By: Bradley Loves


The tyranny of the health “authorities” has finally been lifted and Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Bars are finally open in Arizona!

People are gathering once again, hugging once again, and high-fiving each other because THAT is what human beings do!  We LOVE and CARE about each other!

We were not designed to hide out all alone in our homes with no one to talk to!

Local Running Club sits in Arizona Coffee Shop after a long run early on Monday Morning, May 11th 2020.


No matter what the “authorities” dictate” to mankind, we will continue to LOVE and CARE for each other and gather because that is what GOD our loving Father wants us to do!

All I can say is that this would probably not have happened if people from all over the world had not gotten out of their homes and literally protested against the DRACONIAN tactics being used by health authorities in this so called Covid 19 Pandemic.

A “pandemic” that so far has not killed any more people world wide than an AVERAGE YEAR OF THE FLU.  Yet, business and commerce worldwide was shut down – and millions and millions of people lost their jobs!

The cost in dollars – the cost in human suffering – the cost in stress and discomfort can probably NEVER be adequately quantified!  This SHUTDOWN was probably the ugliest thing to take place worldwide since WORLD WAR II!

Sadly – this is still not over!

Small town business owners are now getting DEATH THEATS in their e-mails for opening up their businesses!

This local business owner named Stevie, who owns a small town restaurant and bar in a local North Dakota Community – and who also runs one of the few remaining out door movie theaters in America – with his aging father – in Warren Minnesota, has been getting death threats in his e-mail simply because he choose to open his outdoor theater to the public last weekend.

This is not good when people in America are so terrified and so callous that they would send hate mail and death threats to a man who is simply trying to run a business!

This man is an ardent supporter of President Trump – and sadly some of the people living in Minnesota see him and his outdoor theater business as a threat to their dictatorial authority!

Stevie has been battling with cancer for the last year or more – struggling to stay alive – and also struggling to keep his small town businesses open and making money – and now he has to deal with HATE MAIL and DEATH THREATS – most likely coming from MINNESOTA LIBERALS who are desperate to see the economy fail and hopefully see Donald Trump thrown out of office!

Sky-Vu Drive In Theatre

Sky-Vu Drive-InSky-Vu Drive In Theater has been a fixture outside Warren, Minnesota for 60 years, and has been owned and operated by Leonard Novak since the 1970s. They show a single, first-run movie six nights per week (Mondays excluded). They have a number of unique items at their snack bar, including Shorty’s Valley famous BBQ Sandwich. If you don’t want to sit in your car, they also offer camping, bonfires and picnic tables.

Location: Highway 1, Warren, MN (one mile west of town)
Telephone: 218-745-4161
Ticket Prices: Adults $7, Children under 12 $5


So this is where our country is at!

Half of the people want to come together in LOVE and CONCERN for each other – and the other half want the total DESTRUCTION of America!

Time to stand up and be counted!

All my love to everyone – and my prayers for Stevie!


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