By: Bradley Loves


I spent over and hour this morning re-reading what I wrote on my blog yesterday…, (as concerns some very important information ‘finally’ put out by David Wilcock and Corey Goode…), and then I spent the NEXT few hours re-reading five epic articles that I placed into yesterday’s post as support articles that I myself wrote concerning AI.

I just want to say that NOTHING…, (and I really do mean NOTHING) that I could write today…, could possibly bring you “up to speed” as quickly as just simply READING ALL FIVE ARTICLES THAT I ALREADY WROTE.

Not only did I check them for accuracy…, I even considered changing the “order” that the articles were placed in, thinking that maybe the information could be delivered better if the order were changed.  After checking…, I found that the “order” is perfect…, and needs no changing.

What I came up with only moments ago…, is that “IF” (and this is a big if) my readers will go back to this post:

And actually READ IT…, and then…, do what I DID THIS MORNING…, and read all five support articles…, in exactly the order that are in…, you WILL have gotten about as close to “DISCLOSURE” as you can possibly get in this enviornment of total secrecy as you can.


All my love…



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