By: Bradley Loves


The “acquisition” of new souls for Lucifer is not happening in the same way any longer – and as such – because it is COSMICALLY REQUIRED – more and more of the dark’s agenda must now be revealed or they will LOSE even the souls that they do have!


More and more of the WICKED schemes and the monstrous systems they operate under must be revealed as the Earth moves further and further into 20/20 Vision.

The Luciferians are terrified of this time as they should be.

This is the time that the Dark Forces actually “hate” because they can NOT control it.  


The COSMOS is now in charge – and if they so much as forget to dot an i or cross a t – they get their a** whacked hard by the Universe!   Countless souls that were EASY to buy, control, and corrupt were taken in the early rounds decades ago!

  • Then the difficult ones were tormented, targeted and abused during the next round in an all out attempt to  “turn them” toward the dark side for the last 20 years or more.
  • Finally the “impossible ones” were given one last good go in the final round over the last 10 years or more – desperately trying to move them into Satan’s corner.

What appears to be happening as a result of “new rules” that are being forced upon them – is that the Luciferian/Satanists have now “jobbed out” the tasks of corrupting souls – and have turned their countless “minions” and “denizens” that they have already acquired – formerly good souls that have been corrupted and turned toward Lucifer – into their final corrupting arm in a desperate attempt to try to keep as many souls as they can before the GREAT REVEALING takes place and they must (are forced) to admit exactly who they are and exactly what their intentions really were!

Not a single soul will be forced to follow Lucifer that has not been TOLD exactly who and what Lucifer really is!


So get ready for it – because that day is coming!   Their FRAUD – will be completely revealed – along with every single LIE and DECEPTION that fell from their lips!

Naturally, when that day comes – for the countless millions and millions who stayed STRONG – and never gave in to pure EVIL – it will be a very happy day!  They will finally have been vindicated and proven right!

But for the countless billions who literally sold out, gave in and took up the banner of the darkness – they will be terrified and horrified at what they have done!

They will be told the truth – and suddenly all of their dark deeds – countless dark deeds – will finally be seen for what they really were – Sacraments to Satan.   At that time – they will weep, and screech, and wail, and cry horribly saying they were DECEIVED into doing these things.

Well of course they were – but WHY when so many others held fast to honesty, and decency, truth and love…, DID THEY SELL OUT TO THE DARKNESS?  

They have no one to BLAME but themselves and their greed, and their own cowardice!


Still, even at that last moment, when all seems lost…, there is hope in the darkness! They can take the hand of HE who came for them!

They must first fully REPENT however, and they will be made (forced) to make restitution to those countless innocent ones that they harmed – but there is hope….

The Final Gateway can NOT be crossed without first coming to the one who holds the KEY TO THE GATE!

If you should choose not to come to HE who holds the KEY – you will go with SATAN/LUCIFER into HIS DARK REALM.  

There, he will control you fully and without reserve!   To those who have already handed themselves to Satan – they KNOW what this means, and they KNOW what I am talking about!

Being “RAISED UP” is the best thing one can wish for and ask for – why not give it a try?

DARK to LIGHT Anyone ??

All my love…





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