By: Bradley Loves


Well, what else CAN you do?

I remember, long before I started writing, I was having honest and open discussions with what I thought were smart and logical people…, but no matter how much TRUTH I brought forth in those discussions…, I was mocked and derided as a crazy!

Long before I was “A BLOGGER”…, I was telling many of my Christian and New Age friends that Barack Obama was NOT who he claimed he was…, and that anything that the channeling community was coming out with about him was patently FALSE and FAKE!

I got nothing but jeers, (not cheers).

And here we are today…, probably 10 years on from the first moments where I began my…, HEY WAIT A DAMN MINUTE CRUSADE about Barack Insane Obama…, we’ve got videos being made by people like: AND WE KNOW…, who does the video versions of SERIAL BRAIN 2…, and we’ve got many Christians and New Agers…, who merely 6 years ago would have given  their left kidney to Obama as a gift…, now posting TRUTH VIDEOS as if they “knew” all along how much of a lying and deceptive human being he really was!

And they say that a “leopard can never change his spots”….

Well, apparently they can!

These Christians and New Agers are CHAMELEONS!

They seem to blend into the woodwork of whatever the backdrop is.  I wonder where their loyalty will be in 2 years if another GLOBALISTS/NEW WORLD ORDER DEMOCRAT gets into the White House??

Anyway…, I get “kick” out of the fact that so many former “OBAMA IS A SAINT-ERS” are now working so very hard to “disperse” the “truth” about him and Micheal!

How does the saying go??


Anyway…, here is the latest AND WE KNOW VIDEO that goes with the Serial Brain 2 video.  And, there is quite a bit to look at!

And like I am doing…, please try to BASK in the moment where all of those who once jeered…, are eating “crow” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day as they try to “make up” for their endless support of an abject criminal…, while never really APOLOGIZING TO ANYONE FOR IT!



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