By: Bradley Loves


A “lie” will make it all around the world…, before the “truth” can even get it’s pants on.


This “old saying” is instructional in that people who are “ignorant” (not stupid but ignorant) are far more likely to believe LIES.

Ignorant people are those that are simply uneducated.  It is not their fault…, they simply are not in possession of knowledge.

Stupid people are those that are educated.  They are in possession of knowledge and freely CHOOSE to ignore what they know.

Ignorance is not a crime…, STUPIDITY SHOULD BE A CRIME!

Lies are spread like lighting by people who are IGNORANT…, but the LIE is almost always started by someone who is being STUPID.

Very few people read my BLOG.

Most who do – will either really love it, or they will really HATE IT.

There are few people in between.

Those who LOVE my blog, SEE DEEPLY into the TRUTH it holds and they LOVE IT because they LOVE THE TRUTH.

Those who HATE my blog, SEE DEEPLY into the TRUTH it holds and the HATE IT because they HATE THE TRUTH.

Everyone in the middle is simply “ignorant”…, and have no adequate way to even judge what I write.  They have no knowledge about that which I write…, and so can not even form an opinion either way.


I write for very everyone, but those most likely to LOVE MY BLOG are those with high level IQ’s or ADEPTS.

There very “same” types are likely to HATE MY BLOG!

It all depends on which point of view you hold.


The world wide Luciferian/Satanic Elite are very intelligent.  They simply choose to use that intelligence to enslave the entire world.  They are also psychopaths and do not CARE about anyone but themselves and their kind.

In the end, I write because THAT is what I am here to do!

I’ve said it before…, THIS BLOG (LOVE TRUTH) will be studied in the future as one of the most incredible feats of GENIUS ever put onto the internet.

Some of my Long Series will be studied 100 years from now in Military Colleges.

Every post is intimately connected to all the other posts and in 100 years – new students will be “finding” these connections that the generations before them missed and never saw!

When the entire BLOG is decoded, it will be looked at as a MASTERPIECE…, a WORK OF ART.

So…, at this point in time…, I may be seen as a CRAZED LUNATIC.

A hundred years from now…, a TRUE GENIUS!

Go figure……





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