By: Bradley Loves

If I didn’t know better…, I’d say that Governor Gavin Newsom may be getting ready to hand California over to CHINA!

Too many things that don’t add up are happening there!

The power grid is being shut down in various places!   Ham Radio Operators are being told they can no longer broadcast (which is the only emergency radio system America has).

Fires are starting very suddenly at the exact same time in many places!

Also these fires started just one day after President Trump Ordered that control of the Ports in Los Angeles be handed back to the United States from China!

Here is what Q-Anon said about Newsom and the four controlling families in California…

Here is his entire Q-Drop:


[Example CA]
What ‘family’ runs CA?
They are all connected.
The More You Know….

The real question is this:

Are these four “families” in bed with the Chinese or the Globalists?  Was it their goal to “take down” America and replace our Government and our Constitution by surrendering us all to the United Nations??

I think it is time for those living in California to start getting ready for a FIGHT!  You may soon find yourselves living in the middle of a battle field!



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