The biggest surprise for those of us who are truth-tellers and who were deliberately sent to help the Earth at this time in it’s history is that most of the people we came to help don’t really seem to CARE about all of the evil that is taking place around them.

Originally thinking that most people would actually want to know about the hidden evil that walks among them, millions of volunteer souls came to the Earth to lend a loving hand to the masses and wake them up so they could start to change the terrible conditions of slavery around them. 

Upon incarnating here and then engaging in the monumentally dangerous task of exposing the massive evil that was being done behind the scenes just so the people could SEE and KNOW for themselves what was happening, it is more than a bit of a downer to see just how little the “suffering masses” actually care about evil or about cleaning up the people who do it.

I have noticed a certain misplaced “respect, appreciation, and awe” coming from the masses for powerful people who do really evil things.  It’s almost as if they wish THEY could be the ones who were that powerful and fantasize about doing the evil that others are doing.

Life, however can never survive on Earth if people do not CARE! 

Please listen to Mark Passio as he describes why CARE is so vitally important.

THE EVENT – is a very real thing.  In all honesty it is avoidable, but for the life of me people just don’t seem to want to WAKE UP.

The video above says it all.  Please watch.

All my love


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