By: Bradley Loves


Strength is the KEY to defeating EVIL!



Okay so here goes – the first real hard core article of 2020 on LOVE TRUTH that is going to be about TOUGH LOVE!   More are planned, and if they are “tough love” posts – you’ll see this image below somewhere in the post.

Honestly people, we are now very LATE in the game, and here is the single biggest problem that we are all collectively facing:

The NEW AGE MOVEMENT taught everyone to strive to be a “snowflake” for the past several decades – but the only ones who benefited from that teaching were the Satanists whose goal was to take over America and the World.

Everyone who had a sincere desire to be “spiritual” were taught to be WEAK and TIMID on purpose – so that when confronted with PURE EVIL – they would simply roll over and accept it!  

ACCEPTANCE and TOLERANCE was equated with “STRENGTH” – when in reality – tolerance of pure evil is actually nothing more than spiritual WEAKNESS.

The Henry Makow article said it perfectly and that is why I posted it!

Essentially Cabalism is about turning the natural and moral order upside down (i.e. “revolution”) so that evil is good, lies are truth, sick is healthy and unnatural is natural. The goal is to replace God (the Creator’s Design) with Lucifer who represents the interests and perversions of Cabalists. 


This was the real goal and intention of the Illuminati and the Satanists when they created the “New Age”in the first place – this is the kind of helpless acceptance that they planned and hoped for!

They wanted to make certain that during their FINAL PUSH toward turning the entire world reality we are all living in Satanic – they would not meet up with any real resistance that they could not quickly handle in short order – and so they literally “trained” young people to simply give up and to give in when it came to critical “ideas” and “ideals” that the Illuminati had to have in place in order for their New World Order to take place.

What we are seeing unfolding now on the world stage as we speak is the FINAL PUSH – and it was planned long ago!

What we are also seeing – just as planned as the great PUSH was – is the greater majority of humanity running quickly to hide under the BED – and looking helplessly from across the floor boards as their entire world reality is SHIFTED by the Satanists from goodness to pure evil!

This entire diabolical plan can be summed up in just one single phrase that every single New Age Book and Channeled Message pumped out for the last 40 years:


The young people in America and all over the world – inside of colleges and universities – and all of the New Agers – and even many Christians whose Pastors were bought off by their 501-C3 Corporate Regulations – all “taught” (programmed) their followers over the last 3 to 4 decades to NEVER “JUDGE” ANYTHING.


The New Age – which was actually started by Luciferians – repeated this single “teaching/programming” in every single channeled message and every single New Age Book for the last 40 years!

The goal was single:

To get good, honest, and decent people to STAND DOWN and to run from the field of battle during the FINAL PUSH to change our world and our reality – totally SATANIC!

Believe it or not – dropping leaflets is a huge part of WAR!   The purpose and goal is to get any and all potential combatants to “stand down” and run from the field of battle by telling them “fighting back” is useless in propaganda leaflets!

Dropping leaflets on the Enemy before the battle begins

You can find hundreds and hundreds of “leaflets” dropped in various wars here:

In all honesty – the plot to turn our reality SATANIC could never have gotten as far as it did without the help of wolves in sheep clothing who were only PRETENDING to be spiritual teachers!

“Certain” Spiritual teachers you may have been paying attention to….

The masses of people around the world – usually who are honest and decent – have NO CLUE how badly they have been “played” and “programmed” to run out and to VOTE for their own destruction.

Always far too trusting – always far too naive’ – they are NOT PREPARED because they have never been in a battle where so many “infiltrators” and “subversives” were pretending to be on their side as there are right now!

This is just one of the many reasons why I – and countless others like me – are actually here in the flesh at this time.  “WE” have fought this kind of battle before!

This kind of battle has happened on many worlds – and in many other realms!

WE have faced these types of EXTREMELY evil souls before, and have always come out VICTORIOUS!   This is why “WE” were given the mission that we currently have here on the Earth.


“WE” are experts at weeding out LIES and DECEPTION – and are experts in the various types of long term diabolical warfare games that “THEY” play upon innocent souls.


They are UNIVERSAL RENEGADES – and “they” use TIME TRAVEL – PORTAL and VORTEX manipulation – and Super Advanced Technologies – which they never share with the souls living on the planets that “they” attempt to conquer – and finally “they” use extremely dark BLACK MAGIC – to jump their consciousness from body to body in order to escape universal justice!

“THEY” are hunted from Galaxy to Galaxy – and when ever found – they are exposed and quickly brought in to face PUNISHMENT.

They are and have been “on the run” from Prime Creator for EONS – and Earth is just the latest casualty in a very long line of smashed and shattered planets to be unlucky enough to play host to their SATANIC machinations.

There is “nothing” truthful about these beings whatsoever because they LIE in the same way that you and I breath AIR!   They make up fantastic “stories” about GOD and fabricate “teachings” about the Creator which are totally false – and attempt to CON you and CONVINCE you that everything THEY are doing is very necessary and “good” for you – and good for the planet they are attempting to conquer!


Sadly, many of the US Senators and US House of Representative members may have become “hosts” for these Dark and Diabolical entities!   These “unseen” beings may actually have “possessed” them and are now “acting” out their own agenda by using the physical bodies of men and women that once carried human souls.


What I mean by this is that they know just enough about the true nature of the Mystery Schools – The Soul – and the SPIRIT – to be dangerous to themselves and others.

They know enough about Soul Energies and the Chakras – which are simply vortexes of spinning energy – to be able to manipulate their own entrance and exit into other peoples physical bodies.

They usually target very defenseless planets by time traveling far into its past – and then move in and conquer it over a long period of time!

They always set up the same kind of SATANIC REGIME over a long period of time by using the COSMIC RULES of “contract and consent” to keep from becoming “discovered” by Higher Universal Forces too soon – remember these souls are being “hunted” and so they are trying to HIDE!

Usually – these miscreants place countless unimaginably destructive devices all around an entire planet so that if the Universal Forces do find them and try to come in and take them on in full battle mode – they simply load up into their SHIPS, and as they are leaving –  push the button on the weapons to destroy all of the proof of what they did to the people and the planet involved.

They are the Universes WORST CRIMINALS by far.

Once they are “found” – they then travel inter-dimensionally to some other realm or planet – set up shop in a new location, and do it all over again.

They are pathological LIARS – who could not tell the truth if their lives depended on it – and they REFUSE to follow any rules whatsoever!

They laugh at Cosmic Laws – and refuse any and all of the tenets that GOD has set down for his CREATION in order to keep it running safely and operating smoothly.

They are COSMIC PIRATES – and their “symbol” is the SKULL and BONES here on Earth.

These Dark Astral Entities/Magicians (I refuse to call them souls) can implant themselves anywhere into a planet’s “time-line” and then move forward with the flow of time as if they were meant to be there – thereby creating a secondary and very DARK time-line – a time-line which was never intended for the planet they have “occupied”.

They can artificially extend their lives for eons – and have worked very hard to learn how to avoid ever having to face GOD by “taking over” other peoples physical bodies by “jumping” their own soul into them by force – if and when they do happen to get “KILLED” in any kind of battle.

They simply stage a sort of “psychic hack attack” on an unsuspecting human being and literally FORCE their own astral essence INTO the Lower Astral Body of the target that they are attempting to occupy.

This takes place on an “unseen” energetic level – but is very real none the less!

From there, they use brute force and brute hatred to constantly torment the bodies original soul – which is an energy that most decent souls are terrified of!

They do this to get that particular physical bodies original owner to basically “leave it” or to abdicate that body – aka “die” – and then they – the attacking dark soul – as the only soul left in occupancy – simply takes over the body as if they were the original owner.

If you are aware of things like a “walk-in scenario” where – by agreement – one soul leaves a physical body and another soul comes into it – this is the DARK VERSION of that process.

Only in this very dark operation – nothing takes place by agreement whatsoever – but instead by brute force alone!   It is like a DARK SOUL INVASION into a living and breathing man or woman’s body where the original soul is tormented and tortured until is simply gives up and LEAVES!

Needless to say, when this happens – the soul – the personality – the essence of who that body once was – is completely GONE and the only thing that is left afterward is the DARK SOUL.

The reason for doing this is that the offending DARK SOUL never has to return to the CREATOR to face justice for what it has done or has been doing.  It simply stays very close to the lower astral levels of the 4th dimension where it can reach into any physical body that it wants to occupy and quickly takes “possession of it” by force.

SATANISTS – actually think of it as an “honor” and a great benefit to become “possessed” by a very DARK SOUL – because they think that that soul must have great magical powers.

They do Rituals and Sacrifices trying to attract out of body entities who will “take them over”  and “occupy” them like hosts!

In such cases – an entirely different soul is now in charge and is simply using the body.

This is how these LAGGARD ENTITIES aka COSMIC CRIMINALS are escaping cosmic justice so often.  They never move high enough in frequency where they can be cornered by the HIGHER COSMIC FORCES who could then bring them to face criminal proceedings.

They “bottom feed” and “fly under the radar” at very low cosmic vibrational levels and are constantly running from galaxy to galaxy and realm to realm and are desperately trying not to get caught!

Believe me when I say they are CRIMINALS who are being constantly HUNTED – but it is a VERY BIG UNIVERSE – and these souls do not want to get found!

Instead of ever facing the music for what they have done – they instead use the mystical “knowledge” they have amassed over a long period of time concerning Astral Travel – Time Travel – and the ability of entering and exiting gross physical bodies.

“THEY” escape into the cosmos once they are cornered – and vanish into another Galaxy or Realm where no one is yet looking for them – and usually set up shop all over again.

The way you “know” conclusively who they are is that they always ONLY TELL LIES!

It is “doubtful” that what you are looking at above are the original souls that incarnated here on the Earth.  Instead, what you are probably looking at are physical bodies being animated by entities who have “possessed” the bodies and stole them from the real owners long ago.

These entities can never and will  never tell the TRUTH – because “truth” raises their vibration – and once that happens – they get spotted on GOD’S Cosmic Radar!

Every single action that these dark entities take is almost always done to reduce their own vibration and thus reduce the likelihood of them turning up on Cosmic Radar.

They are HIDING from the higher cosmic forces!

As we speak –  they have infested this entire planet – by possessing the bodies of many of Earth’s leaders – and millions of it’s Satanic leaning humans!

DECEPTION – BLOOD SACRIFICE – ADULT/CHILD SEX and DARK MAGIC are always their main past-times while they are very busily attempting to conquer a world in the hopes that they will somehow be able to KEEP IT – through the use of obscure cosmic rules concerning CONTRACT and CONSENT.

They believe that if they can somehow “get” – “con” – “fool” most of the people of a particular planet to HAND IT OVER TO THEM WILLINGLY – then by obscure cosmic rules – they will be allowed to keep it.

Once they get very close to their goal – they usually become quite entrenched almost always break every single cosmic rule while trying to FORCE THE FINAL SATANIC PUSH upon the planet they are trying to take over!

Earth is in just such a situation!

They have put in many centuries – if not thousands of years – into their take-over attempt of the Earth.  Once they are as close as they’ve managed to get here – they are not going to just give up and leave without a huge fight!


By the time the FINAL PUSH to turn any innocent planet into a SATANIC one starts to occur – the higher universal forces are already aware of exactly what is going on – and who is doing it!

That is when the “UNIVERSAL SPECIAL FORCES” are sent in.

They take “legitimate incarnations” onto the planet in question – and then they follow cosmic law to the letter!  They are SPECIAL WARRIORS of the highest class – and have NEVER BEEN BEATEN IN A BATTLE!

They know these laggard souls backwards and forwards and know every single scam and trick they’ve ever tried to pull!


They carry with them the knowledge of the entire cosmos inside their SOULS – and do not need to learn it from any school or religion!

Unlike a normal human being – this knowledge that they bring with them automatically “unpacks” itself exactly if and when they need it.

This battle for the Earth – which may soon to go from “COLD” to “HOT” if these COSMIC CRIMINAL SOULS do not give up and leave the planet – is not a fight between the “right” and the “left” – or a fight between “liberal” or “conservative”.., but instead it is a real battle between PURE GOOD – and PURE EVIL!

And…, no matter what you’ve ever heard around the water cooler – especially if you’ve signed on with the Dark Side by accident simply because they lied to you – PURE GOOD has never yet lost a single battle for a planet – unless the dark entities go insane and simply blow it up as they are leaving and running away!

But know this – in blowing up an entire planet – very few souls are ever able to escape – even the millions and millions of souls who have spent their entire lives working with and  for the dark agenda!


As rare as it is – if it does happen – the higher forces will ONLY RESCUE the souls of the innocent if such a heinous thing takes place.  Those souls who worked for and with the dark – will be left in their destroyed and disorientated state and more or less abandoned to ROT on the field of battle while the COSMIC CRIMINALS they served over their entire lives manage to escape to yet another Galaxy or Realm so they can start over.

This is why I have said over and over – CHOOSE WISELY!


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