By: Bradley Loves


This is a quick note to the Miltary and the Intelligence Communities.

As Q has always said…, if you see something (say something).

It has been my experience that reading “conservative” material and “listening” to videos concerning positive views on Donald Trump is becoming more and more difficult.

Even with a good solid internet connection.

I was sitting in a Starbucks and watching a video done by Inforwars where Mike Adams from NATURAL NEWS was speaking.

The “audio” of the video was constantly being either blocked or interrupted…, so that I could not logically follow what he was saying.

At the same time…, if I tried watch a RAP video on YouTube…, I get perfect audio and perfect playback.

I’m wondering if the DEEP STATE/MASTERS OF TECH have found a way to “zero in” on a each individual computer or device and “CENSOR” the content that any particular device (based upon who owns it) can see and view?

This would be a “secret” type of censorship…, and a way to get around the public banning that is so blatantly obvious!

If the TECH COMPANIES can “zero in” on any particular device (those devices owned by conservatives)…, then they can basically BAN CONTENT that “device” has access to (using A.I.  To do their dirty work).

It is my thinking that Corporations like:  STARBUCKS – which I’ve had trouble with before – are “SYMPATHETIC HELPERS” of the Deep State in their “testing” of this TECH – because the use of the Internet at their Coffeee Houses is part of their Marketing Strategy.

Like I said…, I have ONLY my experience to go on…, but it makes NO SENSE to be sitting at a Starbucks Coffee House…, have a perfect internet connection…, and be able to watch any sick and depraved MUSIC VIDEO with no trouble…, but not be able to watch a TRUMP VIDEO or a conservative video without countless interuptions in the audio!

WHAT THE F**K. ???


Do they have a way to “target” specific devices based upon WHO OWNS THE DEVICE…, and WHAT THEIR POLITICAL STANCE IS???

Give us some help here Q…..

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