By: Bradley Loves

The one thing I’ve “never” had to hear from another person while holding a conversation with them is this:

“So Bradley…, tell me how you really feel!”

Those words just do not come up in any conversations of mine because those men and women I’m speaking with already KNOW how I truly feel about any subject.

In this world where almost everyone is terrified to say what they really think…, or to express themselves…, we have to DIG DEEPER to find out why this is the case!

Historically speaking, men and women have been: tortured, tormented, killed, burned at the stake and CRUCIFIED for telling those around them what they thought and felt about certain things, or the way things were going in the world.

Millions of Catholics “mourn” the fact every year that Jesus was crucified for simply trying to bring a different point of view into the world.

CATHOLICS wail and cry that such a thing could even happen to a “good” person…, and yet apparently Saudi Arabia…, a “staunch” ally of the United States Corporation has both tried and convicted a 17 year old college student (now 21 ) who was apparently “pro-democracy” for sedition against the kingdom…, and has decided to CRUCIFY him…, on a cross!  They say he will also be beheaded…, but is that before or AFTER he is crucified???

In 2000 years…., what the hell has changed in our world IF Saudi Arabia has determined that it has the right to crucify a human being?

And WHY isn’t the entire world condemning this decision!

Perhaps the “sanitized version” 0f crucifixion that the Catholic Church puts forth (for our benefit) does not really do justice to what that process is.

Crucifixion is a very PUBLIC tormenting, and long lasting torture of a human being that is meant to create both Maximum FEAR in the people watching…, and also maximum compliance to AUTHORITY.

It is meant to be grossly humiliating for the person who is being crucified…, AND at the same time, send a “message” to the public not to cross the GOVERNMENT…, EVER!

It is for this reason…, ALL HUMAN BEINGS (even in the Roman days) are Crucified in the NUDE!

Unlike what the Church tells us…, where a modicum of decency is afforded the victim…, and they get to keep some sort of “underpants” on while hanging on the cross…, that is only a WHITE WASHING of how it really happens.

Crucifixion ALWAYS takes place in the NUDE!  Which means the person who is being crucified is stripped down completely NAKED and then hung on the cross in a very PUBLIC AREA where everyone can come and watch!

Next…, those people (and there are always some) who are happy with the government and how it does things…, are allowed and encouraged by the authorities to “throw things”  (rocks included) at the totally helpless being (who is naked with his hands and feet tied back so that he can’t defend himself) for hours and hours while he writhes in pain.

For those of you who ONLY THOUGHT this kind of ugliness could happen in ANCIENT HISTORY…, welcome to modern day Saudi Arabia!

Read THIS article, and THIS article!

A young 17 year old boy…, who ONLY wanted to speak his mind and tell others what he felt…, is scheduled to have this type of MURDER and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT done to him…, by a Government that is as INSANE..., and is as CORRUPT as any government on the entire planet.

Yet…, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is “best friends” of the United States!

Any you think I’m joking when I tell you that those running the world are SATANIC!

I DARE YOU to tell me there aren’t any men and women in Saudi Arabia who will show up and throw rocks at this completely helpless and naked boy as he hangs on a cross in a PUBLIC AREA.

Crucifixion ALSO means that once they put you on that cross…, you “hang” there for days until you die!

Oh…, and what are the latest “channeled” messages telling us?

Don’t worry…, things are getting SO MUCH BETTER!  You just can’t see it!  But we who are on the OTHER SIDE can see just how much better things are getting on your planet!


I truly wish that ALL men and women could have the COURAGE of a pea…, or a grain of sand…,  and would stand up and SPEAK THEIR MIND…, just like this young boy did!

If only half of those who sit in their homes and “OHM” all day long…, could get out into the blogosphere and really converse about how WE NEED to act…, to help to change this stuff…, it would have changed already!

Oh and finally HERE, is a recently Channeled Message…, that is a very COMMON sampling of exactly the message that they ALL CONTAIN…, which is a complete “stand down” and “do nothing” and “accept” what ever happens in your life because YOU WANTED THAT…. theme!

The ENTIRE thing is OFFENSIVE…., but Here is the most offensive part!

Sometimes you are hurt emotionally by your experiences, but be aware that all happens with your approval. Before you incarnate you speak with Higher Beings who discuss the details with you, and you inevitably agree with your life plan. You know that the sooner you clear any outstanding karma the better, as it will otherwise hold your advancement back. Karma sounds like punishment, but that is far from the truth as it is simply allowing you an opportunity to evolve where perhaps you have failed in the past. Furthermore, as you are at the end of this cycle it must be cleared if you are to progress. So it is very important that you take matters seriously if you desire to move out of the lower dimension.

In case you can’t see it…, THIS VERY THOUGHT is the excuse that EVERY NEW AGER uses to “justify” not doing anything to help any one on the EARTH who is experiencing hardship and pain as we speak! 

I DARE YOU to tell me I’m wrong!

This ONE single Channeled THOUGHT…, is why children who are being raped at 5 years old…, do not draw ANY sympathy from New Agers!


Because it’s in their life “plan” and they WANTED THAT!

That is why babies who are being RITUALLY SACRIFICED on the Alter draw no sympathy from any of the New Agers!


Because they WANTED THAT!

And FINALLY…, this is the one and ONLY REASON why Saudi Arabia…, can and will get away with a real live CRUCIFIXION in the year of 2016!

Because all of the New Agers living in the world are totally OKAY with that…, because according to this CHANNELED MESSAGE…, one thing that is OBVIOUS to them…, and that is that this boy must have WANTED THAT!


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