By: Bradley Loves


This post concerns “currencies” in general and not the “RV” which I will easily admit I know nothing about.

As you know.., I NEVER post anything about currencies, becuase I do not want to pass on “bad information” or things that are NOT TRUE.

However, I am aware that many souls do have currencies, including the Dinar, the Dong, and the Zim among others.

I myself (several years ago) invested in these things.

I got a phone call yesterday from a source that I trust beyond any question.

He told me that he was in a Wells Fargo Bank and was making a “payment” on his vehicle and out of the blue decided to ask about the value of the Dong.

He carries a 10,000 Dong Note in his wallet, pulled it out and asked what it was worth.

The answer he got stunned both him and the lady who looked it up.

The 10,000 Dong Note was now worth $280.00 American dollars and if he wanted to, he could have exchanged it right then and there.

I happen to know that many people have “millions” of Dong…, as well as millions of Dinar.

This “may” be the beginning of the push upwards in value.

My source chose to wait, feeling that the Dong would go up much further and did not exchange it, but for those who are literally desperate for money now…, if you have a single 100,000 Dong note…, it should be worth $2,800.00 dollars as we speak.

We may indeed be very close to seeing a revaluation of currencies

All my love….

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