DESTROY these men and women who are using this technology and causing my life great HARM!

I call upon the MILITARY to notify me (on this blog) once these men and women have been caught so that I may see who they are for myself and tell them face to face what I think of them…, and what is in store for them on the other side of the veil!



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