By: Bradley Loves

Only after a full 2 hours and 10 minutes of background and deep research into the human mind, authority, and slavery…, does Mark get to the “meat and potatoes” of one of the most comprehensive “teaching” videos he’s done since his NATURAL LAW SEMINAR!

And like I’ve said…, this one single video is a “treasure”…, and a “gem” that should be treated as one of the most valuable things you have ever come across!

After all…, there is NOTHING of VALUE ultimately in the entire Universe except:


Getting into the NEW AGE BULLSHIT section of the video….,  which starts at:


He calls the NEW AGE movement aptly what it really is:


Or…, the last Cul de Sac before the GOLD MINE, and then tells us why.

The very “first”   FAKE NEWS “tenet” of the New Age…, (a tenet that almost every single CHANNELER preaches until most of us who are REAL truth seekers want to vomit) is that we should always IGNORE the Negative!

The grounds for this 100 WRONG “teaching” is an erroneous interpretation of the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Mark explains this first incorrect teaching starting at: 2:15:20

One more thing that Mark wants to make clear in this LONG VIDEO is that he NEVER points out a “problem” without giving right afterward…, a SOLUTION or a CORRECTION!

So this video not only points out the deception…, but immediately talks about the solution or cure for the deception!

Happy Listening and watching…, because all of the slides are made just for this presentation.

ALL my love…..

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