By: Bradley Loves


“IF” you were a man that was desperate for a drink of water after crawling on your hands and knees for days…, then…, I guess a few drops of water might be considered a lot if someone offer them to you!

But, if you are a blogger, website journalist, or New Ager…, and have been telling people and online readers that we are “really getting a lot of TRUTH coming out these days”…., then by golly, you are exactly like the poor man that is pictured above!

The amount of “truth” we have been getting is barely equal to a few drops here and there…, and nothing more!


There is FAR MORE being hidden, sat on, squashed down, and protected now than there ever was!

So…, let’s just keep some honest perspective on where we really are in the game of disclosure here!

Oh…, and the FACTS, that the media is constantly lying to us…, or that the FBI and the DOJ are criminal organizations most of the time…, OR…, the even more obvious truth that the CIA (which is the world’s biggest gun runner, drug pusher, and human trafficker) and is simply the newest incarnation of the NAZI SS, or perhaps the Catholic Inquisition…, does not in my book “qualify” as Earth shattering DISCLOSURE!

These “facts” have been known to those of us with our eyes open for at least a few decades already!   It is OLD NEWS!

And “old lady” in a wheel chair, that is blind and has two gimpy arms is probably the only human being on Earth that has an excuse not to know the FACTS as listed above!

So…, NO…, we are not really “learning” anything that we did not already know!

Sorry people…, MORE TRUTH is not coming out!


So…, I have spent the last few days looking for the “problem”.   I’ve asked myself why are we NOT getting more truth…, and the only real reason we are not getting it is because humanity as a whole is still deeply steeped in lust, distractions, and an “I just don’t care about that” attitude!

Humanity is still stuck HERE:




Caring about real TRUTH…, is the farthest things from peoples minds…., and that is why we are not seeing it!



If humanity were “waking up”…, then humanity would be demanding the truth from their leaders…, and they would not be stopping, being quiet, or backing down until they got it!

Trillions of dollars, time, energy and planning all went into keeping the population of our Earth steeped in meaningless distractions and confusion at this very time in our history!

And yes…, there are countless men and women (ELITES) at the very top who have been doing this and plotting this (because they worship Lucifer)…, but there are literally millions and millions of people who simply for a PAYCHECK…, decided to abandon their responsibility to other human beings and willingly took part in the GREAT CON OF MAN…, merely for the money!

Christians (by the way) are not immune to selling out because every single Church that accepted the 501-C3 Corporate Tax Breaks…, sold out and embraced the Satanic Message by keeping silent!

As far as I see it…, we are merely inching along…, not running, and not even walking toward real truth and real disclosure!

So once again…, let’s all get some real perspective about what is happening out there in the daily news cycle.

Q-Anon (when he decides to post) is about the closest thing to truth that we’ve ever gotten from a Government or a Military source…, but I’ve got to be honest…, If you read THIS BLOG on a daily basis…, then you already know a hundred times more than the people who have memorized every single Q drop since that whole thing started!

Q is merely scratching the surface with a butter knife and that is about all he/they are doing!   And…, in my opinion, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!

So now that you are more “clear” on where we really are in the game…, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

We’ve got to get people to DEMAND THE TRUTH…, and to stop getting distracted with meaningless, and unimportant things every single day.

We’ve got a long way to go in this truth game!

We’ve received the opening kick and have the ball on the 3 yard line…, and only have 97 more yards to go before we can honestly say we’ve gotten a TRUTH TOUCH DOWN!

The score for the “people” (as I see it) is still ZERO!

Let’s hopefully put some points up on the score board in the days and weeks ahead!









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