By: Bradley Loves


I guess they finally got the MESSAGE:








All I can say is WOW – That took a while!

Now…, here is the next question!!


When will the GOOD GUYS start cleaning up in ANTARCTICA?



Where are all of the Voice to Skull Operators located – and where is the main base for all of the TORTURERS who are using Directed Energy Weapons every single day against millions of innocent Whistle Blowers in America and also all around the world located??

Where is the only place in the world…, that they can’t be found or touched??

(Or so they think?)

Why did John Kerry RUN TO ANTARCTICA on the very day that Donald Trump was being elected President?

  • Was he terrified?
  • Did he need instructions from his DEMONIC MASTERS?

John Kerry lands in Antarctica, highest U.S. official to visit

MCMURDO  STATION, Antarctica — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t comment on President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory on Friday while visiting Antarctica, but did say that citizens who care about limiting emissions might have to march in the streets to push for more aggressive action.

Kerry became the highest-ranking American official to visit Antarctica when he landed for a two-day trip. He’s been hearing from scientists about the impact of climate change on the frozen continent.

I guess my POINT here is that if the GOOD GUYS really want to clean things up…, they are going to need to send a HUGE ARMY down to Antarctica…, to put a stop to the mindless TORTURERS of mankind!

These men and women sit at computer counsels and push buttons to MIND CONTROL innocent people!  All done from a place where they think they can’t be touched!

There is some really, really, DARK and DEVIANT sh*t going on under the ice

And don’t think for a second that ADAM SCHIFF doesn’t “know” about this stuff!

And furthermore, what is the BLACK ORDER ??

Black Order (Satanist group)

The Black Order or The Black Order of Pan Europa are a Satanist group formerly based in New Zealand.

Political scientists Jeffrey Kaplan and Leonard Weinberg characterized the Black Order as a “National Socialist-oriented Satanist mail order ministry”.[1]

The Black Order was founded in New Zealand by Kerry Bolton as a successor to his Order of the Left Hand Path.[1]

Bolton had connections to other neo-Nazi Satanist groups, being the international distributor for the English-based Order of Nine Angles.[2]

According to Goodrick-Clarke, “in 1994 Bolton set up the Black Order, which claimed a global network of national lodges in Britain, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the United States and Australia, dedicated to fostering National Socialism, fascism, satanism, paganism and other aspects of the European Darkside”.[3]

Its quarterly membership bulletin The Flaming Sword and its successor zine The Nexus contained interviews with, among others, James MasonGeorge Eric Hawthorne, Michael Moynihan, David Myatt and Miguel Serrano, and its articles included studies of Thulianism, Himmler’s Wewelsburg, tributes to old SS leaders, “a reprint of the ONA Mass of Heresy [and] contributions from David Myatt on the galactic empire, aeonic strategy and the cosmological magic of National Socialism”.[4]

In 1996, a U.S. branch of the Black Order was established.[1] In summer that year, they began publication of a magazine, Abyss.[5]

The U.S. group subsequently fell out with that in New Zealand over the latter’s acceptance of homosexual members.[5] The U.S. group considered a name change to the White Order as a result of this schism.[5]

The name “Black Order” was then adopted by ideologically similar groups around the world which had no formal connection to Bolton’s group.[1] Kaplan and Weinberg described the Black Order as “a remarkably influential purveyor of National Socialist-oriented occultism throughout the world”.[6]


I find it interesting that the BLACK ORDER operates so openly and freely in NEW ZEALAND…, a country where the guns are being taken away as we speak…, and innocent people are being arrested and jailed for ANYTHING that goes against SOCIALISM (SATANISM).

Didn’t Hillary Clinton help this woman get elected Prime Minister of New Zealand?

US Secretary of State John Kerry quietly slips into NZ ahead of historic Antarctica visit

United States Secretary of State John Kerry has quietly slipped into New Zealand today as Donald Trump stunned the world in the race to the White House.

As the world reels with news that Trump appears to have beaten Hillary Clinton to become the new US President, the Democrat Kerry, who lost the 2004 American presidential election to Republican George W. Bush and became President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State in 2013, has been flying Down Under.


I just wonder how long it will take for THIS MESSAGE…., to sink in….

Only the CODE BREAKERS know for sure….


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