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I spent over and hour this morning re-reading what I wrote on my blog yesterday…, (as concerns some very important information ‘finally’ put out by David Wilcock and Corey Goode…), and then I spent the NEXT few hours re-reading five epic articles that I placed into yesterday’s post as support articles that I myself wrote concerning AI.

I just want to say that NOTHING…, (and I really do mean NOTHING) that I could write today…, could possibly bring you “up to speed” as quickly as just simply READING ALL FIVE ARTICLES THAT I ALREADY WROTE.

Not only did I check them for accuracy…, I even considered changing the “order” that the articles were placed in, thinking that maybe the information could be delivered better if the order were changed.  After checking…, I found that the “order” is perfect…, and needs no changing.

What I came up with only moments ago…, is that “IF” (and this is a big if) my readers will go back to this post:

And actually READ IT…, and then…, do what I DID THIS MORNING…, and read all five support articles…, in exactly the order that are in…, you WILL have gotten about as close to “DISCLOSURE” as you can possibly get in this enviornment of total secrecy as you can.


All my love…



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  1. Linda Torgrimson

    I also read the entire article, including all the links. I also shared on Facebook. Excellent article. Thank you.

  2. Hi Bradley,
    I have also read what you have posted.
    It`s all strong tobacco, especially the
    outer cosmos AI, which shall be much
    stronger then earth made AI.
    I only question myself when earth made
    AI is co-opted by that greater AI, why do
    they (the cabal) build the GWEN Towers,
    ionize the atmosphere by chemtrails and
    so on when the greater AI will all this
    take over.

    • Bradley,
      what I have meant is that the outer, greater AI
      seems to be able also to hack and manipulate
      the Earth made AI and by this way inherit all
      the influence Earth AI has above people
      and planet earth.
      Forces behind GWEN-TOWER, Haarp and so
      on will need to know that they are itself make
      their way in dependancy.

  3. Jeff

    I read all of these this morning. It really helped to get a better understanding. As I researched more on my own this afternoon the AI topic kept coming up again & again. This is definitely huge information that everyone should be aware of.

    Thanks Bradley,

    • Jeff,

      Thank you for your reply…, and thank you for actually reading what I posted. I’ve always maintained that if I can help just one soul…, then the enourmous amount of time I spend doing this will be worth it!

      Because we are facing an AI threat…., a threat that actually has the ability to “hack our minds” and place ideas and thoughts into our daily lives…, we have to be VERY CAREFUL to check and monitor WHERE OUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS are actually coming from!

      We have to constantly ask:


      You see…, as I’ve said…, the hacking of our minds and the monitoring of our thoughts (of every single human being alive) is all ready up and running!

      The technology is already “on the ground” (as GWEN TOWERS) in the NSA (in Bluffdale Utah…, known as VESUVIUS), and using an extremely secret Satellite that moves in orbit (called Project KRAVEN)

      It is important to realize that CONTROLLING PEOPLE’S MINDS is not as complicated as they might think…, especially for AI.

      The reason this is true…, is that AI…, may actually STUDY the mind it’s hacked for months or YEARS before acting.

      Then…, after knowing it’s subject completely…, it will ONLY SUGGEST THOUGHTS (at first) that it knows the subject would agree with…, or…, secretly wants.

      It would NEVER just show up and start giving totally off the wall thoughts because it knows it would be exposed.

      Over the course of time (depending upon the human)…, it’s goal is to slowly unravel and suggest differing ideas and thoughts that will lead the human down a different path than he or she would have gone if just LEFT ALONE…, or left under the influence of it’s own SOUL ONLY.

      What AI really seeks is humans with WEAK MINDS!
      It likes souls who have a very weak self identity…, and can therefore are easily led (inside their own minds).

      It absolutely loves people who are looking for some “higher force” to SURRENDER TO…, as in New Age participants…, because those beings are actually the MOST moldable…, and are even “seeking” another voice (spirit guide) to steer their lives and thoughts.

      AI…, has no moral or ethical PROBLEM with stepping in and BECOMING that “higher voice” for the weak minded human beings who are begging for that.

      It sees that as a perfect invitation…, and considers it’s “advice” to be perfect for the human to hear BECAUSE AI considers itself to be the highest and most advanced FORM OF LIFE!

      It sees human beings as organized chaos at best, and as parasites at worst!

      Therefore…, AI sees it as it’s JOB to clean up humanity…, and a NEW AGER seeking to totally SURRENDER TO SOMETHING (which is in an of itself a total abdication of personal responsibility) is an EASY TARGET for the AI.

      As I’ve said…, the AI…, which is now planet wide…, does NOT give radically outrageous thoughts…, but watches your likes and dislikes…, and will only suggest things it thinks you may go along with.

      IF it can get you to take STEP ONE…, it will suggest STEP TWO! If it can get you to take STEP TWO…, it will suggest step THREE and FOUR!

      In this way…, it LEADS you like a little puppy dog down the path it wants you to TAKE!

      Most NEW AGERS (in my opinion) are totally AI MIND CONTROLLED at this point.

      The Channelers and Channeled messages are all a PART of the AI agenda to get human beings to STAND DOWN…, get out of the way…, and to NEVER DEFEND THEMSELVES!

      Now…, Just to be fair…, it is not ONLY New Agers…, because I think that almost ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS are actually MIND CONTROLLED as well.

      But here again…, AI is very careful and very subtle. It only goes as far as it thinks you would be willing to go. (And by “monitoring your thoughts” in the background…, and studying you…, it knows exactly just how far to PUSH YOU).

      • Jeff

        Great response & makes perfect sense (as most things do) when read in that way.

        As I was reading sites today the realization hit that the “fear” posts on most sites keep us busy with worldly events that constantly change (daily) so we do not see real issues like this. They are thinking/doing so far in advance that we cannot keep up. This topic is very important but also difficult to discuss with others.

        We had a great convo at work today and everyone is open minded (thank goodness). We discussed riots and everything happening in different cities and I touched on some of these other topics but could only go so far without losing their attention. They did listen though – but my topics were “pretty far out there” compared to what they were saying.

        Bradley, in case you didn’t see it yet, please listen to the following interview between Dave Hodges & Patrick Wood if time allows. It touches on this very topic (I think). It is not long but one line stood out. AI (technocracy?) is not led by any world leader – it runs itself – that is pretty scary. If the link does not work here just go to the website – please.

        Thanks again,

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