By: Bradley Loves


The paramount question that comes into my mind everyday as I “peruse” the countless websites of the blogosphere is “where do we REALLY stand?”

We’ve got an “ALTERNATIVE MEDIA” that is all over the place!

And…, in some cases…, like a desperate father trying to marry off his ugly daughter…, many of these sites are very lop-sided in their opinions of what “reality” is.

Far too many have a “sacred cow” hidden in barn, (one they just will not give up) concerning their cherished belief systems…, and no matter how much proof comes out that DISPROVES their so called “facts”…, they absolutely REFUSE…, to let go of their “warped” sense of what is happening on the planet.

  • The “idea” that Barack Obama is somehow a “great soul” and “high spirit” who is “fighting” for us all…, is just one such sacred cow…, I’ve seen on many websites that “cater” to the New Agers…., and is an “idea” that was planted into the minds of the gullible by less than honorable “channeled entities”.

This is just one single instance of a “sacred cow” that 10’s of thousands of NEW AGERS are totally unwilling to give up on.

A second instance of a “sacred cow” (one that is downright useless) is that somehow…, ALL of the dark people or dark souls on the Earth…, have been placed into “CONTAINMENT” bubbles, and can no longer cause any harm to others or to the Earth!

This sheer scale of this CON…, is so huge…, it can not even be “fathomed properly”.

And yet the “fairy tale” about how this could even be possible with all of the evidence to the contrary…, including all of the wars and the bombs dropping in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and so many other places…., is the stuff LEGENDS are made of.

….well, you see…, the dark ones have been “removed” and then replaced with “place holder” people who carry out their plans…, but only so that ALL OF THE KARMA that was started can played out!

And remember…, it’s not really evil…, everything is GOOD!


Only a child of two could believe such a thing!  It rates right up there with the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny!

Only a absolutely “brain damaged” New Ager (not a normal one, for those who are more sane) would believe for a second…, that “evil” had to continue…, and that even though ALL (and this is what is being said) ALL of the dark players on Earth have been placed into bubbles of CONTAINMENT…, that the dark plans can NOT be immediately stopped and still have to play out!

How “fried” does a persons own brain have to be…, before something like this “sounds” logical to them?!

And for those of you who know “who” I’m talking about…, there is an entire website DEDICATED to this one CHANNELER and ALL of her CHANNELED MESSAGES…, none of which have ever…, (let’s repeat that)  have EVER come to pass.

She has been wrong 100 percent of the time…, and yet…, she is listened to, and extolled…, because the “entity” that she channels is an “ARCH ANGEL”…, and therefore the substance of the message “can not” be questioned!

She has set herself up on a pedestal so high…, and with such “authority” that most people who listen to channeled messages dare not question a word that comes out of her mouth, because that would be like “questioning” GOD HIMSELF.

Now…, on another side of the spectrum…, we have websites that have “martial law” being declared imminently…, and claim that we ALL need to run for the hills…, buy as many guns as possible, and start stocking up for a long Armageddon!

The ILLUMINATI has won!  They declare…, and it’s just a matter of time.

These men and women very obviously do not think that there is a a “GOD” working behind what we see as the Universe!

On a third tangent…, we have the GALACTIC FEDERATION types who think that the ET’s are going to swoop down and solve ALL of our problems for us…, which I must say…, are almost too many to even begin to count properly!

They have their work cut of for them that’s for certain!

However…, because there is never a dull moment when you are living here on Earth…, and funnily enough…, once it became “clear” that all of the promises of the “galactic federations” were never going to materialize (soon)…,  a whole NEW ET SAVIOR RACE came onto the scene being pushed down our throats, and backed by no less that David Wilcock and Corey Goode!

The BLUE AVIANS (Bird Race) being 6th dimensional beings came in to “trump” (a little election humor)…, the galactic federation beings, who are only “5th” dimensional…, and (believe it or not) were not necessarily doing everything in our best interest!   So these new guys came in to call these “lower” entities onto the carpet for not being perfectly honest with all of their agendas and intent!

Now for those who are confused…, the “lower” beings  that I referred to above, are actually  “higher ones” to us…, but “lower ones” to the New…(and improved) Kids on the Block!

And…, apparently the “NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK” had to come to our solar system ONLY to set the “OLD KIDS ON THE BLOCK” straight…, or something to that affect.

And yet…, I remember clearly…, only 3 or 4 years ago…, that NOTHING…, (and I mean NOTHING) could beat how great and cool and wonderful…, it was going to be in the 5th dimension!

And now…, we are finding out that the guys living in the 5th…, are not the perfectly “honorable” guys we “thought” they were.  So can anyone please tell me WHY I would want to go there???

Hey…, if I’ve got my choice…, I’m heading for the 6th dimension or higher!

The reason I say “higher”…, is because it’s really probably only a matter of a few years before we find that these 6th dimensional guys are not totally straight shooters either! And THEY will have to be called onto the carpet by some even BETTER…, (and newer) 7th dimensional guys in order to set THEM straight.

So really…, just as a way of saving myself the time and the trouble of getting disappointed and dismayed (again)…, I’m going to head for the 10th dimension!  In that way…, hopefully…, any and all hanky panky will finally have stopped…, and I can get back to the fairy tale of just how:

WONDERFUL and GREAT and STUNNING and PERFECT it all is going to be when I get there!  DAMMIT!

So where do we really stand?  It’s a puzzle!  And piece by piece…, it must be sorted through with lots of love…, but also personal INTEGRITY and HONESTY!

There can be NO SACRED COWS…, on the journey!   And, only the ones that are the bravest and the most fearless will really sort it out.

The rest will get stuck in a detour in some fairy tale land of “make believe” and Santa Claus…, which really is not the mark of an adult…, or some one who has “grown up”…, but instead is the mark of a child…, and someone who STILL NEEDS to be cared for by others!

ONE BECOMES A MASTER…, and the other remains A SLAVE!

All my love……















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