By: Bradley Loves


For those of you who loved to just get away and get a cup of coffee (a very OVER PRICED cup of coffee that is)…, at one time, you could go over any STARBUCKS, and take your computer with you and sit for a while and read on the internet.

However, it is getting FAR MORE DIFFICULT to do this and to remain anonymous!

As of a few days ago, “Google – Starbucks” which is the internet connection used by MOST STARBUCKS COFFEE’S  –  is requiring you to give them your:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • Postal Zip Code

BEFORE you can even connect!

Google Starbucks reassures you that you only have to do this ONCE…, and GOOGLE will “remember” your computer forever and you will be able to once again instantly log into ANY Starbucks Internet around the world.

This is 100 percent “Maximum Tracking” of your body, your computer device, and of your internet habits!  And it is continuous!

Furthermore, Starbucks now REQUIRES you to “accept” it’s advertising regularly into your e-mail box…, or else you can NOT use their internet connection period…, which is more than likely Googles attempt to keep your e-mail address current for it’s own records!

I find all of this data collection and data mining VERY INVASIVE and UNNECESSARY!!


However…, you can not even ACCESS the internet at STARBUCKS any longer unless you agree to accept this EXTREME LEVEL OF TRACKING!

My advice:

Immediatly BOYCOTT Starbucks Coffee – which has teamed up with GOOGLE to follow your personal computer all over the world – by remembering the exact device that you own after you give them some extremely personal information about yourself – which includes your First and Last Name, as well as your ZIP CODE, so that they can keep that on file for their records!

It is clear that they will then be able to follow and track that device all over the planet!

The only way to PUNISH these corporations for going over to the GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER – is to Boycott them and refuse to buy their products!



I used to do some writing for this very Blog while at Starbucks, but ever since they switched over to the new system…, none of my BLUE TOOTH KEYBOARDS WILL CONNECT TO MY COMPUTERS!

But they will connect anywhere else!!!

This means effectively, that their “system” is blocking me from doing any WRITING after buying their products!

Apparently they don’t want you “using” their internet connection to “upload” anything to something like – let’s say – A CONSERVATIVE BLOG!!

Okay…, the battle is on!  From now on, STARBUCKS COFFEE will not get a single dime of my money, and I encourage others to do the same!

Until Starbucks Inc. changes their loyalty to the NEW WORLD ORDER – which is being administerd by GOOGLE inside their stores – they deserve to be boycotted!





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