By: Bradley Loves


This post is an addemdum to the last post.

It is meant to be looked at as an additional piece of the puzzle.

It is for those NEW AGERS…, who love to CLAIM that they are having a large EFFECT upon the world by USING MAGIC…, (meaning taking NO PHYSICAL ACTIONS) with their bodies, and apparently not really KNOWING any magic, but still having an EFFECT.

This is then a “lesson” for those who want to know more.

MAGIC 101  (For the baby/beginner/New Ager)

Almost ALL MAGIC is mathematical.

It begins with “symbols” or rather “sigils” in the venacular of those who are adepts.

Because “magic” is really all about MAGNETICS..., it is very necessary to take into account that all “magical power” is really “magnetic power”…, and thus must somehow be “channeled” as all forms of electrical/magnetic energy usually are.

There must be a way to get the “energy” from point A…, to point B!

There has to be a conduit…, or a channel…, or a vehicle.

The use of SYMBOLS or SIGILS…, in channeling MAGIC can not be understated.

Symbols or Sigils are really Geometric shapes!

Therefore…, they are in fact part of the world of GEOMETRY

The “study” of Geometry is found within the world of MATHMATICS.

So…, if you are going to be a really GREAT MAGICIAN…, or rather a GREAT MAGNETICIAN…, then you are going to know everything there is to know about Geometry and Math!

Now…, for you New Ager’s out there…, who are claiming to be able to have a huge “magical influence” upon the Earth…, by causing POSITIVE EFFECTS without taking any PHYSICAL ACTIONS…, then you must all be really super intelligent Mathematicians…, am I right??

Because in order to do any kind of really powerful “magic”…, you would have to have STUDIED MAGIC…, which means studying MATH, GEOMETRY, MAGNETICS, and countless other disciplines…., can you see my logic?

The “study” of magic can take a life time…, and is not for the quesy or the faint of heart.

The POWER of the Earth…, comes from the Geo-magnetic Grid…, also known (for you beginners) as:  THE LEY LINES

These “Ley Lines” are also known as: THE GRID for short.

This is why (in very simple terms) the entire “electrical supply network” for all of America is called:  THE ELECTRICAL GRID

When the power goes out in any part of the country…, they say that the “grid has gone down”…

So naturally…, the much larger ELECTRICAL SUPPLY NETWORK of the entire world would be similarly named, and simply called: THE GRID

Everyone with me so far?

The Earth is constantly producing and manufacturing electrical power!

Like a giant electro-magnetic engine…, or “generator” for those who do not know what an electro-magnetic engine is…, the Earth produces plenty of FREE electricity and electro-magnetic power to run ANYTHING…, and EVERYTHING.

The Atlanteans knew this of course…, and during their times…, took ALL of their “power” from the Earth itself (for FREE).

They used the Earth’s GRID (Ley Lines) to move huge amount of electro-magnetic energy in a very  large way equally distributing it ALL OVER THE PLANET.

Then…, they built huge Pyramids all over the world…, and placed them directly “on top of” the ground where these “Ley Lines” would intersect.

And…, haven’t we been told of the seemingly strange co-incidence that for some reason…, ALL of the world’s largest pyramids are built on top of the Earth’s Leys Lines at places where they intersect??


Would it be logical to say that there was a good reason for this?

It would if you were going to “electrify” a Global Electrical Grid much like (but not the same as) our own ELECTRICAL GRID here in America!!

Since they (the Atlanteans) used the Earth’s Geo-magnetic Powers differently than we do…, they created a purely “AIR BASED” Electrical Grid…, much like the one that Nikola Tesla was desperately trying to get funded in the early 1900’s.

The Pyramids then were actually a type of POWER TRANSFORMER…, sitting on top of the ground, and projecting the electro-magnetic energy skyward!

The huge “temples” on the ground…, were in fact nothing more than “electrical circuit” boards…, that funneled all of this electro-magnetic energy skyward!

Maybe if you have been a reader of mine for some time…, you will remember this article:


If you go to this piece…, (and I recommend doing so now…,) you can see plenty of pictures that I will refer to!


Now…, since ALL of the Earth’s very natural “power”…, that she herself creates…, was being projected skyward by these huge “circuit boards” (And pyramids) made out of solid rock…, then anyone, anywhere on the Earth could “tap” into that electro-magnetic power…, and do things that seemed very MAGICAL!

Now…, what did I say at the beginning of the article??

Let’s look.

(Sorry that I have to “quote myself”…, but really…, where else do you find this type of information??)

Because “magic” is really all about MAGNETICS..., it is very necessary to take into account that all “magical power” is really “magnetic power”…, and thus must somehow be “channeled” as all forms of electrical/magnetic energy usually are.

There must be a way to get the “energy” from point A…, to point B!

There has to be a conduit…, or a channel…, or a vehicle.


So…, with certain understandings, and lots and lots of lessons on “HOW TO”…, any human could actually learn to “channel” large amounts of electro-magnetic energy through their body!


Thus is…., the “way” it was……

We were ALL very magical…at that time in history.

Now…, at some time in history…, a great cataclyism took place…, and ALL of the great “power generating system” covering the entire Earth was largely destroyed!

Don’t believe me?

Take a good look at ALL OF THE RUINS…, laying everywhere on the Planet!

I should think that the pictues in the article that I linked should be sufficient…, IF NOT…, there are countless MORE out there…, do your own digging.

Now…, do you “get” WHERE the power of magic really comes from?

Do you understand WHAT IT IS?

Do you really think that as a NEW AGER sitting alone in your room…, that you are CHANNELING that type or amount of ENERGY??

Well then…, if not the New Agers…, the WHO IS USING THAT ENERGY??

Once again…, I turn to William (Brett) Stillings…, who actually told that me he worked with the CIA…, and basically told me that there wasn’t a Church…, a Government Building…, a Military Base…, or a Top Level Corporation on Earth today…,  that had not been built DIRECTLY on top of major crossing points of Earth’s LEY LINES.

Do you understand WHY?

Because as the only “surviving” MAGICIANS after the great cataclysm…, they decided to “use the knowledge of magic” against every other human being alive by keeping that power TOTALLY HIDDEN…, and ONLY FOR THEMSELVES!

Do you now “get” why Brett Stillings told me this about the world’s Secret Military??

They are ALL f**king Magicians, every one of them….

If they were not…, then WHY (pray tell) do they always build ALL of their bases directly on top of the intersection points of Major Ley Lines??

  • Why is Washington DC built on top of one of the most powerful Ley Lines??
  • Why was Washington DC laid out in a very specific manner…, according to a Geometric Design…, and the most important buildings lined up on the “nodal points” of that Geometric Design??
  • Do you think they are NOT USING THAT POWER??
  • Why put your building directly on top of a “power supply” if you were not going to tap into it??
  • Who on Earth (at this time) KNOWS HOW to tap into it?

Yes…, of course…, naturally…, they would be:  MAGICIANS

Can I get an “amen” here at least…, or am I talking to myself??

Since they are using this huge source of ELECTO-MAGNETIC energy for themselves ALONE…, then it can logically be said…, that they are DARK MAGICIANS!

They have taken “ancient knowledge” HIDDEN IT…, or as Mark Passio says: Occulted it…, so they alone can benefit FROM IT.

Now…, WHO is it that knows “everything” about natural geometry…, the Earth…, mathematics…, the art of building…, and how and where to construct structures in order for them to HOLD GREAT MAGNETIC POWER??

Ding, ding, ding, ding…. (you guessed it)


The great “stone builders” of old…, the ones who had the knowledge of HOW TO BUILD the former (Atlantean) Power Grid.

And…, indeed…, THEY HAVE rebuilt the great power grid…, only…, YOU are not invited to use it!

These Dark Magicians…, who give themselves “cute names” in Military Circles like:

  • The Magi
  • Majestic 12
  • and others

Wink, wink…, and nod, nod…, all day long at the “stupid masses” who are too ignorant to put two and two together!

Through their “knowledge” of Geometry…, Magnetics.., Mathematics…, Symbols, Sigils and other Esoteric Teachings are using the rebuilt POWER GRID…, which is ALL OF THE BUILDINGS THEY HAVE BUILT…, and are standing in plain sight to complete the “circuit” and give them the power to MIND CONTROL EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING living on the Earth.

So what are some of these BUILDINGS that are standing in plain sight that are now “part”of the rebuilt GRID??

  • Governement Buildings (Especially the Capitol Buildings)!
  • Air Bases
  • Army Bases
  • Naval Bases
  • Very large Churches (Cathedrals)
  • Large and important Universities
  • Large “event” centers like STADIUMS so that the occupants can be MIND CONTROLLED within them.
  • Major World Banks and Banking Institutions
  • Major World Courts
  • Major World Police Centers
  • Major World Hospitals

All of these buildings would be connected to the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC GRID and helping to generate the MIND CONTROL WAVE necessary to ENSLAVE the rest of humanity.

And as already stated…, the ones who KNOW how to use this power…, would be very “learned” magicians.

Now…, as an aside to my last article…, here is a very important question to all of those NEW AGERS out there…, who fancy themselves as having a huge EFFECT upon the planet and all of the men and women living here!

ARE YOU as versed in “Magic” as the Dark Magicians are??

Do you know all about:

  • Magnetics
  • Acoustics
  • Harmonics
  • Geometry
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • and other important things needed to USE the power of the Earth and Channel it so that your WILL and INTENTION will have a noticable EFFECT??

Nope…, didn’t think that you did!

So…, if you are NOT learned in MAGIC…, then the only way to HELP the Earth and the enslaved people is to GET OFF YOUR BUTT…, and actually TAKE ACTION!

Use your own body…, and do something in the world of manifestation that says you DO NOT AGREE…, and you DO NOT CONSENT!

This is where the RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD…, and it is in WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME!


Now…, MORE will be coming…, and I will expressly address those of the “NEW AGE” (and those of the Christian bent) who think they are somehow “getting out of here soon”…, as in either  ASCENDING, or being taken up in the RAPTURE!

All my love for now!



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