By: Bradley Loves

I can’t say that I’m surprised.

They have been threatening to do it since the day he was elected.  I doubt very much if it will go past the house, meaning he will stay President.

I’m also not certain that I feel he’s done enough in the way of disclosure (at this point) to not deserve at least some form of wake up call.

Trump has gotten TREMENDOUS support from Patriots who want the TRUTH to be told.

Yes, he has done the basics of what a “President” should be doing in office fairly well…, BUT JUST THE BASICS.

Good jobs, good economy, good trade. (Every good President owes this to the people)

But THAT is not why he was elected!

In my opinion…, Trump was overwhelmingly elected to DRAIN THE SWAMP and STOP THE CORRUPTION.

Yes, he’s met resistance, but it will soon be 3 full years in office…, and the perp walks have not even begun!

Well…, I’ve got a clue as to why!

I rarely believe what Ben Fulford writes, only because I think his sources are all double or triple agents and like to use him as a “tool” and nothing more!

But his latest post includes some unverified stuff (from a single source he says) that I tend to agree with because it matches closely to what I know to be the truth!

Here is what he wrote from a single source:

This comes from a source at the MJ level and I consider it completely accurate.

For Killery to be prosecuted, the whole CIA would have to be dethroned and the whole fake national security system (which was set up to provide cover for crimes used for raising black ops money, cover for many covert ops and sanctions, as well as personal enrichment of the top controllers) would have to be declared criminal and then be restricted by about 95%.

“The Clintons were CIA, their case officer, was GHWB.

Killery was conceived in an ‘eyes wide shut’ occult breeding ceremony supposedly by a top Rothschild, and Bill, the illegitimate son of Nelson Rockefeller, was  conceived the same way; thus their great power.

“The CIA filed national security waivers to the US DOJ so that all evidence against Killery and Bill and the Klinton Foundation was protected under national security and could not be used to prosecute anyone.

Killery’s emails were a covert op against the Chinese, giving up emails and agents’ names (willing to get rid of them) in order to gain China’s trust and to seed some incorrect misinformation to mislead the Chinese.

Killery was playing a double agent role in order to deceive the Chinese while helping to build them up their industries, only to later be parasitized by City of London private banksters.

“Right now there is an internecine war among different groups at the top.

“Trump was drafted by the USN admirals (?)

“Killery represents the satanic/pedophile network, and is a satanic Moloch witch of a coven in California where she usually attends monthly occult ceremonies.

The Pizzagate stories are all true, and are connected to Epstein, NXIVM, and many more human-compromised child sex trafficking, and the child sacrifice occult system worldwide.

“The Bush/Scherf cabal is part of the Nazi Fourth Reich (worshipers of the Black Sun and run by the COL Zios, related to the various occult circles from the days of John Dee and Aleister Crowley, which merged British Intel with out of body entities from the dark side).

“The reason child sex trafficking and sacrifice is so important is that these criminals believe they must use this (type of magic) to compromise and control all major officials and corporate heads while feeding the negative life force energy needs of Baal/Moloch, in order to be suitably empowered to run the world and stay very wealthy. Some are addicted to the victims’ blood and hormones.

“I believe that soon this whole Z-Cabal bunch will be pushed aside by the Chabad using the Sanhedrin rabbis, and they will institute the Noahide Laws (they are already supposedly “law” in the USA; Ronald Reagan supposedly spearheaded it, perhaps a PDD [Presidential Decision Directive].

All visible existing economic and power structures, especially “Mystery Babylon”—the Baby—which is the Vatican/COL/DC system based on the U.S. petrodollar—will be pushed out of power.

“Here is what the top Circle of Nine controllers (some say they aren’t human, or are “hybrids”) have as their agenda right now.

Manipulate Russia and America to destroy each other while the Zios/Israel and Islamics in the Mideast destroy each other, and then China will become the world’s premier power and will take over the Mideast after they complete the Belt and Road system, which will be the biggest economic development since WW2 in America.”

(At this point, the London Banksters begin to steal everything China has for the next 100 years!)


This also tends to agree with what Q-Anon wrote early on!


Let’s look at this part:

For Killery to be prosecuted, the whole CIA would have to be dethroned and the whole fake national security system (which was set up to provide cover for crimes used for raising black ops money, cover for many covert ops and sanctions, as well as personal enrichment of the top controllers) would have to be declared criminal and then be restricted by about 95%.


This tells us that the entire Government as it’s been operating for a VERY LONG TIME is totally criminal!

Not just a little bit…, but wholly and totally criminal!

This also tells us that the whole fabricated idea of “NATIONAL SECURITY” was set up to keep secrets from “we the people” as to all the criminal actions that our own Government was taking against us!

It was never meant to keep secrets from other Governments…, ONLY to keep secrets from us!

National Security was set up as a cover up for ALL THINGS CRIMINAL and ALL THINGS ILLEGAL, and ALL THINGS UNCONSTITUTIONAL that the Cabal was doing!

That is what National Security really is…, (as opposed to what they say it is)  and those who follow it are aiding and abetting CRIMINAL ACTIONS and BEHAVIOR.

To really expose all of this means that the Government itself totally falls!

(Which is basically what Q-Anon said early on in his posts)!



TRUMP (in my opinion) is trying to walk a tight-rope…, and it’s a damn long one…, and he’s about to FALL OFF OF IT!

I doubt very much at this point of he can continue to keep his feet in two different boats!


I wrote about this just a few weeks ago.

Just like the rest of us who are here on Earth, Donald Trump can not ride the “fence”!

He also can NOT serve two masters, and he can NOT have his left foot in one boat and his right foot in another boat.


It is my firm belief that he is now going to see impeachment only because he has exhausted the patience of the UNIVERSE that is protecting him.

The UNIVERSE is not “playing” a game here…, it is very serious…, and it (THE COSMIC INTELLIGENCE) wants to KNOW where he stands!!

He has to make a choice and DECLARE WHICH SIDE HE IS ON!!

It appears to me that he is desperately trying to save portions of a wholly failed Government that has been wholly and totally EVIL – namely a CIA and an NSA that has allowed RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE and sold human beings as a food source to rogue aliens and off worlders.

This failed Government enslaved (on paper) every single one of it’s people and then stole their rightful wealth and natural life potential in order to pay for things that not a single one of us got to benefit from!


These CRIMES against all Americans and the people of the world are legion…, and once again, I must add here, since I’ve said it many times before:   I AM THE WITNESS!

The pressure is building from all sides of the equation!  Not only on this side from Earth…, but also from the other side in HEAVEN!  The Angels and loving Cosmic Forces and bringing EXTREME PRESSURE onto every single man, woman, and even child who has yet to pick a side and choose either GOOD or EVIL!

This pressure can be felt!  Many New Agers are feeling it and writing about it!

However, there is not a single New Ager out there who can over-ride what I will do when I approach the THRONE OF GOD!

The ANGELS are adamant that this is the last time around for these men and women who have sacrificed their own bothers and sisters to PURE EVIL!

The NEW AGE fake masters and fake channel entities have told those willing to be deceived that they can never Ascend unless they over-look every single thing that is pure evil!

But I and the Angels know better!


Mystery Babylon will be dealt a final death blow!

The entire CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that was run by these men and women here on Earth will be witnessed to and testified about in the Presence of Almighty God by those of us who came to do that!

Every single SOUL that participated in their torment and torture will be named and their deeds against mankind will be listed!

At that point I will “beg” ALMIGHTY GOD for their DESTRUCTION!



Now…, every single New Ager always “claims”  well…, we’ve all been really bad…, so we should never judge someone!

To that I have only this to say:  NO…., WE HAVEN’T!

This also was a huge con!

Many of us who came to Earth are as pure as the Winter Snow…, and always have been!    Some of us have NEVER been to Earth before!

In order to defeat us…, these human monsters put small tracking devices into our bodies at a very young age…, (3 to 7 years old – using corrupt doctors and dentists) starting in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

These devices were not only placed into our teeth and nasal cavities to monitor our movements here on Earth, but were frequency devices capable of receiving early radio signals from broadcast towers and had the potential to alter our thoughts and our actions!

This was done only to the MOST LOVING and MOST DECENT children being born in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s!

These kids came to HELP THE EARTH!

They were identified early on with the help of off world technology, that was already in the possession of the Illuminati…, and no matter what it “appears” that they may have done over the past 70 or 80 years…, NONE OF WHAT THEY HAVE DONE…, was done on their own terms, but was DONE with the push of a button by some CIA/NAZI Project Stooges who are Satanic – Luciferians, and who will – upon my return to the other side –  be cast into the FIRES OF HELL.

This barbaric type of “whole body/mind control” has continued for kids that were also being born in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s!

The ones they CHOOSE TO MIND CONTROL in this way are the ones who are the most pure and the most decent and thus the most innocent.

Many New Agers don’t believe that this is happening…, only because it is not happening to THEM!

(You see…, most New Agers have a very high opinion of themselves and their LEVEL of attainment.  They think that they are so “high” in vibration that certainly THEY would also be a target if any this was actually happening!  This is pure EGO!  God’s chosen are FAR above them.)

Furthermore, the Cabal/Illuminati really don’t give a rats bottom about the human beings that are willing to take bribes and are easily corrupted!  They also don’t care about the ones who are totally willing to LOOK THE OTHER WAY and DO NOTHING!

(Which is almost every single New Ager)

This is why these people are NOT TARGETS and never will be.

Each human being (identified at a very young age) that they do target by computer interface…, once they start the process…, become targets for life”!

They spend millions and millions of dollars every year on just ONE TARGET in order to keep that one innocent and loving human being from BECOMING A HIGH VERY LEVEL HUMAN WITH THE POWER OF GOD AT THEIR BACK!

At this point in time…, there are millions of “targets” or “targeted individuals” living on Earth who are being harassed, tormented, mind controlled, and manipulated, every day – 24/7 – by HUMAN MONSTERS…, (Private Contractors and Agents) who are so blasted stupid that even GOD HIMSELF is ashamed at every single breath they take!

He cries daily that they live and breath through his power alone!

He is biding HIS time…, hoping that at some moment before the end they will BEG for his mercy and repent of their wicked ways!


To TORTURE another human being with frequency weapons for years on end is the most despicable and unforgivable thing that can possibly happen in the cosmos and it WILL BE DEALT WITH!

These “private contractors”…, CIA/NSA… people are digging their way into the deepest parts of HELL and will suffer a million times the torment that they perpetrated upon GODS most innocent children!

No one in the entire cosmos…, once these crimes are seen for what they are…, and very clearly at the moment of JUDGEMENT – will defend their actions!

Even their own angels (at that point in time) will abandon them to their fates!



As far as Donald Trump is concerned…, my only advice to him is this:


You are either here to serve GOD…, which means that you serve the TRUTH…, NOT LIES!

Or, you are here to serve SATAN.., which means that you serve LIES, DECIET, SECRETS, and HIDDEN AGENDAS.

You will be either saved or damned by your own actions!

There are those of us who are here…, and have been here since we came to TAKE NOTES!  WE ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING.


No one walks…, everyone will answer for what they have done!


Life is not the beginning, and Death is not the end!

There are FAR WORSE THINGS than death!


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